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Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica
On-line version ISSN 1678-7153


Table of contents
Psicol. Reflex. Crit. vol.19 no.3 Porto Alegre  2006

Psicologia: reflexão e crítica

Hypnosis and clinical psychology: bringing back the untold history
Neubern, Maurício da Silva

Person-centered psychotherapy and the impact of the experiencing concept
Messias, João Carlos Caselli; Cury, Vera Engler

Police work and mental health: a research with Military Police Captains
Spode, Charlotte Beatriz; Merlo, Álvaro Roberto Crespo

Stress and social support in childhood and adolescence related with depression symptoms in the elderly
Cupertino, Ana Paula Fabrino Bretas; Oliveira, Beatriz Helena Domingos; Guedes, Danielle Viveiros; Coelho, Evelyne Rosa; Milano, Roberta Saramella; Rubac, Jacqueline Silva; Sarkis, Sumaya Hallack

Risk and protective factors in the resource network for children and adolescences victims of sexual violence
Habigzang, Luísa F.; Azevedo, Gabriela Azen; Koller, Sílvia Helena; Machado, Paula Xavier

Speaking about the mind: some thoughts on the relation between language and theory of mind
Souza, Débora de Hollanda

The concept of family from a woman-mother victim of incest
Narvaz, Martha Giudice; Koller, Sílvia Helena

Training parent social skills for families of children with behavior problems
Pinheiro, Maria Isabel Santos; Haase, Vitor Geraldi; Del Prette, Almir; Amarante, Claret Luiz Dias; Del Prette, Zilda Aparecida Pereira

The effects of age on visual perception of sine-wave gratings at low luminance
Santos, Natanael Antonio dos; Oliveira, Adriana Bastos; Nogueira, Renata Maria Toscano Barreto Lyra; Cruz, Éllen Dias Nicácio da; Simas, Maria Lúcia de Bustamante

Value correlates of the motivations to respond without prejudice
Gouveia, Valdiney V.; Souza Filho, Marcilio Lira de; Araújo, Alessandra Gusmão Trajano de; Guerra, Valeschka Martins; Sousa, Deliane Faria Macedo de

Parental Practices Scales (PPS): evaluating dimensions of parental practices towards adolescents
Teixeira, Marco Antônio Pereira; Oliveira, Adriano Machado; Wottrich, Shana Hastenpflug

Decision-making capacity of young adults and older adults as measured by the Iowa Gambling Task (IGT)
Schneider, Daniela Di Giorgio; Parente, Maria Alice de Mattos Pimenta

Morality and homicide: a study on the motivation of the transgressor
Borges, Luciana Souza; Alencar, Heloisa Moulin de

Preschooler's social skills and behavior problems: comparison between mother and teacher assessments
Bolsoni-Silva, Alessandra Turini; Marturano, Edna Maria; Pereira, Verônica Aparecida; Manfrinato, Jair Wagner de Souza

Memory training in healthy elders: outcomes and possible mechanisms of improvement
Yassuda, Mônica Sanches; Batistoni, Samila Sathler Tavares; Fortes, Andréa Garofe; Neri, Anita Liberalesso

The debate on homosexuality mediated by social representations: homosexual and heterosexual perspectives
Scardua, Anderson; Souza Filho, Edson Alves de

The hypothesis of conceptual accessibility for typicality and linguistic production
Janczura, Gerson A.; Nelson, Douglas L.

The home environment resources scale
Marturano, Edna Maria

Access and success in higher education in Portugal: issues of gender, sociocultural origin and students' academic path
Almeida, Leandro S.; Guisande, M. Adelina; Soares, Ana Paula; Saavedra, Luísa

The representation of economic inequality in children and adolescents of different social economical status
Roazzi, Antonio; Dias, Maria da Graça B. B.; Roazzi, Maira