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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia
versión On-line ISSN 1678-4162


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Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. v.60 n.4 Belo Horizonte ago. 2008

 Veterinary Medicine
 ·  Molecular characterization of Malassezia sympodialis and Malassezia furfur from cattle with and without otitis
Duarte, E.R.; Hamdan, J.S.

 ·  Calving date, body condition score, and response to a timed artificial insemination protocol in first-calving beef cows
Meneghetti, M.; Vasconcelos, J.L.M.

 ·  Eletrophoretic profile of serum proteinogram of equines with small colon experimental obstruction
Saquetti, C.H.C.; Faleiros, R.R.; Macoris, D.G.; Fagliari, J.J.; Silva, S.L.

 ·  Macroscopic, microscopic, and histomorphometric evaluation of post-operative scar tissue in horses submitted to two techniques for digital neurectomy
Escobar, A.; Rio Tinto, J.J.M.; Vasconcelos, A.C.; Rachid, M.A.; Alves, G.E.S.; Faleiros, R.R.

 ·  Clinical effect of parecoxib in induced synovitis in horses
Pozzobon, R.; Brass, K.E.; De La Corte, F.D.; Silveira, E.A.; Abreu, H.C.

 ·  Serological profiles to porcine circovirus type 2 antibodies in Brazil
Barbosa, C.N.; Lobato, Z.I.P.; Martins, N.R.S.; Nascimento, E.F.

 ·  Stability and toxicity of Clostridium perfringens type D epsilon prototoxin treated by iodine
Rocha, P.H.; Assis, R.A.; Lobato, F.C.F.; Cardoso, V.N.; Heneine, L.G.D.

 ·  Epidural anesthesia with lidocaine and its combination with fentanyl for ovaryhysterectomy in dogs
Cassu, R.N.; Stevanin, H.; Kanashiro, C.; Menezes, L.M.B.; Laposy, C.B.

 ·  Cystic medullary renal disease in a Yorkshire Terrier bitch: a case report
Feliciano, M.A.R.; Leite, C.A.L.; Silveira, T.; Cavalcanti, G.A.O.; Varaschin, M.S.; Vicente, W.R.R.

 ·  Spatial and temporal distribution of canine and feline rabies in Minas Gerais, Brazil, from 2000 to 2006
Barbosa, A.D.; Silva, J.A.; Moreira, E.C.; Meneses, J.N.C.; Magalhães, D.F.; Menezes, F.L.; Oliveira, C.S.F.

 ·  Humerus osteosynthesis using intramedullary pins and polymethylmethacrylate in domestic pigeons (Columba livia)
Alievi, M.M.; Oliveira, A.N.C.; Ferreira, P.A.; Traesel, C.; Guimarães, L.D.; Flores, F.; Silva, S.F.; Schossler, J.E.W.

 ·  Use of propofol in the induction of anesthesia in agouti (Dasyprocta sp.)
Leite, W.P.; Barrêto Júnior, R.A.; Queiroz, G.F.; Paula, V.V.

 ·  External and internal events of Rhipicephalus sanguineus larvae and nymphs infection by Metarhizium anisopliae
Garcia, M.V.; Monteiro, A.C.; Szabó, M.P.J.; Prette, N.

 ·  Seasonal effect of three pasture plants species on the free-living stages of Haemonchus contortus
Carneiro, R.D.; Amarante, A.F.T.

 ·  Chlorexidine-cetrimide efficacy in ambient disinfection against Aspergillus spp
Xavier, M.O.; Meinerz, A.R.M.; Cleff, M.B.; Osório, L.G.; Schuch, L.F.D.; Nobre, M.O.; Silva Filho, R.P.; Meireles, M.C.A.

 ·  Swine infection by Streptococcus suis: a retrospective study
Del'Arco, A.E.; Santos, J.L.; Bevilacqua, P.D.; Faria, J.E.; Guimarães, W.V.

 Animal Science and Technology and Inspection of Animal Products
 ·  Digestible threonine levels for high genetic potential lean deposition finishing barrows
Rossoni, M.C.; Donzele, J.L.; Oliveira, R.F.M.; Silva, F.C.O.; Abreu, M.L.T.; Kill, J.L.; Fereira, A.S.; Gattás, G.

 ·  Estimation of dry matter and neutral detergent fiber intake by grazing dairy cows supplemented with different amounts of concentrate
Sousa, B.M.; Saturnino, H.M.; Borges, A.L.C.C.; Lopes, F.C.F.; Silva, R.R.; Campos, M.M.; Pimenta, M.; Campos, W.E.

 ·  Effects of adding propylene glycol or monensin to corn silage on the degradation kinetics of carbohydrates and in vitro cumulative gas production
Faria, B.N.; Reis, R.B.; Maurício, R.M.; Lana, A.M.Q.; Soares, S.R.V.; Saturnino, H.M.; Coelho, S.G.

 ·  Dry matter availability, nutritive value, and forage intake in elephantgrass pasture in different seasons of the year
Paciullo, D.S.C.; Deresz, F.; Lopes, F.C.F.; Verneque, R.S.

