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Psicologia & Sociedade
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Table of contents
Psicol. Soc. vol.23 no.3 Florianópolis Sept./Dec. 2011

Maheirie, Kátia; Zanella, Andréa V.; Toneli, Maria Juracy F.

Cartography and genealogy: possible approximations for research in social psychology
Zambenedetti, Gustavo; Silva, Rosane Azevedo Neves da

An archeological analysys of the social psychology
Prado Filho, Kleber

The concept of enlightenment in Horkheimer, Adorno and Freud: notes for a debate
Souza, Mauricio Rodrigues de

The human being in the singular man: the historical-cultural approach
Moretti, Vanessa Dias; Asbahr, Flávia da Silva Ferreira; Rigon, Algacir José

Cognitive politics on community psychology: half-way between recognition and invention
Rocha, Tatiana Gomes da; Pinheiro, Francisco Pablo Huascar Aragão

To love violently: from essentialist approaches to love as a performance
Dias, Ana Rita Conde; Machado, Carla

Child care in the relationship between adults and children on the outskirts of salvador
Bustamante, Vania; McCallum, Cecilia

Violence in relationships according to young residents of Recife, Brazil
Nascimento, Fernanda Sardelich; Cordeiro, Rosineide de Lourdes Meira

A look on the families of young people under socio-educational measures
Dias, Ana Cristina Garcia; Arpini, Dorian Mônica; Simon, Bibiana Rosa

Traffic of drugs: an option among limitted choices
Faria, Ana Amélia Cypreste; Barros, Vanessa de Andrade

Therapeutic residences and community: the construction of new anti-asylum practices
Moreira, Maria Inês Badaró; Castro-Silva, Carlos Roberto de

Young talent, the internet and the labour market of the "creative economy"
Nicolaci-da-Costa, Ana Maria

Personal dilemmas in the banking immaterial labour
Grisci, Carmem Lígia Iochins; Scalco, Priscila Daniel; Kruter, Gabriela Elnecave

Collective public transportation: discussing accessibility, mobility and quality of life
Araújo, Marley Rosana Melo de; Oliveira, Jonathan Melo de; Jesus, Maísa Santos de; Sá, Nelma Rezende de; Santos, Párbata Araújo Côrtes dos; Lima, Thiago Cavalcante

Japanese pop culture and social identity: the cosplayers from Vitória (ES)
Coelho Junior, Leconte de Lisle; Gonçalves, Gabriela Maria Ramos

Perceptions of the psychic suffering in the work of Patativa of Assaré
Carneiro, Henrique Figueiredo; Martins, Jose Clerton de Oliveira; Rocha, Henrique Pereira

Organization and operating of a shelter of social solidarity
Magalhaes, Maria Jose; Morais, Carminda; Castro, Yolanda Rodríguez

Sex and pregnancy: health professionals' ideas
López, José Salvador Sapién; Basulto, Diana Isela Córdoba

Corporeity and social representations: acting and thinking about teaching
Silva, Ariane Franco Lopes da

Memories of place: the tourism on the island of campeche
Ros, José Pedro Da; Cruz, Walter Firmo de Oliveira

Terrirories in common in public policy: psychology and social assistance
Bastos, Christina Pinto da Silva; Rocha, Marisa Lopes da