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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia
On-line version ISSN 1678-4162


Table of contents
Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. vol.63 no.1 Belo Horizonte Feb. 2011

 Veterinary Medicine
 ·  Cost-benefit analysis of sheep and goat brucellosis vaccination with Rev.1 in the north of Portugal from 2000 to 2005
Coelho, A.M; Pinto, M.L; Coelho, A.C

 ·  Infundibular disease, over-bite, and dental hooks occurrence in military horses
Lima, J.T.M; Andrade, B.S.C; Schwarzbach, S.V; De Marval, C.A; Leal, B.B; Faleiros, R.R; Alves, G.E.S

 ·  Expression of MMP-2 and MMP-9 in helth endometrium and in chronic endometritis of mares
Porto, C.D; Nunes, L.C; Masseno, A.P.B; Sequeira, J.L; Oliveira, D.E; Alvarenga, M.A

 ·  Electrocardiographic parameters of horses disqualified from exhaustion in endurance competitions
Dumont, C.B.S; Moraes, J.M; Leite, C.R; Alves, R.O; Moreira, M; Moscardini, A.R.C; Godoy, R.F; Lima, E.M.M

 ·  Immunohistochemical and molecular expression of laminin-332 gamma-2 chain in canine mammary tumors
Zuccari, D.A.P.C; Castro, R; Jardim, B.V; Mancini, U.M; Polachini, G.M

 ·  Computed tomography in the diagnosis of steroidal hepatopathy in a dog: case report
Oliveira, D.C; Costa, L.A.V.S; Lopes, B.F; Lanis, A.B; Borlini, D.C; Maia Júnior, J.A; Costa, F.S

 ·  Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase as a biomarker of bone turnover in dog
Sousa, C.P; Nery, F; Azevedo, J.T; Viegas, C.A; Gomes, M.E; Dias, I.R

 ·  Effect of freezing on rabbit cultured chondrocytes
Filgueiras, R.R; Del Carlo, R.J; Alves, N.P; Viloria, M.I.V; McManus, C.M; Castro, M.B; Filgueiras, F.P.F; Monteiro, B.S; Paula, A.C; Farias, A

 ·  Canine cricopharyngeal achalasia: case report
Malm, C; Souza, E.M; Ferian, P.E; Fukushima, F.B; Macedo, S.P; Ladeira, O.H.R; Faria, A.B.F; Andrade, M.G.M.G

 ·  Patella fracture with rupture of the patellar tendon in a dog: case report
Filgueira, F.G.F; Azevedo, A. S; Fernandes, T.H.T; Nunes, G.D.L; Palmeira, R.B; Araújo, B.M; Carneiro, R.S; Nóbrega Neto, P.I; Sá, M.J.C

 ·  Cryotop and development of vitrified immature bovine oocytes
Hajarian, H; Wahid, H; Rosnina, Y; Daliri, M; Dashtizad, M; Karamishabankareh, H; Abas Mazni, O

 ·  Transport of bovine oocytes in maturation medium for different periods of time whithout controlled gaseous atmosphere
Silva, L.K.X; Reis, A.N; Silva, A.O.A; Sousa, J.S; Souza, A.J.O; Vale, W.G

 ·  Effects of the extender in the semen post - thaw viability in young dairy Gyr bulls (Bos taurus indicus), pre - selected by breeding soundness evaluation
Felipe-Silva, A.S; Vale Filho, V.R; Ferreira, M.B.D; Correa, G.S.S; Silva, M.A; Veras, M.M; Andrade, V.J

 ·  Measurement of scrotal circumference in beef bulls in Rio Grande do Sul
Menegassi, S.R.O; Barcellos, J.O.J; Peripolli, V; Pereira, P.R.R.X; Borges, J.B.S; Lampert, V.N

 ·  Computational evaluation of chromatin condensation and morphometric characteristics of rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) sperm head
Kanayama, C.Y; Beletti, M.E

 ·  Development of mice embryos after maintenance in different manipulation solutions
Lopes, F.G; Costa, E.P; Pereira, E.C.M; Paula, T.A.R; Arroyo, R.J.O; Fernandes, C.A.C; Macedo, G.G; Costa, A.H.A

 ·  Lipid peroxidation in rats treated with vincristine sulphate and nandrolone decanoate
Martins, D.B; Lopes, S.T.A; Mazzanti, C.M; Spanevello, R; Schmatz, R; Corrêa, M; Stefanello, N; Schetinger, M.R; Morsch, V; Veiga, A.P.M

 Animal Science and Technology and Inspection of Animal Products
 ·  Intake, total digestibility, microbial protein production, and the nitrogen balance in ruminant diets based on agricultural and agro-industrial by-products
Azevêdo, J.A.G; Valadares Filho, S.C; Pina, D.S; Valadares, R.F.D; Detmann, E; Paulino, M.F; Diniz, L.L; Fernandes, H.J

 ·  Multiple supplement with ionophores for grazing steers: performance
Mourthe, M.H.F; Reis, R.B; Ladeira, M.M; Souza, R.C; Coelho, S.G; Saturnino, H.M

 ·  Multiple supplement with ionophores for grazing steers: intake, ruminal fermentation, and in situ degradability
Mourthe, M.H.F; Reis, R.B; Ladeira, M.M; Souza, R.C; Coelho, S.G; Saturnino, H.M

 ·  Avaliation of bicompartimental logistic and Gompertz mathematical models to estimate gas production from babassu (Orbignya martiana) meal and pie using the semi-automated in vitro technique
Farias, L.N; Vasconcelos, V.R; Carvalho, F.F.R; Sarmento, J.L.R

