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Trabalhos em Linguística Aplicada
Print version ISSN 0103-1813


Table of contents
Trab. linguist. apl. vol.48 no.2 Campinas July/Dec. 2009


 ·  Exposing young children to english as a foreign language: the emerging role of world english
Rajagopalan, Kanavillil

 ·  Foreign language teaching to young learners: between the whole and the part - an analysis of the dynamic of teacher's and students' beliefs
Scheifer, Camila Lawson

 ·  Power representations in political-educational and educational discourses: focus on the teaching/learning of english to/by children in the internet
Amarante, Maria de Fátima

 ·  Learn through playing or play through learning? English in childhood
Cristovão, Vera Lucia Lopes; Gamero, Raquel

 ·  The english language at the public primary education: dialogue with Bakhtin for a pluralistic pedagogy
Rocha, Cláudia Hilsdorf

 ·  Language games as genres in the efl teaching-learning process to children
Szundy, Paula Tatianne Carréra

 ·  Language dimensions in english coursebooks for the Brazilian Ensino Fundamental
Tílio, Rogério; Rocha, Cláudia Hilsdorf

 ·  Very young learners finding out the english language: teacher/student interaction
Carvalho, Raquel Cristina Mendes de

 ·  Teachers of english to young learners: expected theoretical and methodological knowledge
Santos, Leandra Ines Seganfredo; Benedetti, Ana Mariza

 ·  Spanish teacher education and the teaching of spanish to children in Brazil: some possible ways
Fernández, Gretel Eres; Rinaldi, Simone