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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia
On-line version ISSN 1678-4162


Table of contents
Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. vol.62 no.2 Belo Horizonte Apr. 2010

 Veterinary Medicine
 ·  Histopathology of the digital laminae from horses with acute induced laminitis treated with ketoprophen, phenylbutazone, and flunixin meglumin
Paes Leme, F.O.; Bonna, F.A.B.; De Marval, C.A.; Xavier, S.H.N.; Santos, R.L.; Faleiros, R.R.; Alves, G.E.S.

 ·  Blood cell counts and serum biochemical profile, including blood gas levels, in Salmonella Dublin-infected calves
Silva, D.G.; Silva, P.R.L.; Fagliari, J.J.

 ·  Apoptosis and expression of Bcl-2 and caspases 3 and 8 in placenta of cows at different pregnancy stages
Meça, K.K.O.L.; Martins, A.S.; Del Puerto, H.L; Vasconcelos, A.C.

 ·  Haematological and biochemical parameters in Churra-da-Terra-Quente ewes from the northeast of Portugal
Dias, I.R.; Viegas, C.A.; Silva, A.M.; Pereira, H.F.; Sousa, C.P.; Carvalho, P.P.; Cabrita, A.S.; Fontes, P.J.; Silva, S.R.; Azevedo, J.M.T.

 ·  Influence of gestation and puerperium on the lipid profile of Holstein cattle
Pogliani, F.C.; Azedo, M.R.; Souza, R.M.; Raimondo, R.F.S.; Birgel Junior, E.H.

 ·  Effect of suckling frequency on ovulation rate after temporary weaning + GnRH treatment, incidence of premature luteolysis in the first postpartum estrous cycle, and performance of calves from Nelore cows
Claro Junior, I.; Sá Filho, O.G.; Rodrigues Junior, M.M.; Vasconcelos, J.L.M.

 ·  Weight gain of crossbred heifers submitted or not to sterilization by intrauterine stainless globes introduction and submitted or not to organic modifier use
Abba, M.G.; Feliciano, M.A.R.; Vicente, W.R.R.

 ·  Morphology and histology of Ana Boschasfemale ducks oviduct
Moraes, C.; Baraldi-Artoni, S.M.; Pacheco, M.R.; Nishizawa, M.; Nakaghi, L.S.O.

 ·  Effects of propofol or etomidate intravenous infusion on intracranial variables in dogs
Paula, D.P.; Nunes, N.; Nishimori, C.T.D.; Lopes, P.C.F.; Carareto, R.; Santos, P.S.P.

 ·  Effects of carprofen administered by different routes to control experimental uveitis in dogs
Ribeiro, A.P.; Escobar, A.; Motheo, T.F.; Sakamoto, C.A.M.; Godoy, G.S.; Costa, M.A.N.; Laus, J.L.

 ·  Reactivity of p53 protein in canine transmissible venereal tumor
Moro, J.V.; Tinucci-Costa, M.; Silveira, A.C.T.; Gerardi, D.G.; Alessi, A.C.

 ·  Eletro-acupuncture in the rabbit acchiles tendon repair using bovine peritoneum graft
Freitas, P.M.C.; Daleck, C.R.; Nunes, L.C.; Eurides, D.; Beletti, M.E.; Melo, M.S.

 ·  Process of gonad maturation of Pseudoplatystoma corruscans fed diets containing different levels of protein and supplemented with corn oil
Andrade, V.X.L.; Honji, R.M.; Romagosa, E.

 ·  Molecular characterization of rabies virus isolated from Desmodus rotundus captured in Rio de Janeiro State
Vieira, L.F.P.; Pereira, S.R.F.G.; Brandão, P.E.; Oliveira, R.N.; Carnieli-Junior, P.; Galante, A.C.; Chicarino, C.N.; Kotait, I.

 ·  Hematological and biochemical profiles of rats submitted to experimental poisoning with Tityus serrulatus venom
Pinto, M.C.L.; Melo, M.M.; Costa, M.E.R.; Labarrere, C.R.

 Animal Science and Technology and Inspection of Animal Products
 ·  Intake of nutrients and ruminal parameters of cows fed different energy levels in the diet
Goularte, S.R.; Ítavo, L.C.V.; Morais, M.G.; Ítavo, C.C.B.F.; Santos, G.T.; Dias, A.M.; Bezerra, F.S.; Azevedo Júnior, N.P.; Calvis, D.S.

 ·  Intake and digestibility of nutrients in steers supplemented and finished on pasture in the dry season
Baroni, C.E.S.; Lana, R.P.; Mancio, A.B.; Mendonça, B.P.C.; Leão, M.I.; Sverzut, C.B.

