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Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica
On-line version ISSN 1678-7153


Table of contents
Psicol. Reflex. Crit. vol.24 no.4 Porto Alegre  2011

 Avaliação Psicológica
 ·  Evidences of convergent validity of SON-R 2½-7[a] with WPPSI-III and WISC-III
Karino, Camila Akemi; Laros, Jacob Arie; Jesus, Girlene Ribeiro de

 ·  Neurological and neuropsychological aspects of children born preterm and with weight lower than 1,500 grams
Campos, Alexandre Ferreira; Malloy-Diniz, Leandro Fernandes; Nascimento, Jane de Almeida; Amorim, Regina Helena Caldas de

 ·  Parental socialization: Brazilian adaptation of the ESPA29 Scale
Martínez, Isabel; García, José Fernando; Camino, Leoncio; Camino, Cleonice Pereira dos Santos

 ·  Self-perceived happiness and associated factors in adults in a southern Brazilian city: a population-based study
Scalco, Diogo Luis; Araújo, Cora Luiza; Bastos, João Luiz

 ·  Relations between subjective well-being and marital satisfaction on the approach of positive psychology
Scorsolini-Comin, Fabio; Santos, Manoel Antônio dos

 ·  Adaptation and validation of The Hope Index for Brazilian adolescents
Pacico, Juliana Cerentini; Zanon, Cristian; Bastianello, Micheline Roat; Hutz, Claudio Simon

 ·  Rorschach Comprehensive System norms in Brazilian children from public and private schools
Ribeiro, Rosangela Kátia Sanches Mazzorana; Semer, Norma Lottenberg; Yazigi, Latife

 ·  Attentional performance and executive functions in children with learning difficulties
Lima, Ricardo Franco de; Azoni, Cíntia Alves Salgado; Ciasca, Sylvia Maria

 Psicologia do Desenvolvimento
 ·  Beliefs and care practices of mothers living in Brazilian capital cities and small towns
Martins, Gabriela Dal Forno; Vieira, Mauro Luís; Seidl-de-Moura, Maria Lucia; Macarini, Samira Mafioletti

 ·  Secondary victimization in adult children of Portuguese Colonial War veterans
Pereira, M. Graça; Pedras, Susana

 ·  Child's experiences and risk of physical abuse: mechanisms involved in repeating violence
Bérgamo, Lilian Paula Degobbi; Bazon, Marina Rezende

 ·  Different looks for a child with multiple diagnoses: stability or possibility of change?
Tsuji, Eneida Miyuki; Moysés, Maria Aparecida Affonso; Batista, Cecilia Guarnieri

 ·  Communicative interaction in a playful context of two children with Down Syndrome, autistic behavior and deprivation of stimuli
Castro, Glenda Saccomano; Panhoca, Ivone; Zanolli, Maria de Lurdes

 ·  Verbal fluency and sociodemographic variables in the aging process: an epidemiological study
Silva, Thaís Bento Lima da; Yassuda, Mônica Sanches; Guimarães, Vanessa Valente; Florindo, Alex Antônio

 ·  The influence of communication with family and peer group on well-being and risky behavior of Portuguese adolescents
Tomé, Gina; Camacho, Inês; Matos, Margarida Gaspar de; Diniz, José Alves

 ·  Beyond politeness: the expression of gratitude in children and adolescents
Freitas, Lia Beatriz de Lucca; Pieta, Maria Adélia Minghelli; Tudge, Jonathan Richard Henry

 ·  Pediatricians' ideas about child development and education
Nunes, Cristina

 ·  Contributions from Gallese's neurophysiology and Bruner's psychology to the understanding of social learning
Sampaio, Patrícia da Silva; Leme, Maria Isabel da Silva; Lerner, Rogério

 Processos Básicos
 ·  Acute pain perception in panic disorder patients
Miranda, Fernando Pereira; Crepaldi, Ana Maria; Almeida, Fabrício Fernandes; Cheniaux, Elie; Nardi, Antonio Egídio; Landeira-Fernandez, J.; Cruz, Antonio Pedro de Mello; Souza, Wânia Cristina de

 ·  New relations among functional interpretations of the learned helplessness and the behavioral model of depression
Abreu, Paulo Roberto

 ·  Soul, body and the ancient greek civilization: the first observations of brain functioning and mental activities
Castro, Fabiano S.; Landeira-Fernandez, J.

 ·  Effects of a cognitive training on the quality of life and well-being of healthy elders
Irigaray, Tatiana Quarti; Schneider, Rodolfo Herberto; Gomes, Irenio