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Tempo Social
Print version ISSN 0103-2070


Table of contents
Tempo soc. vol.22 no.1 São Paulo June 2010

 Dossiê - Brasil: Cultura e Sociedade
 ·  The Sociology of Florestan Fernandes
Arruda, Maria Arminda do Nascimento

 ·  Theater, gender and society (1940-1968)
Pontes, Heloisa

 ·  Past and future of interpretations of the nation
Botelho, André

 ·  "National-foreign" artists in the South-American vanguard (Segall and Xul Solar)
Miceli, Sergio

 ·  The genesis of Brazilian political science
Keinert, Fábio Cardoso; Silva, Dimitri Pinheiro

 ·  International consultancy in expansion and emerging forms of the globalization of managerial exchange and litigation
Donadone, Julio César

 ·  Professional frustration and the law
Marques Jr., Gessé

 ·  Feminine (in)eligibility in the Brazilian Academy of Letters: Carolina Michaëlis and Amélia Beviláqua's experiences
Fanini, Michele Asmar

 ·  The image in postmodern culture
Aguiar, João Valente

 ·  An extreme social case: prisoner societies in nazi concentration camps
Jurt, Joseph

 ·  Luiz Pereira e sua circunstância: entrevista com José de Souza Martins
Castro, Conrado Pires de