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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
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Triatomines and their control in Brazil: prospects and challenges

Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.16  suppl.2 Rio de Janeiro  2000

 ·  Chagas disease in Brazil
Vinhaes, Márcio C.; Dias, João Carlos Pinto

 ·  General situation and perspectives of Chagas disease in Northeastern Region, Brazil
Dias, João Carlos Pinto; Machado, Evandro M. M.; Fernandes, Antônia Lins; Vinhaes, Márcio C.

 ·  Current situation with Chagas disease vector control in the Americas
Silveira, Antonio Carlos

 ·  Epidemiological surveillance of Chagas disease
Dias, João Carlos Pinto

 ·  Operational aspects of Triatoma brasiliensis control
Diotaiuti, Liléia; Faria Filho, Osvaldo F.; Carneiro, Francisco C. F.; Dias, João Carlos Pinto; Pires, Herton Helder R.; Schofield, Christopher J.

 ·  Microclimatic properties of the Triatoma brasiliensis habitat
Lorenzo, Marcelo G.; Guarneri, Alessandra A.; Pires, Herton H. R.; Diotaiuti, Liléia; Lazzari, Cláudio R.

 ·  Peridomiciliary changes and implications for Triatoma brasiliensis control
Oliveira-Lima, José Wellington; Faria Filho, Osvaldo F.; Vieira, João Batista Furtado; Gadelha, Francisco Vieira; Oliveira Filho, Alfredo M.

 ·  Chromosome homogeneity in populations of Triatoma brasiliensis Neiva 1911 (Hemiptera - Reduviidae - Triatominae)
Panzera, Francisco; Pérez, Ruben; Nicolini, Paula; Hornos, Sonia; Costa, Jane; Borges, Érika; Diotaiuti, Liléia; Schofield, Christopher J.

 Research Notes
 ·  Biosystematics and evolution of the Triatominae
Schofield, Christopher J.

 ·  Distribution and characterization of different populations of Triatoma brasiliensis Neiva, 1911 (Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae)
Costa, Jane

 ·  Use of Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) in the populational study of Triatoma brasiliensis Neiva, 1911
Borges, Érika C.; Romanha, Alvaro J.; Diotaiuti, Liléia

 ·  Biological potential of Triatoma brasiliensis
Guarneri, Alessandra A.; Carvalho, Maria das Graças; Pereira, Marcos Horácio; Diotaiuti, Liléia

 ·  Focal and total residual insecticide spraying to control Triatoma brasiliensis and Triatoma pseudomaculata in Northeast Brazil
Oliveira Filho, Alfredo M.; Melo, Marli T. V.; Santos, Celso E.; Faria Filho, Oswaldo F.; Carneiro, Francisco C. F.; Oliveira-Lima, José Wellington; Vieira, João Batista Furtado; Gadelha, Francisco Vieira; Ishihata, Jorge

 ·  Epidemiological surveillance in the Chagas disease control program in Minas Gerais State, Brazil (1984-1998)
Moreno, Elizabeth Castro; Baracho, Lúcia

 ·  Health system, decentralization, and the control of vector-borne diseases
Schmunis, Gabriel A.; Dias, João Carlos Pinto