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Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica
On-line version ISSN 1678-7153


Table of contents
Psicol. Reflex. Crit. vol.18 no.3 Porto Alegre Sept./Dec. 2005


Language and cognition in Alzheimer's disease
Mansur, Letícia Lessa; Carthery, Maria Teresa; Caramelli, Paulo; Nitrini, Ricardo

Radical behaviorism and interdisciplinary research: would a new synthesis be possible in psychology?
Chaves, Evenice Santos; Galvão, Olavo de Faria

Thought and language: a discussion in the field of psychology of mathematics eucation
Lessa, Mônica Maria Lins; Falcão, Jorge Tarcísio da Rocha

Reader and reading: considerations about text types and meaning construction
Ferreira, Sandra Patrícia Ataíde; Dias, Maria da Graça B. B.

Letter name knowledge and the development of spelling skills: evidence from Brazilian Portuguese-speaking children
Cardoso-Martins, Cláudia; Batista, Anna Cláudia Eutrópio

The constitution of intelligence: a psychoanalytical approach
Sordi, Regina Orgler

What a subjectivity is useful for? Foucault, time and body
Cardoso Jr., Hélio Rebello

The teacher's role in the discoursive construction of the argumentation in classroom
De Chiaro, Sylvia; Leitão, Selma

Infantile autism and familiar stress: a systematic review of literature
Fávero, Maria Ângela Bravo; Santos, Manoel Antônio dos

Moral education and autonomy in children's education: what thinks the teachers
Dias, Adelaide Alves

Religiosity and coping in health and illness: a review
Faria, Juliana Bernardes de; Seidl, Eliane Maria Fleury

The most know/used assessment instruments by psychologists and psychology students
Noronha, Ana Paula Porto; Primi, Ricardo; Alchieri, João Carlos

Interventive psychodiagnostic strategies and support on adjustment crisis using sandplay and EDAO
Giovanetti, Rodrigo Manoel; Sant'Anna, Paulo Afrânio

Feminist methodologies: reflexivity in social sciences research
Neves, Sofia; Nogueira, Conceição

Adolescents in prostitution situation: an analyses of the commercial sexual exploitation in the contemporary society
Libório, Renata Maria Coimbra

Gender identity divergence: drag queens, transvestism, and rransexualism
Cardoso, Fernando Luiz

Qualitative analysis of interaction episodes: some reflections on procedures and usages
Pedrosa, Maria Isabel; Carvalho, Ana Maria Almeida

Organizational justice: a critical review of the literature
Assmar, Eveline Maria Leal; Ferreira, Maria Cristina; Souto, Solange de Oliveira