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Educação em Revista
On-line version ISSN 1982-6621


Table of contents
Educ. rev. vol.25 no.3 Belo Horizonte Dec. 2009

 Mortimer, Eduardo Fleury; Marinho, Marildes; Paraíso, Marlucy Alves
 Homage to Nilton Bueno Fischer
 Fischer, Rosa Maria Bueno
 ·  The culture of performativity and the evaluation of Post Graduation Studies in Brazil
Moreira, Antonio Flávio

 ·  Adolescence and aesthetic identities in daily life
Vitelli, Celso

 ·  Navigating without reading, reading without navigating and other combinations of readers abilities
Ribeiro, Ana Elisa

 ·  Maps drawing by 8-year-old children: interactions and logical-space learning
Albernaz, Jussara Martins

 ·  Exploring and building a concept of democratic school management
Souza, Ângelo Ricardo de

 ·  Tendências da pesquisa em Educação Ambiental
Kawasaki, Clarice Sumi; Carvalho, Luiz Marcelo de

 ·  In response to "It's just not good enough! ": thougths on canadian work within expanding contexts of environmental education resarch
Hart, Paul

 ·  Research in Environmental Education in Latin America: mapping trends
González-Gaudiano, Edgar; Lorenzetti, Leonir

 ·  Mapping trends in academic production on Environmental Education
Pato, Claudia; Sá, Lais Mourão; Catalão, Vera Lessa

 ·  Trends in scientific productions put forward in Research Meetings about Environmental Education (EPEA)
Rink, Juliana; Megid Neto, Jorge

 ·  Individuation, perception, environment: Merleau-Ponty and Gilbert Simondon
Marin, Andréia A.; Lima, André Pietsch

 ·  Dialogue perspectives in Environmental Education: contributions of Milton Santos, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Paulo Freire
Pitano, Sandro de Castro; Noal, Rosa Elena

 ·  Environmental crisis and the role of Education: a study based upon the marxian ontology
Jimenez, Susana; Terceiro, Emanoela

 ·  Education, environmental and culture: alchemical of knowledge in the control society
Godoy, Ana; Avelino, Nildo

 ·  Environmental Education: weaving trails, writing territories
Sampaio, Shaula Maíra Vicentini de; Guimarães, Leandro Belinaso

 ·  The art of meeting: the Aesthetic Environmental Education acting with the Theater of the Oppressed
Silveira, Eduardo

 ·  Environmental Education within schools: revealing teachers' experiences and perspectives
Mendes, Regina; Vaz, Arnaldo

 Free Speech
 ·  Discurso Eliane Marta Teixeira Lopes