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Psicologia & Sociedade
On-line version ISSN 1807-0310


Table of contents
Psicol. Soc. vol.19 no.spe Porto Alegre  2007

Maraschin, Cleci

Editorial da Edição Especial 1
Coutinho, Maria Chalfin; Tolfo, Suzana da Rosa

Human beings, work and utopias
Luna, Iúri Novaes

Dilemmas of work in contemporary capitalism
Navarro, Vera Lucia; Padilha, Valquíria

Transformations of the industrial standard, "new" work and new temporality
Aquino, Cássio Adriano Braz de

Identity and work in contemporaneousness: re-thinking the possible articulations
Coutinho, Maria Chalfin; Krawulski, Edite; Soares, Dulce Helena Penna

Senses and meanings of work: exploring Brazilian concepts, variables and empirical studies
Tolfo, Suzana da Rosa; Piccinini, Valmíria

Work and it's meanings
Morin, Estelle; Tonelli, Maria José; Pliopas, Ana Luisa Vieira

Implications of layoff programs for ex-workers of state companies
Tolfo, Suzana da Rosa; Coutinho, Maria Chalfin

Professional project: career resinzing in times of privatization
Soares, Dulce Helena Penna; Sestren, Gisele

The senses of labor cooperativism: manpower cooperatives from the standpoint of the worker's living experience
Oliveira, Fábio de

About cooperation and cooperativism in rural settlements
Scopinho, Rosemeire Aparecida

Day-to-day organization process of work at the open street market
Sato, Leny

From the relationship between work and health to the relationship between work and mental health
Borsoi, Izabel Cristina Ferreira

The causal nexus on mental health/illness related to work: a new demand for psychology
Jacques, Maria da Graça