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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia
On-line version ISSN 1678-4162


Table of contents
Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. vol.63 no.6 Belo Horizonte Dec. 2011

 Veterinary Medicine
 ·  Reproductive development of Gyr young bulls selected for milk production
Martins, J.A.M.; Souza, F.A.; Ferreira, M.B.D.; Gonçalves, P.E.M.; Emerick, L.L.; Dias, J.C.; Leite, T.G.; Graça, D.S.; Andrade, V.J.; Vale Filho, V.R.

 ·  Effect of ejaculate portion and conservation method on the physical characteristics of boar semen
Alkmin, D.V.; Silva Filho, J.M.; Palhares, M.S.; Siqueira, A.P.; Machado, G.S.; Silva, C.L.A.; Tarantini, T.C.

 ·  Evaluation of goat spermatozoa frozen in media based on powder coconut water media based (ACP-101®) or TRIS
Oliveira, R.V.; Nunes, J.F.; Salgueiro, C.C.M.; Cavalcante, J.M.M.; Brasil, O.O.; Moura, A.A.A.N.

 ·  Zootecnic characteristics of Nelore bulls subjected to a selection program for sexual precocity
Lima, F.P.C.; Bergmann, J.A.G.; Xavier, P.R.; Marques Jr, A.P.

 ·  Climate condition interference on ram spermatozoa integrity submitted to cryopreservation
Silva, S.V.; Soares, A.T.; Batista, A.M.; Almeida, F.C.; Guerra, M.M.P.

 ·  Intracranial variables in propofol or sevoflurane-anesthestized dogs subjected to subarachnoid administration of iohexol
Nunes, N.; Leite, A.V.; Paula, D.P.; Nishimori, C.T.D.; Souza, A.P.; Santos, P.S.P.; Guerrero, P.N. Henao; Lopes, P.C.F.

 ·  Chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction in a dog: case report
Bicalho, A.L.; Silva, A.P.C.; Paixão, T.A.; Cardoso Jr., R.B.; Santos, R.L.

 ·  Serum determination of troponin I in dogs with ST deviation by chemiluminescent
Santos, A.L.F.; Larsson, M.H.M.A.; Pereira, G.G.; Santos, M.M.; Gutierrez, V.C.R.

 ·  Ophthalmic and anesthetic evaluation of topical 1% tetracaine and 0.5% proparacaine in dogs
Parchen, H.D.; Izar, M.L.; Branco, P.S.; Lacowicz, C.; Sano, D.H.; Belo, C.E.P.; Vilani, R.G.D'O.C.

 ·  Cell proliferation markers in the transplanted canine transmissible venereal tumor
Santos, F.G.A.; Moro, L.; Cassali, G.D.; Paixão, T.A.; Campos, P.P.; Silva, S.S.; Vasconcelos, A.C.

 ·  Primary urethral fibrosarcoma in a female dog
Silva, M.M.V.; Crivelenti, L.Z.; Momo, C.; Honsho, D.K.

 ·  Bispectral index in dogs with high intracranial pressure, anesthetized with propofol and submitted to two levels of FiO2
Lopes, P.C.F.; Nunes, N.; Dias, L.G.G.G.; Pereira Neto, G.B.; Almeida, R.M.; Souza, A.L.G.; Belmonte, E.A.

 ·  Nitric oxide, GSTP-1 and p53: what's the role of these biomarkers in dog´s prostate lesions?
Croce, G.B.; Rodrigues, M.M.P.; Faleiro, M.B.R.; Moura, V.M.B.D.; Amorim, R. Laufer

 ·  Tubulopapillary carcinoma of the mammary gland in a maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus): histopathological and immunophenotypical analysis
Gamba, C.O.; Damasceno, K.A.; Ferreira, E.; Malta, M.C.C.; Cassali, G.D.

 ·  Hematological and clinical profiles of mice submitted to experimental poisoning with Tityus fasciolatus venom
Guimarães, P.T.C.; Pinto, M.C.L.; Melo, M.M.

 ·  The use of mononuclear cells from bone marrow on the treatment of experimentally induced tendinitis in horses
Oliveira, P.G.G.; Alves, A.L.G.; Carvalho, A.M.; Hussni, C.A.; Watanabe, M.J.; Amorim, R.L.; Rodrigues, M.M.P.; Mota, L.S.