 ·  Estimativas de herdabilidade e tendências genéticas para características de crescimento e reprodutivas em bovinos da raça Nelore: Estimates of heritability and genetic trends for growth and reproduction traits in Nelore cattle
Laureano, M.M.M; Boligon, A.A; Costa, R.B; Forni, S; Severo, J.L.P; Albuquerque, L.G

 ·  Relationship between polymorphism of growth hormone and precocity traits in Nellore heifers
Andrea, M.V; Gomes, M.V.M; Marcondes, C.R; Oliveira, K.N; Ramos, E.S; Fonteles, S.B

 ·  Genetic evaluation for body weight in a Nellore herd
Gonçalves, F.M; Pires, A.V; Pereira, I.G; Garcia, D.A; Farah, M.M; Meira, C.T; Cruz, V.A.R

 ·  Feeding behavior of goats fed with different NDF levels
Silva, V.B; Fonseca, C.E.M; Almeida, M.I.V; Brasileiro, L. S.G; Godoi, F.N; Mendonça, M.S

 ·  Reproductive and metabolic responses of ewes fed dehydrated cashew apple bagasse during the postpartum period
Rodrigues, M.R.C; Rondina, D; Araújo, A.A; Souza, A.L; Nunes-Pinheiro, D.C; Fernandes, A.A.O; Ibiapina, F.L

 ·  Performance and carcass characteristics of lambs submitted to organic and conventional production models
Zeola, N.M.B.L; Silva Sobrinho, A.G.S; Manzi, G.M

 ·  Silage quality of Brachiaria brizantha cultivars ensiled with different levels of millet meal
Costa, K.A.P; Assis, R.L; Guimarães, K.C; Severiano, E.C; Assis Neto, J.M; Crunivel, W.S; Garcia, J.F; Santos, N.F

 ·  Dual-purpose wheat cultivars submitted to nitrogen fertilization and cutting regimes
Hastenpflug, M; Braida, J.A; Martin, T.N; Ziech, M.F; Simionatto, C.C; Castagnino, D.S

 ·  Effect of ractopamine and methods of diet formulation on performance and carcass characteristics of finishing gilts
Pereira, F.A; Fontes, D.O; Vasconcellos, C.H.F; Silva, F.C.O; Silva, M.A; Marinho, P.C; Arouca, C.L.C; Salum, G.M

 ·  Lactating sows fed diets with high moisture corn silage and fumaric acid
Lehnen, C.R; Lovatto, P.A; Zanella, I; Rossi, C.A; Hauschild, L; Melchior, R

 ·  Prediction equations to estimate metabolizable energy values of energetic concentrate feedstuffs for poultry by the meta-analysis process
Nascimento, G.A.J; Rodrigues, P.B; Freitas, R.T.F; Reis Neto, R.V; Lima, R.R; Allaman, I.B

 ·  Dietary calcium levels for ISA Label broilers raised in semi-confined system
Pinheiro, S.R.F; Sakomura, N.K; Siqueira, J.C; Marcato, S.M; Dourado, L.R.B; Fernandes, J.B.K; Malheiros, E.B

 ·  Cloning and evaluation of sbGnRH gene expression in juvenile and adult males of Brazilian flounder Paralichthys orbignyanus
Campos, V.F; Collares, T; Deschamps, J.C; Seixas, F.K; Okamoto, M.H; Sampaio, L.A; Marins, L.F; Robaldo, R.B

 ·  Intracytoplasmic hyaline inclusions in adrenal medulla of bovine
Mesquita, L.P; Abreu, C.C; Wouters, F; Varaschin, M.S; Bezerra Jr, P.S

 ·  Description of the fluoroscopy-guided renal arteriography in swine
Sarmento, C.A.P; Branco, E; Fioretto, E.T; Ferreira, G.J; Gregores, G.B; Lima, A.R; Silva, W.F; Cabral, R; Miglino, M.A

 ·  Sartorius muscle proximal release to repair grades III and IV medial patellar luxation in dogs
Tudury, E.A; Figueiredo, M.L; Kemper, B; Araújo, F.P; Chioratto, R; Marques, N.B; Fernandes, T.H.T

 ·  Occurrence of antibodies anti-Neospora spp. in cart horses and Crioula breed horses from Rio Grande do Sul state
Toscan, G; Vogel, F.S.F; Cadore, G.C; Cezar, A.S; Sangioni, L.A; Pereira, R.C.F; Oliveira, L.S.S; Lopes, S.T.A

 ·  Neospora caninum antibodies and risk factors in dogs from Lages and Balneário Camboriú, SC
Moura, A.B; Souza, A.P; Sartor, A.A; Bellato, V; Pisetta, G.M; Teixeira, E.B; Heusser Junior, A

 ·  Ocurrence of Amblyomma aureolatum (Pallas, 1772) and A. ovale (Kock, 1844) (Acari: Ixodidae) parasitizing Alouatta clamitans Cabrera, 1940 (Primates: Atelidae) in the north of Santa Catarina state, Brazil
Lavina, M.S; Souza, A.P; Souza, J.C; Bellato, V; Sartor, A.A; Moura, A. B

 ·  Occurrence of Spalangia endius Walker, 1839 (Hymenoptera, Pteromalidae) in pupae of Musca domestica L. and Stomoxys calcitrans L. in southern Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Brandão, R.K; Cárcamo, M.C; Costa, V.A; Ribeiro, P.B