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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia
On-line version ISSN 1678-4162


Table of contents
Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. vol.63 no.2 Belo Horizonte Apr. 2011

 Veterinary Medicine
 ·  Ex vivo biomechanics assay of a model of polypropylene intramedullary nail for calf humeral osteosynthesis
Marval, C.A. De; Alves, G.E.S.; Las Casas, E.B.; Costa, C.G.; Saffar, J.M.E.; Lago, L.A.; Carvalho, W.T.V.; Leal, B.B.; Faleiros, R.R.

 ·  Cattle rabies in the State of São Paulo and its spatial distribution from 1992 to 2003
Gomes, M.N.; Monteiro, A.M.V.

 ·  Cattle rabies according to the mosaics of land use and land cover in the state of Sao Paulo from 1992 to 2003
Gomes, M.N.; Monteiro, A.M.V.; Escada, M.I.S.

 ·  Evaluation of nested PCR compared with AGID and ELISA serological tests for equine infectious anemia diagnosis
Santos, E.M.; Motta, P.M.C.; Heinemann, M.B.; Leite, R.C.; Reis, J.K.P.

 ·  Equine metacarpophalangeal joint movement using videogrammetry method
Albernaz, R.M.; Basile, R.C.; Dias, D.P.M.; Paiva-Neto, A.O.; Gomide, L.M.W.; Queiroz-Neto, A.; Lacerda-Neto, J.C.

 ·  Epidural anesthesia with lidocaine and association medetomidine in cats pre-medicated with acepromazine and midazolam
Lima, D.A.S.D.; Souza, A.P.; Santana, V.L.; Araújo, A.L.; Lima, W.C.; Mendes, R.S.; Nóbrega Neto, P.I.

 ·  Computerised electrocardiograph in Beagle dogs
Gava, F.N.; Paulino-Junior, D.; Pereira-Neto, G.B.; Pascon, J.P.E.; Sousa, M.G.; Chanpion, T.; Camacho, A.A.

 ·  Volumetric proportion of the corpus luteum of Nelore cows in the first, second and third trimester of gestation
Xavier, P.R.; Marques Júnior, A.P.; Leão, R.A.C.; Silva, P.V.D. Oliveira e

 ·  Morphology of the uterus of nulliparous and non nulliparous agoutis
Martins, L.L.; Biagioni, M.M.; Oliveira, F.S.; Toniollo, G.H.; Pacheco, M.R.; Machado, M.R.F.

 ·  Genotypically characterization of Escherichia coli isolates from poultry
Silva, I.M.M.; Evêncio-Neto, J.; Silva, R.M.; Lucena-Silva, N.; Magalhães, J.; Baliza, M.

 ·  Toxoplasmic infecction causes hipertrophy of the chicken colon wall
Braga, C.F.; Silva, A.V.; Sant'Ana, D.M.G.; Araújo, E.J.A.

 ·  Performance and carcass characteristics of steers finished in rotational grassing or feedlot
Olmedo, D.O.; Barcellos, J.O.J.; Canellas, L.C.; Velho, M.M.S.; Paniagua, P.; Horitá, I.; Tarouco, J.U.

 Animal Science and Technology and Inspection of Animal Products
 ·  Intake, digestibility and ruminal pH of steers fed diets with pies coming from the production from biodiesel to replacement soybean meal
Correia, B.R.; Oliveira, R.L.; Jaeger, S.M.P.L.; Bagaldo, A.R.; Carvalho, G.G.P.; Oliveira, G.J.C.; Lima, F.H.S.; Oliveira, P.A.

 ·  Selection and multivariate classification of nonlinear growth model for Nelore cattle
Silva, N.A.M.; Lana, A.M.Q.; Silva, F.F; Silveira, F.G.; Bergmann, J.A.G.; Silva, M.A.; Toral, F.L.B.

 ·  Characteristics of non-integrant components of carcass of Devon young steers, finished in different feeding systems
Menezes, L.F.G.; Brondani, I.L.; Restle, J.; Alves Filho, D.C.; Callegaro, A.M.; Weise, M.

 ·  Kinetics of in vitro ruminal fermentation of Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu in silvopastoral system
Sousa, L.F.; Maurício, R.M.; Gonçalves, L.C.; Borges, I.; Moreira, G.R.

 ·  Simulation of economic feasibility and profitability of a free stall model milk production
Silveira, I.D. Barbosa; Peters, M.D.P.; Storch, T.; Ziguer, E.A.; Fischer, V.

 ·  Performance of dairy cows on alfalfa pasture supplemented with corn silage and concentrate and its economic viability
Peres Netto, D.; Rodrigues, A. de A.; Wechsler, F.S.; Ferreira, R.P.; Mendonça, F.C.; Freitas, A.R.

 ·  Financial viability analyses of four milkings in the first 21 days of lactation in F1 crossbred Holstein-Zebu cows
Lima, J.A.M.; Coelho, S.G.; Campos, B.G.; Ruas, J.R.M.; Lana, A.M.Q.; Saturnino, H.M.; Reis, R.B.

 ·  Ingestive behavior and nutrient digestibility in cows fed different levels of concentrate
Goularte, S.R.; Ítavo, L.C.V.; Ítavo, C.C.B.F.; Dias, A.M.; Morais, M.G.; Santos, G.T.; Oliveira, L.C.S.

