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Revista Brasileira de Meteorologia
On-line version ISSN 1982-4351


Table of contents
Rev. bras. meteorol. vol.26 no.1 São Paulo Mar. 2011

 ·  Annual mean analysis of the tropical heat balance and associations with the Walker circulation
Veiga, José Augusto Paixão; Rao, Vadlamudi Brahamananda; Franchito, Sérgio Henrique

 ·  Rare events of stratus clouds on the northeast coast of Brazil
Gomes, Helber Barros; Fedorova, Natalia; Levit, Vladimir

 ·  Trends in indices for extremes in daily air temperature over Utah, USA
Santos, Carlos Antonio Costa dos

 ·  Absolut daily values of annual maximum and minimum air temperature series of the state of São Paulo, Brazil: trends, periodicities and associated probabilities
Blain, Gabriel Constantino; Lulu, Jorge

 ·  Quantiles analisys of minimum temperature in Rio Grande do Sul and relationships with the antarctic sea ice concentration sectors
Blank, Dionis Mauri Penning; Marques, Julio Renato Quevedo; Justino, Flávio Barbosa

 ·  Study of wind variability in seasonal scale over Northeast Brazil using RAMS: events of 1973-1974 and 1982-1983
Oliveira, Juliana Lima; Costa, Alexandre Araújo

 ·  Case study of an atmospheric situation between 12 and 19 september 2009 with some similar characteristics to the Catarina event
Iwabe, Clara Miho Narukawa; Reboita, Michelle Simões; Camargo, Ricardo de

 ·  Water demand analysis of the Tamarisk vegetation through of the Bowen ratio and SEBAL model
Santos, Carlos Antonio Costa dos

 ·  Diurnal cycle of the precipitation estimated by a S-band radar, and the 3B42_V6 algorithm of the TRMM project during the rainy season of 1999 over southwestern of the Amazon
Silva, Cláudio Moisés Santos e; Freitas, Saulo Ribeiro de; Gielow, Ralf

 ·  Assessment of estimated precipitation fields for distributed hydrologic modeling
Paz, Adriano Rolim da; Collischonn, Walter

 ·  Seasonal climatic forecast over Brazil: evaluation of the RegCM3 model nested to the CPTEC/COLA global model
Machado, Rubinei Dorneles; Rocha, Rosmeri Porfírio da

 ·  118 years of monthly Standardized Precipitation Index data: meteorological series of Campinas, state of São Paulo
Blain, Gabriel Constantino; Kayano, Mary Toshie

 ·  Correlation between Sea Surface Temperature and index of rain in the rainy station in the Northeast of the Pernambuco State
Silva, Ana Paula Nunes; Moura, Geber Barbosa de Albuquerque; Giongo, Pedro Rogério; Medeiros, Sérgio Ricardo Rodrigues

 ·  Extreme rainfall events in Ceará state and its relationship with tropical oceans temperature
Santos, Carlos Antonio Costa dos; Manzi, Antonio Ocimar