 ·  Performance of steers supplemented and finished on pasture in the dry season and pasture evaluation
Baroni, C.E.S.; Lana, R.P.; Mancio, A.B.; Queiroz, A.C.; Sverzut, C.B.; Mendonça, B.P.C.

 ·  Effects of different sources and levels of selenium supplementation on milk yield and composition and selenium blood concentration in lactating cows
Viero, V.; Fischer, V.; Machado, S.C.; Zanela, M.B.; Ribeiro, M.E.R.; Barbosa, R.S.; Stumpf Jr., W.; Cobuci, J.A.

 ·  Ruminal degradability of dry matter, crud protein, and fiber fraction of silages of corn, sorghum, and Brachiaria brizantha
Pires, A.J.V.; Reis, R.A.; Carvalho, G.G.P.; Siqueira, G.R.; Bernardes, T.F.; Ruggieri, A.C.; Roth, M.T.P.

 ·  Evaluation of lactation persistency of Guzerat cows using random regression models
Freitas, L.S.; Silva, M.A.; Verneque, R.S.; Valente, B.D.; Corrêa, G.S.; Ferreira, R.F.; Peixoto, M.G.C.D.; Santos, G.G.

 ·  Bayesian hierarchical model appllied to genetic evaluation of of beef cattle growth curves
Silva, N.A.M.; Lima, R.R.; Silva, F.F.; Muniz, J.A.

 ·  Effects of the live weight on the commercialization of beef calves in auction barn
Christofari, L.F.; Barcellos, J.O.J.; Braccini Neto, J.; Oaigen, R.P.; Santos, A.P.; Canozzi, M.E.A.

 ·  Responses of the grass Tifton 85 to the application of nitrogen: soil cover, leaf area index, and solar radiation interception
Oliveira, A.P.P.; Rossiello, R.O.P.; Galzerano, L.; Costa Júnior, J.B.G.; Silva, R.P.; Morenz, M.J.F.

 ·  Effect of lipid sources in diets for broiler chicken on performance and yield and composition of carcass
Duarte, F.D.; Lara, L.J.C.; Baião, N.C.; Cançado, S.V.; Teixeira, J.L.

 ·  Xylanase and beta-glucanase on nutrient aparent digestibility of triticale by Nile tilapia
Tachibana, L.; Pinto, L.G.Q.; Gonçalves, G.S.; Pezzato, L.E.

 ·  Chemical composition and digestibility of raw and cooked chicken parts for dogs
Tavares, G.C.M.B.; Araújo, A.H.B.; Colnago, G.L.; Lima, C.A.R.; Lima, W.L.

 ·  Quality of functional fermented milks produced by the use of lactic acid bacteria isolated from coalho cheese
Viegas, R.P.; Souza, M.R.; Figueiredo, T.C.; Resende, M.F.S.; Penna, C.F.A.M.; Cerqueira, M.M.O.P.

 ·  Fat coloring and meat quality of culling ewes slaughtered at distinct physiological stages
Pinheiro, R.S.B.; Jorge, A.M.; Souza, H.B.A.; Boiago, M.M.

 ·  Physical-mechanical and physical-chemical tests of red tilapia leather
Godoy, L.C.; Gasparino, E.; Franco, M.L.R.S.; Franco, N.P.; Dourado, D.M.

 ·  Equine intestinal pythiosis in Southern Brazil
Bezerra Júnior, P.S.; Pedroso, P.M.O.; Pavarini, S.P.; Dalto, A.G.C.; Santurio, J.M.; Driemeier, D.

 ·  Serological survey of toxoplasmosis in horses from Botucatu region, SP
Camossi, L.G.; Silva, A.V.; Langoni, H.

 ·  Occurrence of anti-Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in greater rheas (Rhea americana) at the Reproduction Centre for Wild Animals in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Soares, H.S.; Alves, N.D.; Pereira, R.H.M.A.; Matos, S.M.; Pena, H.F.J.; Gennari, S.M.; Feijó, F.M.C.; Amóra, S.S.A.; Peixoto, G.C.X.

 ·  Purification of Japanese quail IgG from serum and egg yolk
Oliveira, D.D.; Resende, J.S.; Flatschart, A.V.F.; Abreu, J.T.; Flatschart, R.B.; Martins, N.R.S.

 ·  S-100 protein immunostaining in tibial dyschondroplasia
Capela e Silva, F.; Lamy, E.; Reis, J.C.; Potes, J.C.; Pereira, A.; Cabrita, A.S.