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Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa
versión On-line ISSN 1806-3446


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Psic.: Teor. e Pesq. v.24 n.2 Brasília abr./jun. 2008

 ·  Os colaboradores em um artigo científico
Conceição, Maria Inês Gandolfo

First child pregnancy: sex roles, marital and emotional adjustment
Hernandez, José Augusto Evangelho; Hutz, Cláudio Simon

Body dissatisfaction and physical activity in adolescents from Florianópolis continental region
Adami, Fernando; Frainer, Deivis Elton Schlikmann; Santos, João Severo; Fernandes, Tony Charles; De-Oliveira, Fernando Roberto

Drug addiction and infractional acts in the adolescent's voice in conflict with law
Pereira, Sandra Eni Fernandes Nunes; Sudbrack, Maria Fátima Olivier

The forensic psychosocial study as a subsidy for the juridical decision in the situation of sexual abuse
Granjeiro, Ivonete Araújo Carvalho Lima; Costa, Liana Fortunato

(In)Subordinated women: feminine empowerment and its repercussions on marital violence occurrences
Cortez, Mirian Béccheri; Souza, Lídio de

The formation of ethical personalities: self representations and moral
Tognetta, Luciene Regina Paulino; La Taille, Yves de

The assessment of the familial dynamic and the depressive familial position: contributions of projective methods
Roman, Pascal

The process of space appropriation and subjectivity production
Jerônimo, Rosa Nadir Teixeira; Gonçalves, Teresinha Maria

Theoretical basis of subjective well-being, psychological well-being and well-being at work
Siqueira, Mirlene Maria Matias; Padovam, Valquiria Aparecida Rossi

The participation of elderly women in third age universities: reasons that lead people and changes that took place
Irigaray, Tatiana Quarti; Schneider, Rodolfo Herberto

Human movement from a psychosomatic perspective: Judith Kestenberg's studies
Turtelli, Larissa Sato; Tavares, Maria da Consolação Gomes Cunha Fernandes

Movement analysis in umbanda rituals
Barbosa, Marielle Kellermann; Bairrão, José Francisco Miguel Henriques

Discourse(s) analysis: different conceptions in research practices of social psychology
Nogueira, Conceição

Articulating the concepts of "Themata" and of "Topic Ground": toward a pragmatic approach of language
Lima, Laura Camara

The object statute in lacanian psychoanalysis: a comparison with science object
Lustoza, Rosane Zétola

The type of reinforcer as a modulating variable of history in humans effects
Costa, Carlos Eduardo; Banaco, Roberto Alves; Longarezi, Denise M.; Martins, Everton V.; Maciel, Evelise M.; Sudo, Camila H.

News: I International Seminary about Adolescents, Clinic and Culture
Penso, Maria Aparecida