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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia
On-line version ISSN 1678-4162


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Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. vol.64 no.2 Belo Horizonte Apr. 2012

 Veterinary Medicine
 ·  Effects of cumulus cells and cysteamine during bovine oocyte in vitro maturation on meiosis progression and acquisition of developmental competence
Gottardi, F.P.; Barretto, L.S.S.; Gonçalves, F.S.; Perri, S.H.V.; Mingoti, G.Z.

 ·  Movement of cattle in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Capanema, R.O.; Haddad, J.P.A.; Felipe, P.L.S.

 ·  Comparison of lyophilization, and freezing in honey as techniques to preserve cortical bone allografts used to repair experimental femoral defects in domestic adult cats
Ferreira, M.P.; Alievi, M.M.; Beck, C.A.C.; Dal-Bó, I.S.; Gonzalez, P.C.; Nóbrega, F.S.; Silva, L.M.; Stédile, R.; Scherer, S.; Rocha, J.P.V.; Silva Filho, A.P.F.; Svierk, B.; Costa, G.

 ·  Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in herds and animals slaughtered in 2009 in the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil
Furlanetto, L.V.; Figueiredo, E.E.S.; Conte Júnior, C.A.; Silva, F.G.S.; Duarte, R.S.; Silva, J.T.; Lilenbaum, W.; Paschoalin, V.M.F.

 ·  Colostrum quality evaluation and passive immunity transfer in crossbred Holstein Zebu cattle
Silper, B.F.; Coelho, S.G.; Madeira, M.M.F.; Ruas, J.R.M.; Lana, A.M.Q.; Reis, R.B.; Saturnino, H.M.

 ·  Experimental acute myocardial infarction in dogs: clinic, enzymatic, electrocardiographic and echocardiographic studies
Cavalcanti, G.A.O.; Araújo, R.B.; Melo, E.G.; Moreira, M.C.V.; Borges, K.B.G.; Melo, M.M.; Borboleta, L.R.; Muzzi, R.A.L.

 ·  Delay of beginning to FTAI on reproductive performance during to mating season of beef lactating cows
Gottschall, C.; Bittencourt, H.R.; Mattos, R.C.; Gregory, R.M.

 ·  Plasmatic progesterone and fertility of goats submitted at estrus synchronization with Prostaglandin F2α
Siqueira, A.P.; Oliveira, R.M.P.; Silva Filho, J.M.; Palhares, M.S.; Fonseca, J.F.; Bruschi, J.H.; Bruschi, M.C.M.

 ·  Mummified papyraceous fetuses in the abdominal cavity of an elderly female dog with pyometra
Voorwald, F.A.; Tiosso, C.F.; Cardilli, D.J.; Toniollo, G.H.

 ·  Semen collection and evaluation of captive coatis (Nasua nasua)
Paz, R.C.R.; Morgado, T.O.; Viana, C.T.R.; Arruda, F.P.; Nascimento, D.O. Bezerra do; Guimarães, L.D’A.

 ·  Platelet-rich plasma in the treatment of articular chondral defects experimentally induced in horses: clinical, macroscopic, histopathological and histochemical evaluation
Yamada, A.L.M.; Carvalho, A.M.; Oliveira, P.G.G.; Felisbino, S.L.; Queiroz, D.L.; Watanabe, M.J.; Hussni, C.A.; Alves, A.L.G.

 ·  Reproductive parameters of Santa Inês ewes submitted to short-term treatment  with re-used progesterone devices
Pinna, A.E.; Brandão, F.Z.; Cavalcanti, A.S.; Borges, A.M.; Souza, J.M.G.; Fonseca, J.F.

 ·  Detection of mutations within exons 4 to 8 of the p53 tumor suppressor gene in canine mammary glands
Souza, D.M.B.; Barros, M.G.O.; Silva, J.S.C.; Silva, M.B.; Coleto, Z.F.; Jimenez, G.C.; Adrião, M.; Wischral, A.

 ·  Effects of prostaglandin administration 10 days apart on reproductive parameters of cyclic dairy nulliparous goats
Fonseca, J.F.; Maffili, V.V.; Santos, A.D.F.; Fürst, R.; Prosperi, C.P.; Rovay, H.; Souza, J.M.G.; Torres, C.A.A.

 ·  Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva-like in a cat
Crivelenti, L.Z.; Borin, S.; Brum, A.M.; Honsho, D.K.

 ·  Association of environmental variables with the leptospirosis occurrence in dogs and humans at São Paulo city
Cipullo, R.I.; Dias, R.A.

 ·  Ultrasonographic findings in the testis and epididymis of clinically healthy young hair sheep
Andrade, A.K.G.; Soares, A.T.; Cartaxo, F.Q.; Peña-Alfaro, C.E.; Guerra, M.M. P.

 Animal Science and Technology and Inspection of Animal Products
 ·  Performance of European quails from different classes of breeder age and egg weight categories
Corrêa, A.B.; Silva, M.A.; Corrêa, G.S.S.; Santos, G.G.; Wenceslau, R.R.; Felipe, V.P.S.

 ·  Quality of broiler meat of the free-range type submitted to diets containing alternative feedstuffs
Faria, P.B.; Vieira, J.O.; Souza, X.R.; Rocha, M.F.M.; Pereira, A.A.

