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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
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Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.15 n.2 Rio de Janeiro Apr./June 1999

 ·  Institutionalizing the evaluation of health programs and policies in France: cuisine internationale over fast food and sur mesure over ready-made
Hartz, Zulmira M. A.

 ·  Debate on the paper by Zulmira M. A. Hartz
Travassos, Claudia

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 ·  The field of evaluation and the "sur mesure" strategy
Silva, Ligia Maria Vieira da

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 ·  Evaluation: the French chefs are still searching for "la nouvelle cuisine"
Pouvourville, Gérard de

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 ·  Debate on the paper by Zulmira M. A. Hartz
Novaes, H. Maria Dutilh

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 ·  Debate on the paper by Zulmira M. A. Hartz
Yunes, João

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 ·  Is the institutionalization of evaluation sufficient to guarantee its practice?
Contandriopoulos, André-Pierre

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 ·  Evaluation: from soliloquy to dialogue
Campos, Gastão Wagner de Sousa

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 ·  The author replies
Hartz, Zulmira

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 ·  Social inequalities and health in rural Chiapas, Mexico: agricultural economy, nutrition, and child health in La Fraylesca Region
Ochoa-Díaz López, Héctor; Sánchez-Pérez, Héctor Javier; Ruíz-Flores, Magdiel; Fuller, Michael

 ·  The concept of space in epidemiological research
Costa, Maria da Conceição Nascimento; Teixeira, Maria da Glória Lima Cruz

 ·  Variation of anopheles density with deltamethrin-impregnated mosquito nets in an endemic malaria area of the Brazilian Amazon
Santos, João Barberino; Santos, Fátima dos; Macêdo, Vanize

 ·  Public sector and social and health policy reforms: An inventory on the eve of the new millennium
Gerschman, Silvia

 ·  Arquivos Brasileiros de Nutrição: a review of scientific research on nutrition in Brazil from 1944 to 1968
Vasconcelos, Francisco de Assis Guedes de

 ·  Evaluation of under-reporting of AIDS cases in the city of Rio de Janeiro based on data from the Hospital Information System of the Unified Health System
Ferreira, Vanja Maria Bessa; Portela, Margareth Crisóstomo

 ·  Mercury levels in fish consumed by the Sai Cinza indigenous community, Munduruku Reservation, Jacareacanga County, State of Pará, Brazil
Brabo, Edilson da Silva; Santos, Elisabeth de Oliveira; Jesus, Iracina Maura de; Mascarenhas, Artur Fernando; Faial, Kleber Freitas

 ·  Waist: hips girth ratio as a predictor of arterial hypertension
Pereira, Rosângela Alves; Sichieri, Rosely; Marins, Vânia M. R.

 ·  "User embracement" and the working process in health: Betim's case, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Franco, Túlio Batista; Bueno, Wanderlei Silva; Merhy, Emerson Elias

 ·  Evaluation of Orientation and Serological Support (Anonymous HIV Testing) Centers in the Brazilian Northeast
Minayo, Maria Cecília de S.; Souza, Edinilsa R. de; Assis, Simone G. de; Cruz Neto, Otávio; Deslandes, Suely F.; Silva, Cosme M. F. P. da

 ·  Women with AIDS: disclosing risk stories
Vermelho, Leticia Legay; Barbosa, Regina Helena Simões; Nogueira, Susie Andries

 ·  Working conditions of Chagas' disease patients in a large Brazilian city
Guariento, Maria Elena; Camilo, Maria Virgínia Fernandes; Camargo, Ana Maria Arruda

 ·  Certificates of live birth: analysis of completion in the city of Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil
Mishima, Flávia Cristiane; Scochi, Carmen Gracinda Silvan; Ferro, Maria Alice Rossato; Lima, Regina Aparecida Garcia de; Costa, Isabel Aparecida Ribeiro

 ·  Maternal mortality in the city of Rio de Janeiro, 1993-1996
Theme-Filha, Mariza Miranda; Silva, Rosanna Iozzi da; Noronha, Claudio P.

 ·  Canine heartworm on São Luís Island, Northeastern Brazil: a potential zoonosis
Ahid, Silvia Maria Mendes; Lourenço-de-Oliveira, Ricardo; Saraiva, Lauro Queiroz

 ·  Anemia and intestinal parasitic infections in primary school students in Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil
Tsuyuoka, Reiko; Bailey, J. Wendy; Guimarães, Alzira M. d'Avila Nery; Gurgel, Ricardo Q.; Cuevas, Luis E.

 ·  Public health and behavior modification: a contemporary issue
Chor, Dóra

 ·  Cholera epidemiology in Southern Brazil
Passos, Afonso Dinis Costa