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Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica
On-line version ISSN 1678-7153


Table of contents
Psicol. Reflex. Crit. vol.15 no.3 Porto Alegre  2002

Stimuli sequencing during pecking responses build up: effects upon matching and oddity acquisitions
Damiani, Katia; Passos, Maria de Lourdes Rodrigues da Fonseca; Matos, Maria Amelia

The role played by intervention on children's understanding of proportion
Spinillo, Alina Galvão

Sexual segregation in interaction of 8-9 years old children
Souza, Fabrício de; Rodrigues, Maria Margarida Pereira

The course of reforms: psychology teaching in Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (1971-1979)
Gauer, Gustavo; Gomes, William Barbosa

Causal attribution to success and failure in school: a transcultural study Brazil-Argentin-Mexico
Ferreira, Maria Cristina; Assmar, Eveline Maria Leal; Omar, Alicia Graciela; Uribe Delgado, Hugo; Terrones González, Alberto; Silva, Jorge Manuel Beltrán; Souza, Marcos Aguiar de; Cisne, Maria do Carmo de Figueiredo

Visual processing of form: linear system analysis and some psychophysical paradigms
Santos, Natanael Antonio dos; Simas, Maria Lúcia de Bustamante

Stress and quality of life in judges who deal with labor relations: differences in gender
Lipp, Marilda E. Novaes; Tanganelli, M. Sacramento

The Cloze teste on the reading comprehension assessement
Santos, Acácia A. Angeli dos; Primi, Ricardo; Taxa, Fernanda de O. S.; Vendramini, Claudette M. M.

Science, religion, and psychology: knowledge and behavior
Paiva, Geraldo José de

Bärbel Inhelder tries to falsify the piagetian model; prior to Popper's theory (?)
Ramozzi-Chiarottino, Zelia

Continuity/discontinuity of involvement with crime: a critical discussion of developmental psychology literature
Silva, Ana Paula Soares da; Rossetti-Ferreira, Maria Clotilde

The purposes of reading tests over generalization in teaching of reading to children
Medeiros, José Gonçalves; Silva, Rosária Maria Fernandes da

WISC-III and WAIS-III: alterations in the current american original versions of the adaptations for use in Brazil
Nascimento, Elizabeth do; Figueiredo, Vera Lúcia Marques de

Interviewing professionals as a desirable teaching-learning activity for psychology students
Bettoi, Waldir; Simão, Lívia Mathias

Implications of physical chronic disease in childhood to family relationships: some theoretical questions
Castro, Elisa Kern de; Piccinini, César Augusto

How the mind comes to be social to Barbara Rogoff? The question of the centrality of the person
Costa, Eveline Vieira; Lyra, Maria C.D.P.

Health care, work, and the processes of subjectivization in schools
Minayo-Gomez, Carlos; Barros, Maria Elizabeth Barros de

Social integration of psychotics: global rating of assertive behavior in situations of making and receiving criticism
Bandeira, Marina; Ireno, Esther de Matos

Psychical self-organization
Cândido, Carla Laino; Piqueira, José Roberto Castilho

 ·  O Autismo e sua positividade
Teixeira, Leônia Cavalcante