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Sba: Controle & Automação Sociedade Brasileira de Automatica
Print version ISSN 0103-1759


Table of contents
Sba Controle & Automação vol.21 no.5 Campinas Sept./Oct. 2010

 Sistemas Elétricos de Potência
 ·  Operating reserve pricing of hydraulic generators in a competitive framework
Manso, Juan Carlos Galvis; Feltrin, Antonio Padilha; Loyo, Jose Maria Yusta

 ·  Hybrid control of frequency in power systems with distribuited generation
Portolann, César A.; Campagnolo, Jorge M.

 ·  Integer programming methods applied to the automation planning of manoeuvre systems in distribution networks
Sperandio, Mauricio; Coelho, Jorge

 Sistemas Nebulosos
 ·  Selection of alternative energy sources by using a multicriteria analysis for distributed generation system management: the AHP method and the fuzzy logic
Barin, Alexandre; Canha, Luciane Neves; Magnago, Karine Faverzani; Abaide, Alzenira da Rosa

 Redes Neurais
 ·  An Empirical Modeling Methodology Using Multiple Steps Neural Integrator of Adams-Bashforth
Marin, Regina Paiva Melo; Tasinaffo, Paulo Marcelo

 Controle de Sistemas a Eventos Discretos
 ·  Fault diagnosis of discrete event systems modeled as automata
Basilio, João Carlos; Carvalho, Lilian Kawakami; Moreira, Marcos Vicente

 Eletrônica de Potência
 ·  A controller for the three-phase to three-phase matrix converter and for the voltage source three-phase inverter without DC-link capacitor
Oliveira Filho, M. E.; Sguarezi Filho, A. J.; Gazoli, J. R.; Ruppert Filho, E.

 ·  Non-linear force control of polymeric artificial muscles based on capacitive effects
Assis, Pedro F. C. Blois de; Meggiolaro, Marco Antonio