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Educação em Revista
On-line version ISSN 1982-6621


Table of contents
Educ. rev. vol.28 no.1 Belo Horizonte Mar. 2012

 ·  Secondary school teaching and its professional regulation (1931-1946)
Dias, Amália

 ·  From fear to delight: the daily school life in Brazilian literature
Rocha, Heloísa Helena Pimenta; Pinto Neto, Pedro da Cunha

 ·  The symbolic place of the child in Brazil: a stolen childhood?
Gurski, Roselene

 ·  The internalization of childhood welfare along the first republic in Brazil: from São Paulo to Ribeirão Preto
Fonseca, Sérgio C.

 ·  Beyond the mud and the waste: schooling movements in San Pedro, Victoria/ES (1977-2007)
Nunes, Kezia Rodrigues; Ferreira Neto, Amarílio

 ·  Reflections on Machiavelli's influence in education and in the formation of the Modern State
Oliveira, Terezinha; Rubim, Sandra Regina Franchi

 ·  Psychology and the "Reading and Writing" Program: teaching training in school
Sawaya, Sandra Maria

 ·  The writing of diaries in teacher education
Souza, Ana Paula Gestoso de; Carneiro, Reginaldo Fernando; Perez, Silvia Maria; Oliveira, Evaldo Ribeiro; Reali, Aline Maria de Medeiros Rodrigues; Oliveira, Rosa Maria Moraes Anunciato de

 ·  The teacher knowledge base concerning Technological and Vocational Education (TVE): an exploration into the teacher's viewpoints
Gariglio, José Ângelo; Burnier, Suzana

 ·  Ability, giftedness, talent, skills: a probe into the way these concepts are conceived, in teacher's minds
Guenther, Zenita Cunha; Rondini, Carina Alexandra

 ·  Environmental education in protected areas: public policies and educative practice
Valenti, Mayla Willik; Oliveira, Haydée Torres de; Dodonov, Pavel; Silva, Maura Machado

 ·  Performance and education: relations, meanings and investigation's contexts
Pereira, Marcelo de Andrade

 ·  Common basic contents: teaching art in public schools in Belo Horizonte/MG
Bessa, Pedro Pires; Mendes, Vanderlei

 ·  The role of interpersonal networks in the internationalization of higher education institutions
Duarte, Roberto Gonzalez; Castro, José Márcio de; Cruz, Ana Luiza Albuquerque; Miura, Irene K.

 ·  An interdisciplinary approach in schools: elements for creating a Zone of Development in Proximity, as a symbolic space
Frade, Cristina; Meira, Luciano

 ·  Youth, multiple connectivities and new temporalities
Schwertner, Suzana Feldens; Fischer, Rosa Maria Bueno

 ·  Socializing practices in low-income families and the schooling longevity of their children
Viana, Maria José Braga

 ·  Inattention as an echo of one's passion for ‘the real'
Rodrigues, Luciana Azevedo; Farias, Márcio Norberto

 ·  Rural education: conflicts between the Peasant Movement and the State
Ribeiro, Marlene

 ·  State school managers in Minas Gerais: factors relating to job satisfaction
Santana, Luiza Lúcia e Silva; Cunha, Nina Rosa da Silveira; Ferreira, Marco Aurélio Marques; Moura, Luiz Rodrigo Cunha; Oliveira, Adriel Rodrigues de

 ·  Apontamentos: the journal that does not exist
Balinhas, Vera Lúcia Gainssa; Veiga Júnior, Álvaro; Cunha, Álvaro Luís Ávila da