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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia
On-line version ISSN 1678-4162


Table of contents
Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. vol.62 no.1 Belo Horizonte Feb. 2010

 Veterinary Medicine
 ·  Monitoring of physiological and blood parameters during perinatal and neonatal period in calves
Piccione, G.; Casella, S.; Pennisi, P.; Giannetto, C.; Costa, A.; Caola, G.

 ·  Efficacy of topical and systemic treatments with oxytetracycline for papillomatous digital dermatitis in cows
Loureiro, M.G.; Rodrigues, C.A.; Nascimento, E.S.; Esteban, C.; Perri, S.H.; Anhesini, C.R.

 ·  Influence of the aerobic training on cortisol and glucose levels in horses
Ferraz, G.C.; Teixeira-Neto, A.R.; Pereira, M.C.; Linardi, R.L.; Lacerda-Neto, J.C.; Queiroz-Neto, A.

 ·  Virulence factors, antimicrobial resistance, and plasmid content of Escherichia coli isolated in swine commercial farms
Costa, M.M.; Drescher, G.; Maboni, F; Weber, S.S.; Schrank, A.; Vainstein, M.H.; Schrank, I.S.; Vargas, A.C.

 ·  Fibrous osteodystrophy in horses raised on Aruana (Panicum maximum) pasture: case reports
Curcio, B.R.; Lins, L.A.; Boff, A.L.N.; Ribas, L.M.; Nogueira, C.E.W.

 ·  Simultaneous mode A and mode B echobiometry of senile cataractous eyes in dogs
Martins, B.C.; Lima, F.S.; Laus, J.L.

 ·  Pediatric Glasgow coma scale modified for dogs
Andrade, M.B.; Cole, E.F.; Evêncio Neto, J.; Silva, A.C.J.; Aleixo, G.A.S.; Cunha, A.L.T.

 ·  Transcranial duplex doppler ultrasonography in dogs with hydrocephalus
Carvalho, C.F.; Chammas, M.C.; Andrade Neto, J.P.; Jimenez, C.D.; Diniz, S.A.; Cerri, G.G.

 ·  Arterial blood pressure in dogs by the oscilometric method and the Doppler ultrasonic
Cabral, R.R.; Ciasca, B.D.; Oliveira, V.M.C.; Vaz-Curado, A.P.; Larsson, M.H.M.A.

 ·  Autologue mononuclear stem cells and morphogenetic bone protein in experimentally induced tibial defect healing in dogs
Oliveira, G.K.; Raiser, A.G.; Olsson, D.; Salbego, F.Z.; Martins, D.B.; Dezengrine, R.; Santos Júnior, E.B.; Rappeti, J; Trindade, L.B.; Tognoli, G.K.; Pippi, N.L.; Sausen, L.

 ·  Histological evaluation of particulate bioglass in repair of mandible experimental defects in dogs
Tiomis, A.C.; Borges, A.P.B.; Daibert, A.P.F.; Duarte, T.S.; Pontes, K.C.S.; Carvalho, T.B.; Carlo Reis, E.C.

 ·  Leucogram and serum acute phase protein concentrations in queens submitted to conventional or videolaparoscopic ovariectomy
Alves, A.E.; Ribeiro, A.P.C.; Di Filippo, P.A.; Apparicio, M.F.; Fagliari, J.J.; Vicente, W.R.R.

 ·  Experimental model of acute spinal cord injury produced by modified steriotaxic equipment
Torres, B.B.J.; Silva, C.M.O.; Almeida, Á.E.R.F.; Caldeira, F.M.C.; Gomes, M.G.; Alves, E.G.L.; Silva, S.J.; Melo, E.G.

 ·  Ultrasonographic detection of fetal ovary in maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus): case report
Feliciano, M.A.R.; Vicente, W.R.R.; Motheo, T.F.; Padilha, L.C.; Candioto, C.G.

 Animal Science and Technology and Inspection of Animal Products
 ·  Quality of high moisture corn grain silage with addition of raw soybean grains and parameters of partial and total digestibility in cattle
Jobim, C.C.; Branco, A.F.; Gai, V.F.; Calixto Junior, M.; Santos, G.T.