 ·  Echocardiographic evaluation in rabbits: association of midazolam and ketamine
Silva, E.F.; Borboleta, L.R.; Telles, T.C.; Fonseca, V.B.; Melo, M.M.

 ·  Multiplex PCR for detection of Suid herpesvirus 1, Bovine herpesvirus 1, Bovine herpesvirus 5, Ovine herpesvirus 2
Fonseca Jr., A.A.; Costa, E.A.; Oliveira, T.S.; Sales, E.B.; Sales, M.L.; Leite, R.C.; Heneimann, M. B.; Reis, J.K.P.

 ·  Influence of diets on the rearing of predatory flies of housefly larvae
Simon, P.P.; Krüger, R.F.; Ribeiro, P.B.

 Animal Science and Technology and Inspection of Animal Products
 ·  Broiler welfare in relation to stocking density
Bonamigo, A.; Silva, C.B.S.; Molento, C.F.M.

 ·  Whole and ground corn in different feeding systems for brown laying hens
Gewehr, C.E.; Oliveira, V.; Costenaro, J.; Pagno, G.; Rosniecek, M.; Farias, D.K.

 ·  Effects of environmental temperature and age of broilers on energy value of soybean meal
Carvalho, F.B.; Sartori, J.R.; Stringhini, J. H.; Fascina, V.B.; Pereira, L.A.; Pelícia, V.C.

 ·  Levels of supplementation of choline in diets for male broilers in initial phase
Pompeu, M.A.; Lara, L.J.C.; Baião, N.C.; Ecco, R.; Cançado, S.V.; Rocha, J.S.R.; Machado, A.L.C.; Vasconcelos, R.J.C.

 ·  Supplementation in quail diet with organic minerals on performance and egg quality
Gravena, R.A.; Marques, R.H.; Picarelli, J.; Silva, J.D.T.; Roccon, J.; Hada, F.H.; Queiroz, S.A.; Moraes, V.M. B.

 ·  Electrolyte balance of diets under performance of broiler in naturals conditions of heat stress
Matos, M.B.; Ferreira, R.A.; Couto, H.P.; Savaris, V.D.L.; Soares, R.T.R.N.; Oliveira, N.T.E.

 ·  Intake and apparent digestibility of sorghum silages at different maturation stages
Machado, F.S.; Rodríguez, N.M.; Gonçalves, L.C.; Rodrigues, J.A.S.; Ribas, M.N.; Pôssas, F.P.; Guimarães Júnior, R.; Jayme, D.G.; Pereira, L.G.R.

 ·  Volatile fatty acids in rumen of cows fed different concentrate level diets
Goularte, S.R.; Ítavo, L.C.V.; Santos, G.T.; Ítavo, C.C.B.F.; Oliveira, L.C.S.; Favaro, S.P.; Dias, A.M.; Torres Junior, R.A.A.; Bittar, C.M.M.

 ·  In situ degradability of sugarcane treated or not with calcium oxide in Holstein x Gyr dairy heifers
Campos, M.M.; Borges, A.L.C.C.; Lopes, F.C.F.; Pancoti, C.G.; Silva, R. Reis e

 ·  Nutrition value of plant components and Agave sisalana by-products for ruminant nutrition
Brandão, L.G.N.; Pereira, L.G.R.; Azevêdo, J.A.G.; Santos, R.D.; Aragão, A.S.L.; Voltolini, T.V.; Neves, A.L.A.; Araújo, G.G.L.; Brandão, W.N.

 ·  Intake and productive performance of sheep fed sisal coproducts based diets
Santos, R.D.; Pereira, L.G.R.; Neves, A.L.A.; Brandão, L.G.N.; Araújo, G.G.L.; Aragão, A.S.L.; Brandão, W.N.; Souza, R.A.; Oliveira, G.F.

 ·  Phosphorus bioavailability and nitrogen apparent digestibility in diets supplemented with phytase increasing level, balanced according to the ideal protein concept
Moreira, J.A.; Berenchtein, B.; Vitti, D.M.S.S.; Patino, R. M.; Silva, T. S.; Santos, T.T.; Lopes, J.B.

 ·  Performance and nitrogen balance of finish barrows receiving restricted or ad libitum diets, with different amount of lysine
Almeida, E.C.; Zangeronimo, M.G.; Fialho, E.T.; Cantarelli, V.S.; Wolp, R.C.; Rodrigues, V.V.

