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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia
On-line version ISSN 1678-4162


Table of contents
Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. vol.61 no.1 Belo Horizonte Feb. 2009

 Veterinary Medicine
 ·  Meningoencephalitis by Bovine herpesvirus 5 in Minas Gerais state: clinical case report
Aquino Neto, H.M.; Carvalho, A.U.; Facury Filho, E.J.; Ferreira, P.M.; Barbosa-Stancioli, E.F.; Lobato, Z.I.P.; Alvarenga, M.R.; Serrano, A.L.; Martins, R.A.; Afonso, D.A.F.

 ·  Effect of mannanoligosaccharides and/or enzymes on antibody titers against infectious bursal and Newcastle disease viruses
Oliveira, M.C.; Figueiredo-Lima, D.F.; Faria Filho, D.E.; Marques, R.H.; Moraes, V.M.B.

 ·  Videolaparoscopic guided hepatic biopsy with tru-cut needle in goats
Duarte, A.L.L.; Cattelan, J.W.; Bezerra, M.B.; Vicente, W.R.R.; Cordeiro, M.F.

 ·  Streak retinoscopy in phakic, aphakic, and pseudophakic dogs
Mobricci, L.A.L.; Ranzani, J.J.T.; Steagall, P.V.M.; Rodrigues, A.C.L.; Carvalho, L.R.; Brandão, C.V.S.

 ·  Cardiovascular effects of dissociative anesthesia in the volemic expansion with colloid and hypertonic solution in dogs: biotelemetric evaluation
Oleskovicz, N.; Moreno, J.C.D.; Guirro, E.C.P.; Valadão, C.A.A.; Fantoni, D.T.

 ·  Pelvic osteosarcoma ressection in a bitch: case report
Rodrigues, B.A.; Faraco, C.; Oliveira, R.; Cheuiche, S.; Teixeira, F.S.; Kirst, C.; Faraon, A.; Sousa, E.M.

 ·  Effect of trolox and pentoxifylline on motility and integrity of, acrossome and DNA of equine spermatozoa after thawing
Silva, K.M.G.; Moraes, T.A.P.; Silva, E.C.B.; Gamboa, S.C.; Guerra, M.M.P.

 ·  Fertility of mares inseminated in the uterine corpus or tip with different sperm concentrations
Xavier, I. L.G.S.; Silva Filho, J.M.; Palhares, M.S.; Carvalho, G.R.; Borges, A.M.; Rossi, R.

 ·  Effects of α-tocopherol and ternatin antioxidants on morphology and activation of goat preantral follicles in vitro cultured
Lima-Verde, I.B.; Matos, M.H.T.; Bruno, J.B.; Martins, F.S.; Santos, R.R.; Báo, S.N.; Luque, M.C.A.; Vieira, G.A.B.; Silveira, E.R.; Rodrigues, A.P.R.; Figueiredo, J.R.; Oliveira, M.A.L.; Lima, P.F.

 ·  Conception rate of goats inseminated with semen cooled in egg yolk diluent at 5ºC, for 12 or 24 hours
Siqueira, A.P.; Silva Filho, J.M.; Fonseca, J.F.; Bruschi, J.H.; Palhares, M.S.; Borges, A.M.; Bruschi, M.C.M.; Peixoto, M.P.; Rossi, R.

 ·  Histology, histochemistry, and morphometry of the tubuli spermatici of femeale turkeys, Meleagris gallopavo
Miranda, J.L.P.S.; Oliveira, C.A.; Mahecha, G.A.B.

 ·  Effect of pentoxifylline during neonatal period on spermatic production in adult Wistar rats
Moraes, T.A.P.; Jasset, P.F.; Torres, S.M.; Moraes, A.V.; Silva Júnior, V.A.; Guerra, M.M.P.

 ·  Effect of citrate and taurine added to CR2aa medium on the development of in vitro-fertilized bovine embryos
Camargo, L.S.A.; Sá, W.F.; Viana, J.H.M.; Ramos, A.A.; Ferreira, A.M.

 ·  Temporary weaning of calves at two different times of the GnRH-PGF2α-EB synchronization protocol for ovulation in post-partum Nelore cows
Vasconcelos, J.L.M.; Vilela, E.R.; Sá Filho, O.G.

 ·  Effect of centrifugation on quality of canine semen
Cunha, I.C.N.; Lopes, M.D.

 ·  Morphophysiological parameters of mice (Mus musculus) testicles supplemented with royal jelly
Morais, A.C.T.; Barbosa, L.P.; Neves, M.M.; Matta, S.L.P.; Morais, D.B.; Melo, B.E.S.

 ·  In vitro inhibition and inactivation activity of Salmonella spp. by plant extracts with spicy or medicinal ethnographic indicative
Wiest, J.M.; Carvalho, H.H.C.; Avancini, C.A.M.; Gonçalves, A.R.

 ·  Isolated or associated experimental contamination of albumen and egg yolk for Salmonella Enteritidis and Escherichia coli: influence of temperature and storage time
Pinto, A.T.; Mendonça, A.D.; Silva, E.N.

 ·  Canine blood profile after experimental envenomation by Tityus serrulatus
Ribeiro, E.L.; Melo, M.M.; Pinto, M.C.L.; Labarrère, C.R.; Guimarães, P.T.C.; Paes, P.R.O.; Leme, F.O.P.

