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Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica
On-line version ISSN 1678-7153


Table of contents
Psicol. Reflex. Crit. vol.21 no.1 Porto Alegre  2008

Uses of the risk glossary in magazines: contrasting "time" and "public"
Spink, Mary Jane P.; Pereira, Adriana Bernardes; Burin, Lívia Barbosa; Silva, Mariana Adão da; Diodato, Priscila da Rocha

What's the profile of the biological, adopting families and adopted child as revealed by the judicial processes?
Mariano, Fernanda Neísa; Rossetti-Ferreira, Maria Clotilde

Stimuli selection and analysis in the visual search task
Rossini, Joaquim Carlos; Galera, Cesar

Radial frequency contrast sensitivity in children of 4 to 7 years old and adults
Santos, Natanael Antonio dos; França, Valtenice; Simas, Maria Lucia de Bustamante

Development of preterm infants and mothers' emotional indicators
Fraga, Daniele Abruzzi de; Linhares, Maria Beatriz Martins; Carvalho, Ana Emília Vita; Martinez, Francisco Eulógio

Siblings' interaction: mental disability, age and family social support
Nunes, Célia Cristina; Aiello, Ana Lúcia Rossito

Memory development in children: what changes with age?
Carneiro, Maria Paula

Attachment behaviors in children with autism
Sanini, Cláudia; Ferreira, Gabriela Damasceno; Souza, Thiago Spillari; Bosa, Cleonice Alves

Mother-infant (one and five months) interactions: affective aspects, complexity and predominant parental systems
Seidl-de-Moura, Maria Lucia; Ribas, Adriana Ferreira Paes; Seabra, Karla da Costa; Pessôa, Luciana Fontes; Nogueira, Susana Engelhard; Mendes, Deise Maria Leal Fernandes; Rocha, Simone Biangolino; Vicente, Carla Cristine

Stressful events, coping strategies, self-efficacy and depressive symptoms among the elderly residing in the community
Fortes-Burgos, Andréa Cristina Garofe; Neri, Anita Liberalesso; Cupertino, Ana Paula Fabrino Bretas

Differences in children perceptions about real and ideal parental care when parents are married or separated
Goetz, Everley Rosane; Vieira, Mauro Luis

Women managers' teams: social representations about feminine management
Mourão, Tânia Maria Fontenele; Galinkin, Ana Lúcia

Neuropsychological heterogeneity in multiple sclerosis
Lima, Eduardo de Paula; Haase, Vitor Geraldi; Lana-Peixoto, Marco Aurélio

Cross sectional practices of mental health clinic
Ferreira Neto, João Leite

The relational dimension of the intervention of psychology services in schools
Carvalho, Renato Gil Gomes

Adolescent transgressors: social network and family functioning
Branco, Bianca de Moraes; Wagner, Adriana; Demarchi, Karina Adriani

Parental and aloparental care received by children in public and private schools in Vitória, ES
Silva, Lara Wright; Tokumaru, Rosana

Problem-solving mental flexibility in individuals who were convicted for murder
Del Pino, Viviane; Werlang, Blanca Susana Guevara

The relationship between phonological processing and reading ability: evidence from Down syndrome and Williams syndrome
Cardoso-Martins, Cláudia; Silva, Juliane Ribeiro da

Revisiting the ecological engagement: a proposal to systematization
Prati, Laíssa Eschiletti; Couto, Maria Clara P. de Paula; Moura, Andreína; Poletto, Michele; Koller, Sílvia H.