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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia
On-line version ISSN 1678-4162


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Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. vol.62 no.5 Belo Horizonte Oct. 2010

 Veterinary Medicine
 ·  Bovine herpesviruses (BoHV-1 and BoHV-1.2b) in infectious form in brains of cattle submitted to rabies diagnosis in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Batista, H.B.C.R.; Schmidt, E.; Spilki, F.R.; Franco, A.C.; Roehe, P.M.

 ·  Epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis in Mexico, bordering the United States, at establishment of controlling strategies
Enríquez-Cruz, C.; Cruz-Hernández, N.I.; Zertuche-Rodríguez, J.L.; Uriegas-García, J.L.; Toscano-Ruiz, J.E.; Flores-Gutiérrez, G.H.

 ·  Ultraestructural alterations in the equine jejune villi after distension
Costa, R.S.; Pagliosa, G.M.; Alves, G.E.S.; Tinto, J.J.M. Rio; Alessi, A.C.; Faleiros, R.R.

 ·  Hematological and biochemical evaluation of horses supplemented with semi-refined rice oil enriched with gamma orizanol
Oliveira, R.N.; Marques Jr, A.P.; Xavier, P.R.; Alves, G.E.S.; Paes, P.R.O.; Gobesso, A.A.O.

 ·  Differential diagnosis between aorto-iliac thrombosis and equine protozoal myeloencephalitis: case report
Escodro, P.B.; Lopes, P.F.R.; Gianini, C.G.; Jorge Filho, D.N.

 ·  Detection of cytolethal distending toxin genes in strains of Campylobacter jejuni isolated from broiler carcasses
Carvalho, A.F.; Silva, D.M.; Azevedo, S.S.; Piatti, R.M.; Genovez, M.E.; Scarcelli, E.

 ·  Temporal and spatial distribution of leishmaniasis in humans and dogs from Belo Horizonte-MG, 1993-2007
Lopes, E.G.P.; Magalhães, D.F.; Silva, J.A.; Haddad, J.P.A.; Moreira, E.C.

 ·  Use of powder coconut water as extender (ACP-103®) for boar semen longer preservation: in vitro and in vivo evaluations
Toniolli, R.; Toniollo, G.H.; Franceschini, P.H.; Morato, F.M.A.C.

 ·  A- and B-modes echobiometry in cataractous and noncataractous eyes of English Cocker Spaniel dogs
Silva, M.L.; Martins, B.C.; Ribeiro, A.P.; Souza, A.L. Groszewicz de; Laus, J.L.

 ·  Clinical utility of a life quality score in dogs with canine transmissible venereal tumor treated by vincristine chemotherapy
Valladão, M.L.; Scarpelli, K.C.; Metze, K.

 ·  Associations among Norberg angle, percentage of femoral head coverage, cortico-medullary index, and femoral inclination angle in dogs with hip dysplasia
Vieira, G.L.T.; Tôrres, R.C.S.; Barros, G.S.; Rocha, B.D.; Rezende, C.M.F.

 ·  Radiographic evaluation in dogs with hip dysplasia treated by pubic symphysiodesis
Santana, L.A.; Rahal, S.C.; Estanislau, C.A.; Lorena, S.E.R.S.; Machado, V.M.V.; Doiche, D.P.; Pereira-Júnior, O.C.M.

 ·  Ultrasonographic and radiographic evaluations of the effects of supplementation with two types of probiotics on the gut of puppies
Feliciano, M.A.R.; Saad, F.M.O.B.; Leite, C.A.L.; Vicente, W.R.R.; Nepomuceno, A.C.; Silveira, T.

 ·  Glycosaminoglycans and chondroitin sulphate "A" effects on normal and osteoarthritic articular cartilage in dogs
Vieira, N.T.; Melo, E.G.; Rezende, C.M.F.; Gomes, M.G.; Caldeira, F.M.C.; Jesus, M.C.

 ·  Experimental employment of polyhydroxybutyrate/hydroxyapatite composite plates in femoral fixation in cats
Alves, E.G.L.; Rezende, C.M.F.; Oliveira, H.P.; Borges, N.F.; Mantovani, P.F.; Rosado, I.R.

 ·  Hypofractionated radiation therapy for the treatment of feline facial squamous cell carcinoma
Cunha, S.C.S.; Carvalho, L.A.V.; Canary, P.C.; Reisner, M.; Corgozinho, K.B.; Pereira, A.N.; Holguin, P.G.; Souza, H.J.M.; Ferreira, A.M.R.

 ·  Action of Metarhizium anisopliae fungi over the development of Muscina stabulans dipteran in laboratory
Zimmer, C.R.; Cárcamo, M.C.; Ribeiro, P.B.; Nascimento, J.S.

 Animal Science and Technology and Inspection of Animal Products
 ·  Intake, digestibilities of the nutrients, and ruminal variables in cattle fed Mombaça-grass silage
Vieira, B.R.; Obeid, J.A.; Pereira, O.G.; Valadares Filho, S.C.; Carvalho, I.P.C.; Azevedo, J.A.G.

 ·  Choice of grazed herbage or maize silage by lactating dairy cows: influence of sward height and concentrate level
Hernandez-Mendo, O.; Leaver, J.D.