 ·  Topical use of kentaserin on healing of experimentally-induced skin wounds in horses
Ribeiro, G.; Martins, C.B.; Silva, M.A.G.; Borges, V.P.; Lacerda Neto, J.C.

 ·  Detection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in lungs and nasal swabs of pigs by nested PCR
Silva, F.M.F.; Castro, L.A.; Silva Júnior, A.; Moraes, M.P.; Moreira, M.A.S.; Almeida, M.R.

 ·  Protozoan parasites of Xiphophorus spp. (Poeciliidae) and their relation with water characteristics
Garcia, F.; Fujimoto, R.Y.; Martins, M.L.; Moraes, F.R.

 ·  Action of the fungus Beauveria bassiana associated with cellulose polymerized gel in the control of the tick Anocentor nitens in a field test
Souza, E.J.; Costa, G.L.; Bittencourt, V.R.E.P.; Fagundes, A.S.

 ·  The use of mice as animal model for testing acute toxicity (LD-50) of toxic shock syndrome toxin
Dias, R.S.; Carmo, L.S.; Heneine, L.G.D.; Rocha, P.H.; Barbosa, C.F.; Rodrigues, R.J.; Linardi, V.R.

 Animal Science and Technology and Inspection of Animal Products
 ·  Substitution of pasture by cassava foliage silage in the diet of dairy cows: production and quality of milk and milkfat
Modesto, E.C.; Santos, G.T.; Damasceno, J.C.; Cecato, U.; Vilela, D.; Silva, D.C.; Souza, N.E.; Matsushita, M.

 ·  Corn silage and sorghum grain supplementation to cull cows finished on cultivated winter pasture
Menezes, L.F.G.; Segabinazzi, L.R.; Brondani, I.L.; Restle, J.; Arboitte, M.Z.; Kuss, F.; Pacheco, P.S.; Rosa, J.R.P.

 ·  Effect of different proportions of wet brewery residue on the carcass characteristics of feedlot finished lambs
Brochier, M.A.; Carvalho, S.

 ·  Level of fiber on feeding of Santa Ines pregnant ewes
Macedo Junior, G.L.; França, P.M.; Assis, R.M.; Almeida, T.R.V.; Paula, O.J.; Pérez, J. R.O.; Baião, A.A.F.; Borges, I.; Silva, V.B.

 ·  Gross and partial net incomes and feeding cost of diets containing citrus pulp for pigs slaughtered with 130kg of weight
Watanabe, P. H.; Thomaz, M.C.; Martins, M.I.E.G.; Ruiz, U.S.; Fraga, A.L.; Santos, V.M.; Pascoal, L.A.F.; Silva, S.Z.

 ·  Digestible threonine:lysine ratios for starting pigs fed low protein diets, considering net energy concept
Paiano, D.; Moreira, I.; Silvestrin, N.; Carvalho, P.L.O.; Silva, M.A.A.; Perdigão, L.S.

 ·  Breeder age and bone development in broiler chicken embryos
Alfonso-Torres, K.A.; Gargaglioni, L.H.; Pizauro, J.M.; Faria Filho, D.E.; Furlan, R.L.; Macari, M.

 ·  Study of meat-type chickens production traits by principal components analysis
Yamaki, M.; Menezes, G.R.O.; Paiva, A.L.C.; Barbosa, L.; Silva, R.F.; Teixeira, R.B.; Torres, R.A.; Lopes, P.S.

 ·  Effects of origin and lineage of mitochondrial DNA on productive and reproductive traits of Gir dairy cattle
Ribeiro, S.H.A.; Pereira, J.C.C.; Verneque, R.S.; Silva, M.A.; Bergmann, J.A.G.; Ledic, I.L.; Morais, O.R.

 ·  Technical and economic evaluations of different genetic groups of yearling beef cattle males and of the feedlot production system
Ferreira, I.C.; Silva, M.A.; Barbosa, F .A.; Carvalho, A.D.F.; Correa, G.S.S.; Fridrich, A.B.; Souza, J.E.R.

 ·  Genetic parameters for body weight and real-time ultra sound carcass traits of Guzera cattle
Lima Neto, H.R.; Bergmann, J.A.G.; Gonçalves, T.M.; Araújo, F.R.C.; Bezerra, L.A.F.; Saiz, R.D.; Lôbo, R.B.; Silva, M.A.

 ·  Chloride and lactose contents and chloride/lactose ratio in milk from Jersey cows in the first month of lactation
Raimondo, R.F.S.; Birgel, D.B.; Saut, J.P.E.; Komninou, E.R.; Birgel Junior, E.H.

 ·  Lactic acid bacteria and yeasts associated with the artisanal Minas cheese produced in the region of Serra do Salitre, Minas Gerais
Lima, C.D.L.C.; Lima, L.A.; Cerqueira, M.M.O.P.; Ferreira, E.G.; Rosa, C.A.

 ·  First report of Muscidifurax raptorellus Kogan & Legner, 1970) (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) in Brazil
Marchiori, C.H.; Miranda, J.M.; Costa, V.A.

 ·  Pectus carinatum in a dog
Souza, D.B.; Andrade Júnior, P.S.C.; Mariano, C.M.A.; Costa, F.S.; Abílio, E.J.

 ·  Genetic and environmental effects on the farrowing interval in sows in the southeastern region of Brazil
Cavalcante Neto, A.; Lui, J.F.; Sarmento, J.L.R.; Ribeiro, M.N.; Monteiro, J.M.C.; Fonseca, C.; Tonhati, H.