 ·  Response of lactating cows to the partial replacement of soybean meal by encapsulated urea
Santos, J.F.; Dias Júnior, G.S.; Bitencourt, L.L.; Lopes, N.M.; Siécola Júnior, S.; Silva, J.R.M.; Pereira, R.A.N.; Pereira, M.N.

 ·  Effect of female breeder age x egg weight interaction on the performance of meat type quails
Corrêa, A.B.; Silva, M.A.; Corrêa, G.S.S.; Santos, G.G.; Felipe, V.P.S.; Wenceslau, R.R.; Souza, G.H.; Campos, N.C.F.L.

 ·  Performance of broilers fed high electrolyte balance diets in hot climate region
Vieites, F.M.; Fraga, A.L.; Souza, C.S.; Araújo, G.M.; Vargas Júnior, J.G.; Nunes, R.V.; Corrêa, G.S.S.

 ·  Bioavailability of organic and inorganic zinc sources in sheep
Vilela, F.G.; Zanetti, M.A.; Netto, A. Saran; Freitas Junior, J.E.; Yoshikawa, C.Y.C.

 ·  Mathematical models to study the biological phosphorus flow in sheep fed increasing levels of mineral
Pardo, R.M.P.; Silva, T.S.; Silva Filho, J.C.; Moreira, J.A.; Vitti, D.M.S.S.

 ·  Dehydrated residue of brewery for finishing swine
Albuquerque, D.M.N.; Lopes, J.B.; Klein Junior, M.H.; Merval, R.R.; Silva, F.E.S.; Teixeira, M.P.F.

 ·  Physicolchemical and sensorial characteristic of traditional kefir and derivatives
Weschenfelder, S.; Pereira, G.M.; Carvalho, H.H.C.; Wiest, J.M.

 ·  Identification of Staphylococcus spp. isolated during the ripening process of a traditional minas cheese
Borelli, B.M.; Lacerda, I.C.A.; Brandão, L.R.; Vianna, C.R.; Ferreira, M.C.; Gomes, F.C.O.; Carmo, L.S.; Heneine, L.G.D.; Rosa, C.A.

 ·  Chronic proliferative synovitis of the fetlock joint in horses: case report
Lacerda Neto, J.C.; Gravena, K.; Canola, J.C.; Cattelan, J.W.

 ·  Synanthropy of dipterous parasitoids collected in cattle dung
Marchiori, C.H.

 ·  Efficacy of piperine in reducing the effects of aflatoxin intoxication in broiler chickens: a preliminary report
Cardoso, V.S.; Castro, I.S.; Lima, C.A.R.; Lima, M.E.F; Dorneles, L.E.G.; Direito, G.M.; Danelli, M.G.M.

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 ·  Cytology of the bone marrow of the first six weeks of life of Holstein cattle
Paes, P.R.O.; Veloso, L.B.; Santos, L.P.H.; Facury Filho, E.J.; Carvalho, A.U.; Carneiro, R.A.; Leme, F.O.P.; Silva, N.A.M.

 ·  Atrial septal defect in an elderly dog
Cavalcanti, G.A.O.; Tatibana, L.S.; Varaschin, M.S.; Araújo, R.B.; Val, A.P. Costa

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 ·  Myrmecological potential in mechanic vectoring of helminthes in cats rescue center
Machado, J.C.; Brugger, M.S.; Souza, J.O.T.; Lopes, J.F.S.

 ·  Rickettsial infection in Cerro Largo, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Sangioni, L.A.; Vogel, F.F.S.; Cadore, G.C.; Hilger, R.B.; Tonim, R.; Pacheco, R.C.; Ogrzewalska, M.; Labruna, M.B.

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 ·  Genotypic characterization of Escherichia coli isolated from cows with mastitis
Castro, B.G.; Souza, M.M.S.; Régua-Mangia, A.H.; Bittencourt, A.J.

 ·  Milk fatty acids profile of Holstein cows grazing tropical forages supplemented with two concentrate levels
Lopes, F.C.F.; Barros, P.A.V.; Bruschi, J.H.; Silva, P.H.F.; Peixoto, M.G.C.D.; Gomide, C.A.M.; Duque, A.C.A.; Gama, M.A.S.

 ·  Laboratorial evaluation of fibrous compounds in feeds and cattle feces under different physical environments
Gomes, D.I.; Detmann, E.; Valente, T.N.P.; Valadares Filho, S.C.; Queiroz, A.C.

 ·  Yeasts in the rumen of beef steers and goats raised on tropical pasture
Abrão, F.O.; Freitas, C.E.S.; Duarte, E.R.; Geraseev, L.C.; Barreto, S.M.P.; Medeiros, A.O.; Rosa, C.A.

 ·  Milk production and composition of Santa Inês and Lacaune x Santa Inês crossbred ewes and performance of their lambs
Ferreira, M.I.C.; Borges, I.; Macedo Junior, G.L.; Rodriguez, N.M.; Penna, C.F.A.M.; Souza, M.R.; Gomes, M.G.T.; Souza, F.A.; Cavalcanti, L.F.