 ·  Carnitine levels in feed of body performance of the gouramis (Trichogaster leeri bleeker, 1852)
Tonini, W.C.T.; Mendonça, P.P.; Polese, M.F.; Abreu, M.L.C.; Matos, D.C.; Vidal Jr., M.V.; Andrade, D.R.

 ·  Pacu fed different fiber sources: performance, corporal composition and intestinal morphometry
Fabregat, T.E.H.P.; Rodrigues, L.A.; Nascimento, T.M. Torres do; Urbinati, E.C.; Sakomura, N.K.; Fernandes, J.B.K.

 ·  Occurrence of Aeromonas sp. and psychrotrophic microorganisms and estimate the shelf life of "pintado" (Pseudoplatystoma coruscans) fillets kept under refrigeration
Lanzarin, M.; Almeida Filho, E.S.; Ritter, D.O.; Mello, C.A.; Corrêa, G.S.S.; Ignácio, C.M.S.

 ·  Detection of genes of Staphylococcus aureus, enterotoxins and methicillin resistance in milk
Dias, N.L.; Silva, D.C.B.; Oliveira, D.C.B.S.; Fonseca Junior, A.A.; Sales, M.L.; Silva, N.

 ·  Detection of cheese whey in raw milk preserved with bronopol® through high performance liquid chromatography
Lasmar, M.M.; Leite, M.O.; Fonseca, L.M.; Souza, M.R.; Cerqueira, M.M.O.P.; Penna, C.F.A.M.; Couto, C.N.B.; Ferreira, J.M.

 ·  Lactobacillus acidophilus and of direct acidification to minas frescal cheese production
Alves, C.C.C.; Gemal, N.D.H.; Cortez, M.A.S.; Franco, R.M.; Mano, S.B.

 ·  Influence of altitute on lactic acid bacteria population of minas artisanal cheese from Serra da Canastra
Resende, M.F.S.; Costa, H.H.S.; Andrade, E.H.P.; Acúrcio, L.B.; Drummond, A.F.; Cunha, A.F.; Nunes, A.C.; Moreira, J.L.S.; Penna, C.F.A.M.; Souza, M.R.

 ·  Oxiuridae helminths parasites of Iguana iguana (Squamata, Lacertilia, Iguanidae) in Brazil
Breves, P.; Porto, M.; Pissinatti, A.; Luz, D.; Menezes, R.C.

 ·  Bone marrow mononuclear cells in the treatment of complete tear of flexor tendons and suspensory ligament in the horse
Yamada, A.L.M.; Oliveira, P.G.G.; Carvalho, A.M.; Watanabe, M.J.; Hussni, C.A.; Alves, A.L.G.

 ·  Occurrence of neoplasms in canine and feline from the Metropolitan Mesoregion of Belém, PA from 2005 to 2010
Priebe, A.P.S.; Riet-Correa, G.; Paredes, L.J.A.; Costa, M.S.F.; Silva, C.D.C.; Almeida, M.B.

 ·  Clinical evaluation of experimental Salmonella Typhimurium-infection in calves
Ávila, L.G.; Silva, D.G.; Sato, R.A.; Fagliari, J.J.

 ·  Adaptation and evaluation of polymerase chain reaction for Brucella ovis detection in semen, urine and organs of rams experimentally infected
Nozaki, C.N.; Salgado, V.R.; Lira, N.S.C.; Augusto Filho, O.; Dasso, M.G.; Antunes, J.M.A.P.; Megid, J.

 ·  Antibodies against bluetongue-virus group in goats and sheep from Pernambuco state and inferences on bluetongue epidemiology under tropical conditions
Mota, I.O.; Castro, R.S.; Alencar, S.P.; Lobato, Z.I.P.; Lima Filho, C.D.F.; Silva, T.L. Araújo; Dutra, A.C.T.; Nascimento, S.A.

 ·  Diagnosis of otitis media in dogs: comparison between conventional radiography, canalography and impedance audiometry
Leite, C.A.L.; Guimarães, P.T.C.

 ·  Condemnation of bovine liver in the southern region of the State Espírito Santo, Brazil
Vieira, N.P.; Faria, P.B.; Mattos, M.R.; Pereira, A.A.