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Psicologia & Sociedade
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Table of contents
Psicol. Soc. vol.22 no.2 Florianópolis May/Aug. 2010

Zanella, Andréa Vieira

The fetish of the autonomous self: responsible consumption, excess and redemption as a commodity
Fontenelle, Isleide Arruda

Anguish and decline representation: a psychoanalytic analysis of the slight ailment in contemporaneity
Costa, Domingos Barroso da; Moreira, Jacqueline de Oliveira

Complice subjectivities and the psychic and social suffering in contemporary
Caniato, Angela Maria Pires; Cesnick, Claudia Cotrim; Araújo, Juliana da Silva

The market solidarity and its subjects in the capitalist consumption: an analysis of the neoliberal discourse on ads in Chile
Román Brugnoli, José Antonio; Energici Sprovera, María Alejandra

Dialectic and contradictions of social identity construction
Furtado, Odair

Social movements and production of subjectivity: the MST in perspective
Leite, Jáder Ferreira; Dimenstein, Magda

Youth social memories among quilombolas from the north of Espírito Santo
Valentim, Renata; Trindade, Zeidi Araújo; Menandro, Maria Cristina Smith

History, memory and narrative: the disclosure of "who are you?" in the oral story-telling of the inhabitants of Córrego dos Januários
Gusmão, Denise Sampaio; Jobim e Souza, Solange

House: a poetic of the third skin
Felippe, Maíra Longhinotti

Body representations in a popular business magazine
Eccel, Cláudia Sirangelo; Grisci, Carmem Lígia Iochins; Tonon, Leonardo

The cancer patient: an approach to social representation
Llinares Insa, Lucía; Benedito Monleón, Maria Amparo; Piqueras Espallargas, Ángela

When the silence is broken: the process of disclosure and reporting of child sexual abuse
Santos, Samara Silva dos; Dell'Aglio, Débora Dalbosco

Foster care in Portugal: concepts, practices and challenges
Delgado, Paulo

(No)work and masculinity produced in family contexts of middle class
Tagliamento, Grazielle; Toneli, Maria Juracy F.

Relationships in the school and the construction of autonomy: a study from the perspective of psychology
Petroni, Ana Paula; Souza, Vera Lucia Trevisan de

Profile of adolescents deprived of freedom in Santa Maria/RS
Zappe, Jana Gonçalves; Ramos, Nara Vieira

Analyzing social representations with grammatical elements: composing representations about music
Scardua, Anderson; Souza Filho, Edson Alves de

Michel Foucault's conceptual toolbox, psychiatric reform and contemporary challenges
Sander, Jardel

The moral autorithy of the ethics committee
Silveira, Ronie Alexsandro Teles da; Hüning, Simone Maria

An analysis of the psy expert assemblage in the penal field
López Gallego, Laura

The power and its faces
Máximo, Thaís Augusta; Araújo, Anísio José da Silva; Silva, Ana Cristina Serafim da

For a social psychology antiracist: contributions of Frantz Fanon
Kawahala, Edelu; Soler, Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar y