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Psicologia & Sociedade
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Práticas Avaliativas e Produção de Conhecimento

Table of contents
Psicol. Soc. vol.16 no.1 Porto Alegre  2004

Maraschin, Cleci

Editorial do número especial
Barros, Maria Elizabeth Barros de

Knowledge production, merchantilist practices and new ways of subjectivation
Rocha, Marisa Lopes da; Rocha, Décio

Evaluation in an inclusive perspective: building together with teachers
Jesus, Denise Meyrelles de

Thinking: what is it destined for? Differenent times of a reflection upon the announced death of educators
Arantes, Esther Maria de Magalhães; Lobo, Lília Ferreira; Fonseca, Tânia M. Galli

Researcher facing post-graduation evaluation: under discussion, new ways of subjectivation
Axt, Margarete

Tension or opposition between science and politics in the postgraduate? A false problem?
Coimbra, Cecília Maria

To research and to intervene
Maraschin, Cleci

Some episthemological and ethical questions in psychology: avaliation under discussion
Molon, Susana Inês

From evaluation of education to education of evaluation: the educator´s role in the universitary evaluation process
Simões, Regina Helena Silva

Creator activity, knowledge production and researcher's training: some reflections
Zanella, Andréa Vieira

The ethical challenge of writing
Machado, Leila Domingues

Sexual and reproductive rights: some considerations to assist the thinking about the role of psychology and its theorethical production about adolescence
Toneli, Maria Juracy Filgueiras