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Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica
On-line version ISSN 1678-7153


Table of contents
Psicol. Reflex. Crit. vol.23 no.3 Porto Alegre  2010

 Avaliação Psicológica
 ·  Brazilian validity of the harter' self-perception profile for children
Valentini, Nadia Cristina; Villwock, Gabriela; Vieira, Lenamar Fiorese; Vieira, José Luiz Lopes; Barbosa, Marcus Levi Lopes

 ·  Relationship among psychopathological symptoms, treatment adherence and quality of life in HIV/AIDS infection
Reis, Ana Catarina; Lencastre, Leonor; Guerra, Marina Prista; Remor, Eduardo

 ·  Criterion validity of the social skills rating system (SSRS-BR)
Freitas, Lucas Cordeiro; Del Prette, Zilda Aparecida Pereira

 ·  Positive psychology and evaluating instruments used in Brazil
Scorsolini-Comin, Fabio; Santos, Manoel Antonio dos

 ·  WISC-III subtests of similarities, vocabulary and comprehension: objective or subjective scoring?
Figueiredo, Vera Lucia Marques de; Araújo, Jaciana Marlova Gonçalves; Dias, Taise Costa; Busetti, Marcela Vargas

 Processos Básicos
 ·  A study about elementary algebra with balance scale
Costa, Eveline Vieira

 ·  Symmetrical faces by hemiface reflections are not more attractive than the natural ones
Silva, Luciana Maria da; Fukusima, Sérgio Sheiji

 Psicologia do Desenvolvimento
 ·  Hidden resilience: the social construction of the concept and its implications for professional practices with at-risk adolescents
Libório, Renata Maria Coimbra; Ungar, Michael

 ·  More or less dead: explorations about the construction of the concept of death in children
Roazzi, Maira Monteiro; Dias, Maria da Graça Bompastor Borges; Roazzi, Antonio

 ·  The influence of social, individual and linguistic factors on children's performance in tasks of reading single words aloud
Lúcio, Patrícia Silva; Pinheiro, Ângela Maria Vieira; Nascimento, Elizabeth do

 ·  Children's behavior problems and social skills: a longitudinal study
Bolsoni-Silva, Alessandra Turini; Marturano, Edna Maria; Freiria, Ludmilla Rubinger Bethonico

 ·  Dialectic in developmental psychology: its importance and significance in research
Castorina, José Antonio

 ·  Interpersonal forgiveness in relation to psychosocial and demographic variables
Rique, Júlio; Camino, Cleonice Pereira Santos

 ·  Impacts of a parent intervention program: their children's academic achievement and classroom behavior
Cia, Fabiana; Barham, Elizabeth Joan; Fontaine, Anne Marie Germaine Victorine

 ·  Social learning and aggressive and playful behaviors of pre-school boys
Vieira, Timoteo Madaleno; Mendes, Francisco Dyonisio C.; Guimarães, Leonardo Conceição

 ·  Adaptive behaviour and future time perspective: some evidence from education and health settings
Carvalho, Renato Gil; Pocinho, Margarida; Silva, Carla

 ·  Adjustment to divorce and co-parental relations: contributions from the theory of attachment
Lamela, Diogo; Figueiredo, Bárbara; Bastos, Alice

 ·  Improving reading comprehension by developing monitoring strategies
Coelho, Carmen Lucia Göbel; Correa, Jane

 ·  Relations between social vulnerability and perceptions of family Support and quality of life among flderly people
Inouye, Keika; Barham, Elizabeth Joan; Pedrazzani, Elisete Silva; Pavarini, Sofia Cristina Iost

 Outros Artigos
 ·  The psychological synthesis evaluated by the interactive model
Giavoni, Adriana; Tamayo, Álvaro

 ·  Resenha: Intuition in judgment and decision making
Dias, Álvaro Machado; Rodrigues, Avelino Luiz