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Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica
On-line version ISSN 1678-7153


Table of contents
Psicol. Reflex. Crit. vol.24 no.1 Porto Alegre  2011

Bandeira, Denise Ruschel

 Avaliação Psicológica
 ·  Associations between self-efficacy to occupational activities and interests in adolescents
Nunes, Maiana Farias Oliveira; Noronha, Ana Paula Porto

 ·  Rorschach and the WAIS-III after one and two years of psychotherapy
Yazigi, Latife; Semer, Norma Lottenberg; Amaro, Terezinha de Carvalho; Fiore, Maria Luiza de Mattos; Silva, Julieta Freitas Ramalho da; Botelho, Nara Lucia Poli

 ·  Validation of the Learning Approach Scale (LAS) in a Brazilian sample
Gomes, Cristiano Mauro Assis; Golino, Hudson Fernandes; Pinheiro, Carlos Alberto Ribeiro; Miranda, Gregório Ribeiro; Soares, Juliana Marina Tavares

 ·  Sons and daughters' perception of parents as a couple: distinguishing characteristics of a measurement model
Ziviani, Cilio; Féres-Carneiro, Terezinha; Magalhães, Andrea Seixas

 Psicologia do Desenvolvimento
 ·  Concept development by children with cerebral palsy: a study about the influence of playful activities
Cazeiro, Ana Paula Martins; Lomônaco, José Fernando Bitencourt

 ·  What is emotion? searching the organizational structure of children's concept of emotion
Roazzi, Antonio; Dias, Maria da Graça Bompastor Borges; Silva, Janaína Oliveira da; Santos, Luciana Barboza dos; Roazzi, Maíra Monteiro

 ·  The relationship between phylogeny and ontogeny in the development of infant laterality
Souza, Rosana Machado de; Teixeira, Luis Augusto

 ·  Stability and changes in mothers and fathers' child-rearing practices along child's pre-school years
Marin, Angela Helena; Piccinini, Cesar Augusto; Tudge, Jonathan R. H.

 ·  The development of temporal concepts through language
Eisenberg, Zena Winona

 ·  Aging and literacy: reading and writing from the perspective of people over 60
Torquato, Rebecca; Massi, Giselle; Santana, Ana Paula

 ·  Quality of life in adults with physical disability
Resende, Marineia Crosara de; Gouveia, Valdiney Veloso

 ·  Communicative intentionality and joint attention: an analysis in the context of mother-baby interactions
Aquino, Fabiola de Sousa Braz; Salomão, Nádia Maria Ribeiro

 ·  Environment of development and the start of Brazilian women's reproductive life
Lordelo, Eulina da Rocha; Seidl-de-Moura, Maria Lucia; Vieira, Mauro Luís; Bussab, Vera Sílvia Raad; Oliva, Angela Donato; Tokumaru, Rosana Suemi; Britto, Regina Célia Souza

 ·  Autism, theory of mind and the role of mindblindness in the understanding of psychiatric disorders
Tonelli, Hélio

 ·  Emotion understanding, social acceptance and evaluation of behavioral attributes in school-age children
Pavarini, Gabriela; Loureiro, Carolina Piazzarollo; Souza, Débora de Hollanda

 ·  Development of morphological awareness in the initial stages of literacy
Mota, Márcia Maria Peruzzi Elia da; Besse, Anne-Sophie; Dias, Jaqueline; Paiva, Nádia; Mansur-Lisboa, Stella; Silva, Danielle Andrade

 Processos Básicos
 ·  Filling-in of the blind spot does not distort linear size perception
Mendes, Ana Irene Fonseca; Fukusima, Sérgio Sheiji

 ·  Alzheimer's disease and the application of different discourse tasks
Brandão, Lenisa; Parente, Maria Alice de Mattos Pimenta

 ·  Twenty years of studies on word recognition with portuguese speaking children: a literature review
Lúcio, Patrícia Silva; Pinheiro, Ângela Maria Vieira

 ·  Self-instructions: strategy of attentional regulation in ADHD
Ramalho, Joaquim; García-Señorán, M. Mar; González, Salvador G.

 ·  Remarks on former and current Behaviorism
Tourinho, Emmanuel Zagury

 ·  Distribution of visual attention within a cued area: evidence based on temporal order judgments
Cavallet, Mikael; Galera, Cesar Alexis; Grünau, Michael W. von; Panagopoulos, Afroditi