 ·  Economic analysis of protein and energy supplementation of steers during the transition period between the rainy and dry seasons
Barbosa, F.A.; Graça, D.S.; Guimarães, P.H.S.; Silva Júnior, F.V.

 ·  Genotype by environment interaction and genetic parameter estimates for 205 and 365 body weight of Nelore cattle
Fridrich, A.B.; Silva, M.A.; Valente, B.D.; Sousa, J.E.R.; Corrêa, G.S.S.; Ferreira, I.C.; Ventura, R.V.; Silva, L.O.C.

 ·  Molecular approach of the fragile chromosomal region Xq31-34 in cattle (Bos taurus) by microdissection and DOP-PCR
Llambí, S.; Arruga, M.V.

 ·  Comparison of selection methodologies under genetic drift
Carneiro, P.L.S.; Malhado, C.H.M.; Affonso, P.R.A.M.; Euclydes, R.F.; Carneiro, A.P.S.; Cunha, E.E.; Souza, L.G.R.

 ·  Effects of ractopamine and two lysine levels on performance and carcass traits of gilts in the finishing phase
Pereira, F.A.; Fontes, D.O.; Silva, F.C.O.; Ferreira, W.M.; Lanna, A.M.Q.; Corrêa, G.S.S.; Silva, M.A.; Marinho, P.C.; Arouca, C.L.C.; Salum, G.M.

 ·  Quality of consume eggs submitted to different storage conditions
Xavier, I.M.C.; Cançado, S.V.; Figueiredo, T.C.; Lara, L.J.C.; Lana, A.M.Q.; Souza, M.R.; Baião, N.C.

 ·  Effects of pre and postnatal nutritional restriction on visceral mass growth of Santa Ines lambs
Geraseev, L.C.; Perez, J.R.O.; Pedreira, B.C.; Quintão, F.A.; Oliveira, R.P.

 ·  Influence of physical form of ration and lineage on the performance and yield of broiler cuts
Lara, L.J.C.; Baião, N.C.; Rocha, J.S.R.; Lana, A.M.Q.; Cançado, S.V.; Fontes, D.O.; Leite, R.S.

 ·  Effect of egg classification prior to setting on hatchability, embryonic mortality and chick and yolk sac weights
Rocha, J.S.R.; Lara, L.J.C.; Baião, N.C.; Cançado, S.V.; Baião, L.E.C.; Silva, T.R.

 ·  Cassava bagasse in diets of dairy heifers: intake of nutrients and productive performance
Dias, A.M.; Silva, F.F.; Veloso, C.M.; Ítavo, L.C.V.; Pires, A.J.V.; Souza, D.R.; Sá, J.F.; Mendes, F.B.L.; Nascimento, P.V. Nunes

 ·  Digestibility of nutrients of cassava bagasse in diets of milk heifers
Dias, A.M.; Silva, F.F.; Veloso, C.M.; Ítavo, L.C.V.; Pires, A.J.V.; Damasceno, J.C.; Souza, D.R.; Sá, J.F.; Nascimento, P.V.N.; Machado, E.F.

 ·  Cassava bagasse (Manihot esculenta, Crantz) in the diet of lactating cows: intake of nutrients
Lima, L.P.; Veloso, C.M.; Silva, F.F.; Bonomo, P.; Pinheiro, A.A.; Dutra, G.S.; Pereira Júnior, I.G.; Veloso, J.M.C.

 ·  Evaluation of a prophylactic method against clinical mastitis in Santa Inês ewes
Melo, C.B.; Almeida, B.M.; Oliveira, A.A.; Azevedo, H.C.; Melo, L.S.S.; Mata, S.S.

 ·  Microbiological and histological diagnosis in mortality of ostrich (Struthio camelus)
Vieira-da-Motta, O.; Silveira, L.S.; Teixeira, G.N.; Cardinot, C.B.; Lemos, L.S.; Silva, R.S.T.; Branco, A.T.

 ·  Dermathophytes isolated from domestic animals in Vila Real, Portugal
Coelho, A.C.; Alegria, N.; Rodrigues, J.

 ·  Brown-throated three-toed sloth (Bradypus variegatus Shinz, 1825) as a new host for Leiuris leptocephalus (Rud., 1819) Leuckard, 1850
Werneck, M.R.; Baldassin, P.; Barbosa, C.B.; Silva, R.J.

 ·  Evaluation of two available methods to detect eggs of Fasciola hepatica in cattle faeces
Faria, R.N.; Cury, M.C.; Lima, W.S.

 ·  Systemic experimental sporotrichosis in Wistar rats: hematological evaluation and hepatic profile
Meinerz, A.R.M.; Antunes, T.A.; Silva, F.V.; Xavier, M.O.; Cleff, M.B.; Meireles, M.C.A.

 ·  Microbiota in Stomoxys calcitrans segments in Brazil: first description of species
Castro, B.G.; Souza, M.M.S.; Bittencourt, A.J.

 ·  Antimicrobial multi-resistance of Escherichia coli strains isolated from bitches with pyometra
Lara, V.M.; Donadeli, M.P.; Cruz, F.S.F.; Carregaro, A.B.