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Psicologia & Sociedade
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Table of contents
Psicol. Soc. vol.19 no.3 Porto Alegre Sept./Dec. 2007

Maraschin, Cleci

On social psychology in Brazil, among historical and personal memories
Sá, Celso Pereira de

Subjectivity as the object of psychology(ies)
Prado Filho, Kleber; Martins, Simone

A tense obscurity: inquiring the psychosocial approach of subjectivity
Leache, Patricia Amigot

Constructionism, discursive practices and possibilities of research in social psychology
Méllo, Ricardo Pimentel; Silva, Alyne Alvarez; Lima, Maria Lúcia Chaves; Di Paolo, Angela Flexa

Images as a methodological research strategy: photocomposition and other possible approaches
Maurente, Vanessa; Tittoni, Jaqueline

When community guides action: until an alternative community evaluation
Laperrière, Hélène; Zúñiga, Ricardo

Inhabiting the city: analysis of therapeutic home services
Moreira, Maria Inês Badaró; Andrade, Ângela Nobre de

Interculturality: for a genealogy of discrimination
Rodrigues, Maria Beatriz

Gender and superheroes: the masculine body traced by the norm
Beiras, Adriano; Lodetti, Alex; Cabral, Arthur Grimm; Toneli, Maria Juracy Filgueiras; Raimundo, Pablo

Inventing the opposing-spring that resists: a study on the spirit of militancy in contemporaneity
Vinadé, Thaiani Farias; Guareschi, Pedrinho Arcides

About the pertinence of cultural categories on the elaboration of Representations of New Social Movements
Castro, Manuel Cárdenas; López, Roberto Rodríguez

Medicalization as a biopolitical strategy: a study about the consuming of psychoactive prescribed drugs in a small town in state of Rio Grande do Sul
Ignácio, Vivian Tatiana Galvão; Nardi, Henrique Caetano

Trivialization of lies in contemporary society and their internalization as psychic destruction
Caniato, Angela

Cell phones: a "God-given gift" for mothers of youngsters
Nicolaci-da-Costa, Ana Maria

Self report of negative acts bullying in work situations among bank employees: a photography
Maciel, Regina Heloisa; Cavalcante, Rosemary; Matos, Teresa Glaucia Rocha; Rodrigues, Suzineide