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Educação em Revista
Print version ISSN 0102-4698


Table of contents
Educ. rev.  no.45 Belo Horizonte June 2007

Mortimer, Eduardo Fleury; Oliveira, Bernando Jefferson de; Paraíso, Marlucy Alves

 ·  Discussion as a tool for the process of socialization and for the construction of thought
Parrat-Dayan, Silvia

 ·  School effects and educational stratification: the impact of class composition based on student ability level
Alves, Maria Teresa Gonzaga; Soares, José Francisco

 ·  The change in the model of formation of teaching engineering
Silva, Leandro Palis; Cecílio, Sálua

 ·  Rural Normal School and his student printing
Werle, Flávia Obino Corrêa; Britto, Lenir Marina Trindade de Sá; Nienov, Gisele

 File: The curriculum's field nowadays: debates in scene
 ·  Apresentação
Moreira, Antonio Flavio Barbosa

 ·  From history of disciplines to learning world: interview with Ivor Goodson

 ·  A research about the history of the General Sciences as a school subject in the Colégio Pedro II: 1960-1970
Ferreira, Marcia Serra

 ·  Curriculum and History teacher's formation: an allegory
Martins, Maria do Carmo

 ·  Truth and truthfulness in the sociology educational knowledge
Young, Michael; Muller, Johan

 ·  Curricular Studies: from the theories to the school project
Pacheco, José Augusto; Pereira, Nancy

 ·  Criticism and possibilities of education and school in the present: lessons of Theodor Adorno for the curriculum
Vilela, Rita Amelia Teixeira

 ·  The two faces of the coin: heterotopies and curricular emplazamientos
Veiga-Neto, Alfredo

 ·  The importance of school knowledge for alternative curricular proposals
Moreira, Antonio Flavio Barbosa

 ·  Curriculum in hard times
Santos, Lucíola Licinio

 Free Speech
 ·  Políptico
Tadeu, Tomaz

 Book Review
 ·  Considerações sobre uma Esquerda em processo
Melo, Marcelo Paula de

 ·  O desafio de construir novos significados para a pesquisa educacional
Silva, Maria Carolina da