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Tempo Social
Print version ISSN 0103-2070


Table of contents
Tempo soc. vol.9 no.1 São Paulo May 1997

 Estratégias de intervenção policial no estado contemporâneo
 ·  Estratégias de intervenção policial no estado contemporâneo
Adorno, Sérgio; Peralva, Angelina

 ·  The new paradigm of violence
Wieviorka, Michel

 ·  Violence, crime and police system in countries of new democracies
Pinheiro, Paulo Sérgio

 ·  The crisis of the French police system today: from the local insertion to the european risks
Lévy, René

 ·  Remarks about the failure of police models
Bretas, Marcos Luiz

 ·  Representation and action of the operators of the penal system in Rio de Janeiro
Silva, Jorge da

 ·  Public security and kidnappings in Rio de Janeiro (1995-1996)
Caldeira, Cesar

 ·  The gun and the flower: police organization, consensus and violence
Santos, José Vicente Tavares dos

 ·  Police and exclusion in the judiciary culture
Lima, Roberto Kant de

 ·  The expansion of the private security in France : submitted privatization of the police action or a better management of the colletive security?
Ocqueteau, Frédéric

 ·  Resistences and difficulties of a communitary police program
Muniz, Jacqueline; Larvie, Sean Patrick; Musumeci, Leonarda; Freire, Bianca

 ·  Attitudes related to the police in a slum in the southern of Brazil
Shirley, Robert W.

 ·  Crime, victims and policemen
Paixão, Antônio Luiz; Beato F., Claudio C.

 ·  The fear from police and the gross human rights violations
Cardia, Nancy