 ·  Intake and apparent digestibility in sheep fed elephant grass silage inoculated with Streptococcus bovis
Ferreira, D.J.; Lana, R.P.; Zanine, A.M.; Santos, E.M.; Mantovani, H.C.; Souza, A.L.; Câmara, L.R.A.

 ·  Characteristics of forage intake of lambs at phenological stages of Italian ryegrass pasture
Camargo, D.G.; Rocha, M.G.; Silva, J.H.S.; Glienke, C.L.; Confortin, A.C.C.; Machado, J. M.

 ·  Use of artificial neural networks in breeding values prediction for weight at 205 days in Tabapuã beef cattle
Ventura, R.V.; Silva, M.A.; Medeiros, T.H.; Dionello, N.L.; Madalena, F.E.; Fridrich, A.B.; Valente, B.D.; Santos, G.G.; Freitas, L.S.; Wenceslau, R.R.; Felipe, V.P.S.; Corrêa, G.S.S.

 ·  Effect of inbreeding on morfhometric traits in Mangalarga Marchador horses
Gonçalves, R.W.; Costa, M.D.; Rezende, A.S.C.; Rocha Júnior, V.R.; Leite, J.R.A.

 ·  Influence of fish oil in the concentration of conjugated linoleic acid and omega 6 and 3 in buffalo milk
Patiño, E.M.; Judis, M.A.; Negrette, M. Sanchez; Pochon, D.O.; Cedres, J.F.; Rebak, G.; Romero, A.M.; Doval, M.M.; Crudeli, G.A.

 ·  Phisiologial responses and growth performance of immune challenged piglets  supplemented with B-glucans
Ledur, V.S.; Ribeiro, A.M.L.; Kessler, A.M.; Gianfelici, M.F.; Vieira, M.M.; Grandi, J.; Machinsky, T.G.

 ·  Variance component estimates for weight and visual scores of slaughter conformation in Nellore cattle
Wenceslau, R.R.; Felipe, V.P.S.; Valente, B.D.; Rosa, A. N.; Nobre, P.R.C.; Martin Nieto, L.; Silva, M.A.

 ·  Effect of different concentrations of protein on the digestive system of juvenile silver catfish
Melo, J.F.B.; Lundstedt, L.M.; Moraes, G.; Inoue, L.A.K.A.

 ·  Trust and added value on meat with geographic indication
Brandão, F.S.; Ceolin, A.C.; Canozzi, M.E.A.; Révillion, J.P.P.; Barcellos, J.O.J.

 ·  Staphylococcus aureus FRI S-6 viability and its SEB production in cheese produced with  Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactococcus lactis
Seridan, B.; Souza, M.R.; Nicoli, J.R.; Carmo, L.S.; Menezes, L.D.M.; Oliveira, D.L.S.; Andrade, E.H.P.

 ·  Annual evolution of raw milk quality processed in a dairy industry of Minas Gerais state, Brazil
Paiva, C.A.V.; Cerqueira, M.M.O.P.; Souza, M.R.S.; Lana, A.M.Q.

Quality meat in chicken country slaughter different ages
Souza, X.R.; Faria, P.B.; Bressan, M.C.

 ·  Streptococcus suis serotypes identified from meningitis cases in pigs in Parana, Brazil
Rocha, D.L.; Santos, L.F.; Santos, D.L.; Costa, W.M.T.; Santos, J.L.

 ·  Ultrasound measurements of the mammary gland of transgenic hormone-induced lactating goat
Melo, C.H.S.; Sousa, F.C.; Teles Filho, A.C.A.; Moura, R.R.; Albuquerque, E.S.; Pereira, A.F.; Melo, L.M.; Freitas, V.J.F.; Teixeira, D.I.A.

 ·  Lactation stage and udder health status of Santa Ines ewes
Blagitz, M.G.; Benites, N.R.; Melville, P.A.; Batista, C.F.; Betiol, P.S.; Azedo, M.R.; Gomes, V.; Souza, F.N.; Della Libera, A.M.M.P.

 ·  Effects of semicarbazide on skeleton of growing Wistar rats
Ramos, A.; Pereira, A.; Cabrita, A.S.; Capela e Silva, F.

 ·  Histological characteristics of the corpus luteum of Nelore cows in the first, second and third trimester of pregnancy
Xavier, P.R.; Leão, R.A.C.; Oliveira e Silva, P.V.D.; Marques Júnior, A.P.

 ·  Erythrogram of hybrids surubins (Pseudoplatystoma coruscans X P. reticulatum) kept at different stocking densities
Labarrère, C.R.; Faria, P.M.C.; Teixeira, E.A.; Melo, M.M.

 ·  Spawning failure in Brycon amazonicus may be associated with ovulation and not with final oocyte maturation
Hainfellner, P.; De Souza, T.G.; Muñoz, M.E.; Freitas, G. A.; Batlouni, S.R.

 ·  Honey Bees of Santa Catarina, Brazil, have only African mitochondrial DNA
Lopes-da-Silva, M.; Dalbó, M.A.; Schfaschek, T.P.; Arioli, C.J.; Stefaniak, L.C.

 ·  Seasonality as an interfering factor on the chemical composition and microbiological quality of colonial cheeses
Oliveira, D.F.; Bravo, C.E.C.; Tonial, I.B.