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Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica
On-line version ISSN 1678-7153


Table of contents
Psicol. Reflex. Crit. vol.16 no.1 Porto Alegre  2003

 ·  Angela Biaggio (1940-2003): um percurso na história do desenvolvimento sócio-moral do Brasil
Camino, Cleonice

Play and its implications in the emotion regulation strategies in hospitalized children
Oliveira, Sâmela Soraya Gomes de; Dias, Maria da Graça B. B.; Roazzi, Antonio

Consciousness taking and the teaching practice: an issue to be considered by school psychology
Fávero, Maria Helena; Machado, Conceição de Maria Couto

Text coherence: a study with youths and adults
Gonçalves, Fabíola; Dias, Maria da Graça Bompastor Borges

Morality and socialization: empirical studies on maternal practices of social control and the moral judgment
Camino, Cleonice; Camino, Leoncio; Moraes, Raquel

Barriers to personal creativity among elementary to higher education teachers
Alencar, Eunice M.L. Soriano de; Fleith, Denise de Souza

Effects of differential observing responses on the learning of conditional relations with complex stimuli
Lopes Junior, Jair; Costa, Giovana Galvanin da

Radical Behaviorism as philosophy of mind
Lopes, Carlos Eduardo; Abib, José Antônio Damásio

A study of prejudice from a social representation perspective: analysis of the influence of a justifying discourse on racial prejudice discrimination
Pereira, Cícero; Torres, Ana Raquel Rosas; Almeida, Saulo Teles

Metacognition: a support to the learning process
Ribeiro, Célia

The transmission of play culture: some research possibilities
Pontes, Fernando Augusto Ramos; Magalhães, Celina Maria Colino

Teenagers's attitudes of delinquency as social representations
Menin, Maria Suzana De Stefano

Maternal responsiveness: a review of the literature and a conceptual discussion
Ribas, Adriana F. Paes; Moura, Maria Lucia Seidl de; Ribas Junior, Rodolfo de Castro

Social representations of human development
Almeida, Angela Maria de Oliveira; Cunha, Gleicimar Gonçalves

Description of some variables in a behavior analytic therapy supervision procedure
Moreira, Sandra Bernadete da Silva

Conceptual problems with the intellectualistic doctrine: implications to some cognitive explanations
Oliveira, Cláudio Ivan de; Oliveira-Castro, Jorge M.

Psychometric parameters: comparative study between intelligence and personality tests
Noronha, Ana Paula Porto; Vendramini, Claudette Maria Medeiros

Preliminary reduction of items of PTS version 7 to 14 years
Ito, Patrícia do Carmo Pereira; Guzzo, Raquel Souza Lobo

Social influence, attribution of causality, and judgments of responsibility and justice
Rodrigues, Aroldo; Assmar, Eveline Maria Leal

The evaluation of preschoolers' interaction in the playground: an environmental psychology approach
Sager, Fabio; Sperb, Tania Mara; Roazzi, Antonio; Martins, Fernanda Marques

Guilt and enjoyment, psychoanalysis and literature
Scotti, Sérgio