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Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica
On-line version ISSN 1678-7153


Table of contents
Psicol. Reflex. Crit. vol.13 n.3 Porto Alegre  2000

Koller, Sílvia H.

Self-efficacy and behavioral aspects of children with learning difficulties
Medeiros, Paula Cristina; Loureiro, Sonia Regina; Linhares, Maria Beatriz Martins; Marturano, Edna Maria

The effect of different situations on written stories
Silva, Maria Emília Lins e; Spinillo, Alina Galvão

Counterargument in children’s writing
Leitão, Selma; Almeida, Eliana G. da S.

Differential maternal attitudes toward four- and five-year-old boys and girls
Oliveira, Ebenézer A. de; Frizzo, Giana B.; Marin, Angela H.

Child-becoming and contemporary cognition
Kastrup, Virgínia

Dominos as an interactive context for the construction of knowledge by preschool children
Santos, José Guilherme Wady; Alves, José Moysés

Difficulty with invalid inferences among adults: tentative of superation
Dias, Maria da Graça Bompastor Borges

The meaning and measurement of moral competence revisited: a dual-aspect model
Lind, Georg

Psychophysics functions for perceptive, inference, and memory area: the effect of age
Alliprandini, Paula Mariza Zedu; Silva, José Aparecido da

Boundaries between behavior analysis and physiology: Skinner and the issue of private events
Tourinho, Emmanuel Zagury; Teixeira, Eveny da Rocha; Maciel, Josiane Miranda

A radical behaviorist analysis of the dreams
Silva, Francynete Melo e

Development of a questionnaire of career decision-making difficulties
Primi, Ricardo

Respondingness and demandingness: two scales to evaluate parenting styles
Costa, Fabiana T. da; Teixeira, Marco A. P.; Gomes, William B.

Differential items functioning (DIF): study with analogies for measurement the verbal reasoning
Andriola, Wagner Bandeira

Feminine sex-roles social construction
DeSouza, Eros; Baldwin, John R.; Rosa, Francisco Heitor da

Social Psychology and the study of justice at different levels of analysis
Assmar, Eveline Maria Leal

Adolescents’ homicide: thinking about some associated factors
Kodato, Sergio; Silva, Ana Paula Soares da

Surviving in the streets: social skills and values of children and adolescents
Campos, Tatiane Neme; Del Prette, Zilda Aparecida Pereira; Del Prette, Almir

Roamers lives and Alcoholism: a social question
Nascimento, Eurípedes Costa do; Justo, José Sterza

Re-creating in (the) Bilro lace: analising the new weft woven
Zanella, Andréa Vieira; Balbinot, Gabriela; Pereira, Renata Susan

Paul Mussen
Eisenberg, Nancy