 ·  Dry matter digestibility of corn silages and concentrates determined by in vitro procedures
Lopes, F.C.F.; Dornelas, R.A.C.; Portugal, J.A.B.; Carneiro, J.C.; Verneque, R.S.; Oliveira, J. Silva e; Arcuri, P.B.; Duque, A.C.A.

 ·  Supplementation of dairy cows with Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain KA500
Oliveira, B.M.L.; Bitencourt, L.L.; Silva, J.R.M.; Dias Júnior, G.S.; Branco, I.C.C.; Pereira, R.A.N.; Pereira, M.N.

 ·  Effect of whey addition on apparent digestibility and blood parameters of dry cows
David, F.M.; Collao-Saenz, E.A.; Pérez, J.R.O.; Castro, A.L.A.; Resende, H.R.A.; Landim, A.V.

 ·  Is the Murciano-Granadina a single goat breed? A molecular genetics approach
Martínez, A.M.; Vega-Pla, J.L.; León, J.M.; Camacho, M.E.; Delgado, J.V.; Ribeiro, M.N.

 ·  Artificial cooling as an alternative to increase productivity and welfare of steers under heat stress
Correa-Calderón, A.; Morales, M.; Avendaño, L.; Leyva, C.; Rivera, F.; Díaz, R.; Soto-Navarro, S.

 ·  Environmental impact provoked by P in diets supplemented with phytase enzyme and ideal protein for growing pigs: study of the P flow in the animal metabolism
Moreira, J.A.; Vitti, D.M.S.S.; Patino, R.M.; Silva, T.S.; Bueno, I.C.; Berenchtein, B.

 ·  Digestible methionine plus cystine levels in diets for laying hens at the production peak
Geraldo, A.; Bertechini, A.G.; Fassani, E.J.; Rodrigues, P.B.

 ·  Levels of calcium in diets for Japanese quails in the third end of posture (45 - 57 weeks of age)
Costa, C.H.R.; Barreto, S.L.T.; Gomes, P.C.; Maia, G.V.C.; Lipari, C.A.; Hosoda, L.H.

 ·  Effect of agricultural by-products fiber and its nutritional evaluation for rabbits
Retore, M.; Silva, L.P.; Toledo, G.S.P.; Araújo, I.G.

 ·  Crude protein levels in practical diets for grass carp juveniles
Veiverberg, C.A.; Radünz Neto, J.; Silva, L.P.; Sutili, F.J.; Rossato, S.; Corrêia, V.

 ·  Hemogram and serum proteins of Canchim-Nelore and Holstein calves in the first 30 days of life
Rocha, T.G.; Franciosi, C.; Nociti, R.P.; Nogueira, C.A.S.; Fagliari, J.J.

 ·  Fruit shell from Jatropha curcas including in sheep diets: a nutritional assessment and toxicological characterization
Araújo, V.L.; Brito, S.S.; Neiva, J.N.M.; Barreto, P.M.; Ferreira, O.R.; Lima, F.G.; Ramos, A.T.; Fioravanti, M.C.S.; Maruo, V.M.; Ferreira, A.C.H.

 ·  A duplex PCR for differentiation of wild and vaccine virus of Aujeszky´s disease
Fonseca Jr, A.A.; Dias, N.L.; Leite, R.C.; Heinemann, M.B.; Reis, J.K.P.

 ·  Ostrich (Struthio camelus) gastric diseases in Minas Gerais, Brazil, from 1997 to 2009
Mendonça, J.F.P.; Lopes, S.Q.; Aichinger, A.; Horta, A.C.; Siqueira, A.M.; Carvalho, L.B.; Resende, J.S.; Martins, N.R.S.

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 ·  An atypical clinical presentation for the first isolation of Canid herpesvirus 1 in Argentina
Palma, V.E. De; Ayala, M.A.; Gobello, C.; Echeverria, M.G.; Galosi, C.M.

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 ·  Cryptococcosis diagnosed by imprints of oral mucosa lesions in dog
Rondelli, M.C.H.; Nogueira, A.F.S.; Anai, L.A.; Gava, F.N.; Borin, S.; Ondani, A.C.; Campos Filho, E.; Tinucci-Costa, M.; Santana, A.E.

 ·  Isolation and antimicrobial resistance of Streptococcus spp. strains from bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeiana)
Pilarski, F.; Schocken-Iturrino, R.P.

 ·  Necrotic acute pancreatitis in male adult Southern Brown Howler Monkey (Alouatta guariba clamitans)
Campos, S.D.E.; Stadler, R.A.; Hennemann, C.; Polydoro, A.; Hohendorff, R.V.; Pereira, A.M.; Almosny, N.R.P.

 ·  Occurrence of Hepatozoon spp. (Apicomplexa, Hepatozoidae) in captive Boa constrictor snakes in the semi-arid of Rio Grande do Norte State, Northeastern Brazil
Lopes, F.C.; Azevedo, S.S.; Dantas, L.A.B.; Freitas, C.I.A.; Batista, C.S.A.; Azevedo, A.S.

 ·  Occurrence of Siphonaptera in Cavia aperea Exerleben, 1777 (Rodentia: Caviidae) in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil
Krüger, C.; Mascarenhas, C.S.; Müller, G.; Brum, J.G.W.

 ·  Inhibitory activity of origanum essential oil against important fungus in veterinary
Cleff, M. B.; Meinerz, A.R.; Faria, R.O.; Xavier, M.O.; Santin, R.; Nascente, P.S.; Rodrigues, M.R.; Meireles, M.C.A.