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Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica
On-line version ISSN 1678-7153


Table of contents
Psicol. Reflex. Crit. vol.25 no.2 Porto Alegre  2012

 Psychological Assessment
 ·  Parents, teachers and tests: do they agree in the assessment of oreschoolers'abilities?
Seabra-Santos, Maria João; Gaspar, Maria Filomena Fonseca

 ·  Construction and validation of the Family Unpredictability Scale in Childhood
Howat-Rodrigues, Anna Beatriz Carnielli; De Andrade, Alexsandro Luiz; Tokumaru, Rosana Suemi

 ·  Reading comprehension: differential item functioning analysis of a Cloze Test
Oliveira, Katya Luciane; Santos, Acácia A. Aparecida Angeli dos; Boruchovitch, Evely; Rueda, Fabian Javier Marín

 ·  Health-related quality of life in portuguese children and adolescents
Matos, Margarida Gaspar de; Gaspar, Tania; Simões, Celeste

 ·  Self-regulation and substance use in adolescence
García del Castillo, José A.; Dias, Paulo C.; Castelar-Perim, Paulo

 ·  Resilience assessment: controversies about the use of scales
Reppold, Caroline Tozzi; Mayer, Jeferson Charles; Almeida, Leandro Silva; Hutz, Claudio Simon

 ·  Child physical abuse: evaluating psychological risk factors in accused caregivers
Bérgamo, Lilian Paula D.; Bazon, Marina Rezende

 ·  Evaluation of a professional social skills program for unemployed people with physical disability
Pereira-Guizzo, Camila de Sousa; Del Prette, Almir; Del Prette, Zilda Aparecida Pereira

 ·  Validity and reliability of the Inductive Reasoning Test for Children - IRTC
Muniz, Monalisa; Seabra, Alessandra Gotuzo; Primi, Ricardo

 Experimental Psychology
 ·  Emotions from listening to music affect the subjective perception of time
Ramos, Danilo; Bueno, José Lino Oliveira

 ·  Neuropsychological functions associated to self-injurious behavior: integrative literature review
Arcoverde, Renata Lopes; Soares, Lara Sá Leitão de Castro

 ·  Orthographic neighborhood effects in brazilian portuguese: a study on perceptual identification tasks
Justi, Francis Ricardo dos Reis; Roazzi, Antonio

 ·  Development of metacognitive strategies: qualification of elementary school teachers
Busnello, Fernanda de Bastani; Jou, Graciela Inchausti de; Sperb, Tânia Maria

 ·  External memory aids in intervention for older people with mnesic impairment
Barbosa, Cristina Maria Oliveira; Martin, José Ignacio Guinaldo

 Developmental Psychology
 ·  The understanding of gratitude and theory of mind in 5-year-olds
Freitas, Lia Beatriz de Lucca; O'Brien, Marion; Nelson, Jackie A.; Marcovitch, Stuart

 ·  Mastectomy and sexuality: an integrative review
Cesnik, Vanessa Monteiro; Santos, Manoel Antônio dos

 ·  From quantitative abilities to natural number concept: what are the possible pathways?
Barbosa, Heloiza H.

 ·  Ecological perspective: guidelines for planning child's foster care placement
Delgado, Paulo

 ·  Pedagogical practices and morality in an institution for transgressor adolescents
Monte, Franciela Félix de Carvalho; Sampaio, Leonardo Rodrigues

 ·  Interactive processes among babies at a daycare center
Amorim, Kátia de Souza; Anjos, Adriana Mara dos; Rossetti-Ferreira, Maria Clotilde

 ·  Fostering children and adolescents in situations of abandonment, violence and separation
Rossetti-Ferreira, Maria Clotilde; Almeida, Ivy Gonçalves de; Costa, Nina Rosa do Amaral; Guimarães, Lilian de Almeida; Mariano, Fernanda Neísa; Teixeira, Sueli Cristina de Pauli; Serrano, Solange Aparecida

 ·  Development of children born preterm evaluated by the Denver-II test: a review of the Brazilian scientific production
Custódio, Zaira Aparecida de Oliveira; Crepaldi, Maria Aparecida; Cruz, Roberto Moraes

 ·  Portraits of pioneers in developmental psychology
Benetti, Idonézia Collodel