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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia
On-line version ISSN 1678-4162


Table of contents
Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. vol.62 no.6 Belo Horizonte Dec. 2010

 Veterinary Medicine
 ·  Characterization of the bovine movement using a core-periphery model
Gutierrez, H.O.D; Moreira, E.C; Silva, J.A; Rodrigues, R.O; Vaca, D.G

 ·  Evaluation of some treatments for ammonia poisoning in cattle
Kitamura, S.S; Antonelli, A.C; Maruta, C.A; Sucupira, M.C.A; Mori, C.S; Yonezawa, L.A; Michima, L.E.S; Soares, P.C; Ortolani, E.L

 ·  Actinomycetes producers of β-lactamases inhibitors with antimicrobial activity against microorganisms isolated from bovine mastitis
Cunha, M.N.C; Silva, N.M.V; Teixeira, M.F.S; Mota, R.A; Lima-Filho, J.L; Porto, T.S; Porto, A.L.F

 ·  Cystic dilatation of the urachus and uroperitoneum in bulls: report of five cases
Marques, L.C; Marques, J.A; Marques, I.C.S; Teixeira, M.C.A

 ·  Risk factors associated with the occurrence of Cryptosporidium parvum infection in calves
Almeida, A.J; Oliveira, F.C.R; Flores, V.M.Q; Lopes, C.W.G

 ·  Morphological abnormalities and apoptosis in lamellar tissue of equines after intestinal obstruction and treatment with hydrocortisone
Laskoski, L.M; Valadão, C.A.A; Vasconcelos, R.O; Souza, A.H; Faleiros, R.R; Amorim, R.L

 ·  Experimental infection by Salmonella enterica ssp. enterica serovar Panama and tentative of nose-to-nose transmission in weaned pigs
Oliveira, L.G; Carvalho, L.F.O.S; Masson, G.C.I.H; Feliciano, M.A.R

 ·  Mast cells and angiogenesis in canine mammary tumor
Lavalle, G.E; Bertagnolli, A.C; Tavares, W.L.F; Ferreira, M.A.N.D; Cassali, G.D

 ·  Inhibitory effect of uremic serum on neutrophils oxidative metabolism from dogs
Barbosa, T.S; Mori, C.K; Ciarlini, P.C

 ·  Efficacy of Argentine propolis formulation for topical treatment of canine otitis externa
Lozina, L.A; Peichoto, M.E; Boehringer, S.I; Koscinczuk, P; Granero, G.E; Acosta, O.C

 ·  Evaluation of the mechanics of of polyhydroxybutyrate and hydroxyapatite composite plates in bone models of cat
Alves, E.G.L; Rezende, C.M.F; Oliveira, H.P; Borges, N.F; Mantovani, P.F; Lara, J.S

 ·  Effect of estradiol and progesterone on development and quality of bovine embryos produced in vitro
Reis, A.N; Silva, L.K.X; Silva, A.O.A; Sousa, J.S; Vale, W.G

 ·  Influence of climatic conditions on in vitro production of bovine embryos
Pessoa, G.A; Navarro, R.B; Rauber, L.P; Brass, K.E; Silva, C.A.M; Rubin, M.I.B

 ·  Histomorphometric characteristics of Nelore cows placentome in the initial, middle, and third terms of gestation
Machado, E.R; Xavier, P.R; Marques Júnior, A.P

 ·  Quantification of maternal transcripts in bovine oocytes under different maturation systems
Pereira, M.M; Costa, F.Q; Oliveira, A.P; Serapião, R.V; Machado, M.A; Viana, J.H. M; Camargo, L.S.A

 ·  Fecundity of manjuba Curimatella lepidura (CURIMATIDAE) in the Três Marias reservoir, São Francisco River, MG
Andrade, D.R; Vidal Junior, M.V; Godinho, H.P; Tonini, W.C.T; Burket, D

 ·  Vaginal cytology for estrus detection in ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)
Paz, R.C.R; Adania, C.H; Barnabe, V.H; Barnabe, R.C

 Animal Science and Technology and Inspection of Animal Products
 ·  Effects of partial replacement of soybean meal by protected urea on milk yield and composition
Souza, V.L; Almeida, R; Silva, D.F.F; Piekarski, P.R.B; Jesus, C.P; Pereira, M.N

 ·  Fermentation parameters of silages of six maize varieties recommended for the Brazilian semi-arid region
Santos, R.D; Pereira, L.G.R; Neves, A.L.A; Araújo, G.G.L; Voltolini, T.V; Brandão, L.G.N; Aragão, A.S.L; Dórea, J.R.R