 ·  First follicular wave and first postpartum ovulation of primiparous Holstein dairy cows receiving diets with different energetic sources during the transition period
Artunduaga, M.A.T.; Coelho, S.G.; Borges, A.M.; Lana, A.M.Q.; Reis, R.B.; Campos, B.G.; Saturnino, H.M.; Sá Fortes, R.V.; Costa, H.N.

 ·  Extension model of lactation curves to evaluate the effect of the recombinant bovine somatotropin on milk yield in Holstein cows
Palacios-Espinosa, A.; Espinoza-Villavicencio, J.L.; de Luna, R.; Guillén, A.; Avila, N.Y.

 ·  Serum progesterone concentration and conception rate of beef cows supplemented with ground corn after a fixed-time artificial insemination protocol
Pescara, J.B.; Sá Filho, O.G.; Losi, T.C.; Cooke, R.F.; Vasconcelos, J. L. M.

 ·  Components of (co)variance of the days open in Siboney dairy cows
González-Peña, D.; Espinoza-Villavicencio, J.L.; Guerra, D.; Palacios, A.; Évora, J.C.; Portales, A.

 ·  Ruminal fermentation of sheep fed high-concentrated diet containing sunflower grains or protected fat
Homem Junior, A.C.; Ezequiel, J.M.B.; Fávaro, V.R.; Oliveira, P.S.N.; D'Aurea, A.P.; Santos, V.C.; Gonçalves, J.S.

 ·  Digestibility of high moisture corn grain silage with different particle size for swines
Lohmann, A.C.; Pozza, P.C.; Nunes, R.V.; Pozza, M.S.S.; Venturi, I.; Pasquetti, T.J.

 ·  Technical-economic simulation of ractopamine inclusion in diets for finishing pigs
Brumatti, R.C.; Kiefer, C.

 ·  Nutritional and energetic evaluation of sunflower meal in broiler diets
Tavernari, F.C.; Morata, R.L.; Ribeiro Júnior, V.; Albino, L.F.T.; Dutra Júnior, W.M.; Rostagno, H.S.

 ·  Metabolizable energy of different feedstuffs tested in female Japanese quails
Moura, A.M.A.; Fonseca, J.B.; Takata, F.N.; Rabello, C.B.V.; Lombardi, C.T.

 ·  Genetic characterization of Brycon orbignyanus using the semi-natural system
Lopera-Barrero, N.M.; Vargas, L.; Sirol, R.N.; Ribeiro, R.P.; Povh, J.A.; Mangolin, C.A.

 ·  Nitrogen doses and sources on pasture recuperation of grass marandu
Costa, K.A.P.; Faquin, V.; Oliveira, I.P.

 ·  Biomass production and pasture structure of Andropogon grass in a silvopastoral system and in monoculture
Veras, V.S.; Oliveira, M.E.; Lacerda, M.S.B.; Carvalho, T.B.; Alves, A.A.

 ·  Erythrogram and hemoglobin types in Canindé goats
Luz, D.O.; Lacerda, R.M.; Barreto Júnior, R.A.; Soto-Blanco, B.

 ·  Cryptosporidium spp. in traction horses in Santa Maria, RS, Brazil
Toscan, G; Pereira, R.C.F; Vogel, F.S.F; Sangioni, L.A

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 ·  Cadherin expression in the tibial dyschondroplasia
Capela e Silva, F.; Lamy, E.; Pereira, A.; Reis, J.C.; Potes, J.C.; Cabrita, A.S.

 ·  Assessment of Newcastle and infectious bronchitis pathogens, and Salmonella spp. in wild birds captured near poultry facilities
Sousa, E.; Werther, K.; Berchieri Júnior, A.

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 ·  Association between the presence of anti-Leishmania sp. and anti-Neospora caninum antibodies in dogs from Bauru, Brazil
Greca, H.; Silva, A.V.; Langoni, H.

 ·  Ecological aspects of endoparasites in red piranha (Pygocentrus nattereri Kner, 1860) from Cuiabá river, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Barros, L.A.; Mateus, L.A.F.; Braum, D.T.; Bonaldo, J.

 ·  Susceptibility of Arcobacter butzleri to human blood serum
Wilson, M.; Otth, L.; Aron, R; Fernández, H.

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 ·  Parasitoids of dipterous collected in animal excrements in Southern Goiás, Brazil
Marchiori, C.H.; Barbaresco, L.F.; Ferreira, M. E.