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Psicologia & Sociedade
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Table of contents
Psicol. Soc. vol.23 no.spe Florianópolis  2011


Social psychology contributions to the collective health psychologist
Zurba, Magda do Canto

Performance psychologist, SUAS/CRAS and Social Community Psychology: articulations possible
Silva, Janaína Vilares da; Corgozinho, Juliana Pinto

The body and its limits: between the biological technicism and the aesthetic narrative
Pinheiro, Clara Virgínia de Queiroz; Queiroz, Cristiane Holanda

Somatic culture, neurosciences and contemporary subjectivity
Zorzanelli, Rafaela; Ortega, Francisco

Words and pills: on today's malaise medicamentation
Rosa, Barbara Paraiso Garcia Duarte da; Winograd, Monah

Unfair inequalities: the health care counter right
Fleury, Sonia

Violence and power in the psychiatric discourse: from systematic exclusion to normative subjetivations
Malamut, Bernardo Salles; Modena, Celina Maria; Passos, Izabel C. Friche

Interpretative repertoires in the controversy on the legalization of abortion of anencephalic fetuses
Ribeiro, Flávia Regina Guedes; Spink, Mary Jane Paris

Psychology and Public Policy in HIV/AIDS: some reflections
Perucchi, Juliana; Rodrigues, Fernanda Deotti; Jardim, Laíse Navarro; Calais, Lara Brum de

Interactive narratives in the investigation into the collective imaginary of obstetric nurses about infant care
Granato, Tania Mara Marques; Tachibana, Miriam; Aiello-Vaisberg, Tânia Maria José

Institutional daily of Kangaroo Mother Care in the health worker's point of view
Veras, Renata Meira; Traverso-Yépez, Martha Azucena

Reflections on the social and the individual on the experience of cancer
Mori, Valéria D.; Rey, Fernando L. González

Clinical practice of 'PSY' professionals on Psychosocial Attention centers of Mental Health in Vale do Rio dos Sinos
Paulon, Simone Mainieri; Gageiro, Ana Maria; Costa, Diogo Faria Corrêa da; Londero, Mário Francis Petry; Pereira, Renata Garcia; Mello, Vânia Roseli Correa de; Rosa, Raquel Hack da

Clinical experience through cartographic images
Pinheiro, Janayna Araújo Costa; Machado, Leila Domingues

Psychology in primary health care: demand, territory and integrality
Jimenez, Luciene

The psychological practice in basic social protection of SUAS
Oliveira, Isabel Fernandes de; Dantas, Candida Maria Bezerra; Solon, Avrairan Fabrícia Alves Caetano; Amorim, Keyla Mafalda de Oliveira

"Each Caps is a Caps": a coanalysis of resources, tools and standards available in the activities of mental health work
Ramminger, Tatiana; Brito, Jussara Cruz de

Micropolitics in mental health: a history process in a health institution
Garcia Jr., Carlos Alberto Severo; Furlan, Filipe Caldeira; Borges, Vivian Roxo; Pasini, Vera Lucia

May 18th as a space for research and training
Fernandes, Angela Maria Dias; Joca, Emanuella Cajado