 ·  Physical composition of carcass and meat characteristics of beef cattle finished in feedlot with different diets
Roman, J; Jobim, C.C; Resende, F.D; Siqueira, G.R; Faria, M.H; Rivas, R

 ·  Post weaning performance evaluation for a multibreed Aberdeen Angus x Nellore population using different genetic models
Lopes, J.S; Rorato, P.R.N; Weber, T; Araújo, R.O; Dornelles, M.A; Comin, J.G

 ·  Body components of young crossbred Boer goats fed licury oil (Syagrus coronata) in the diet
Silva, T.M; Oliveira, R.L; Barbosa, L.P; Garcez Neto, A.F; Bagaldo, A.R; Jesus, I.B; Macome, F.M; Ribeiro, C.V.D.M

 ·  Digestible lysine for male broilers from 12 to 22 days of age
Takeara, P; Toledo, A.L; Gandra, E.R.S; Albuquerque, R; Trindade Neto, M.A

 ·  Phytase in diet of common carp fingerlings: produtive performance and carcass traits
Rocha, C.B; Pouey, J.L.F; Piedras, S.R.N; Enke, D.B.S; Fernandes, J.M

 ·  Effect of corn granulometry on performance of juvenile pacu, Piaractus mesopotamicus Holmberg, 1887
Polese, M.F; Vidal Junior, M.V; Mendonça, P.P; Tonini, W.C.T; Radael, M.C; Andrade, D.R

 ·  Controlling Bacillus cereus adherence to stainless steel with different cleaning and sanitizing procedures used in dairy plants
Salustiano, V.C; Andrade, N.J; Ribeiro Junior, J.I; Fernandes, P.E; Lopes, J.P; Bernardes, P.C; Portugal, J.G

 ·  Probiotic yogurt produced with goat milk supplemented with Bifidobacterium spp
Mazochi, V; Matos Júnior, F.E; Val, C.H; Diniz, D.N; Resende, A.F; Nicoli, J.R; Silva, A.M

 ·  Serological survey of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in dairy cattle in Espírito Santo state
Costa, J.C.M; Pieri, F.A; Souza, C.F; Espeschit, I.F; Felippe, A.G; Santos, G.M; Tobia, F.L; Silva Junior, A; Moreira, M.A.S

 ·  Granulomatous hepatitis in cattle caused by Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis
Rodrigues, A.B.F; Ristow, P; Santos, A.S.O; Lilenbaum, W; Fonseca, L.S; Carvalho, C.B; Carvalho, E.C.Q

 ·  Antimicrobial susceptibility of coagulase-negative staphylococci isolated from meat-producing ewes with mastitis
Della Libera, A.M.M.P; Blagitz, M.G; Souza, F.N; Batista, C.F; Azedo, M.R; Benites, N.R; Melville, P.A; Gomes, V

 ·  Conidiobolomycosis in sheep: reevaluation of three cases previously diagnosed as enzootic ethmoid tumor
Silva, S.M.M.S; Ferreira, L.H; Souza, F.A.L; Nascimento, E.F; Costa, E.A; Paixão, T.A; Santos, R.L

 ·  A new technique to count the number of cells of blastocysts
Costa, E.P.; Lopes, F.G.; Pereira, E.C.M.; Queiroz, V.L.D.; Macedo, G.G.; Almeida Neto, J.R.M.; Costa, A.H.A.

 ·  Antibodies to Neospora caninum in dairy cattle in Southwest of Paraná State
Camillo, G; Cadore, G; Cezar, A.S; Toscan, G; Bräunig, P; Sangioni, L.A; Vogel, F.S.F

 ·  Hematological parameters of pregnant donkeys in different periods
Gravena, K; Sampaio, R.C.L; Martins, C.B; Dias, D.P.M; Orozco, C.A.G; Oliveira, J.V; Lacerda-Neto, J.C

 ·  Equine coital exanthema in a stallion
Ferreira, C.; Costa, E.A.; França, S.A.; Melo, U.P. de; Drumond, B.P.; Bomfim, M.R.Q.; Coelho, F.M.; Resende, M.; Palhares, M.S.; Santos, R.L.

 ·  Porcine circovirus-2 load in the gastrointestinal tract, mesenteric lymph node, tonsil, and feces of wasted pigs with and without diarrhea
Zlotowski, P.; Corrêa, A.M.R; Castro, L.A; Koerich, P.K.V; Barcellos, D.E.S.N; Driemeier, D

 ·  Pharmacodermia in a dog after administration of beta-lactam antibiotics: case report
Aleixo, G.A.S.; Coelho, M.C.O.C; Andrade, L.S.S; Maia, F.C.L; Mota, A.K.R; Guerra, N.S; Oliveira, L.K.R.B; Silva, C.E.S; Lacerda, M.A.S