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Tempo Social
Print version ISSN 0103-2070


Table of contents
Tempo soc. vol.24 no.1 São Paulo  2012

 Dossiê - Max Weber
 ·  Apresentação: Max Weber hoje
Waizbort, Leopoldo

 ·  The courses of Max Weber: political economy, Agrarian policy and The worker question (1894-1900)
Aldenhoff-Hübinger, Rita

 ·  The courses of Max Weber: general or theoretical political economy (1894-1898)
Borchardt, Knut

 ·  Economic theory of the ancient States: Weber's view of the question of capitalism in Antiquity
Deininger, Jürgen

 ·  The juridical roots of Max Weber
Dilcher, Gerhard

 ·  The complete works of Max Weber - MWG: a portrait
Hanke, Edith

 ·  Max Weber and the cultural history of modernity
Hübinger, Gangolf

 ·  "Economy and society": Max Weber's legacy following the publication of his Complete works (MWG)
Lepsius, M. Rainer

 ·  Max Weber and the specialized sciences: the example of the economic history of Antiquity
Nippel, Wilfried

 ·  The Protestant ethic in the contemporary context
Riesebrodt, Martin

 ·  The "Lula Era", the 2010 presidential elections and the challenges of post-neoliberalism
Fortes, Alexandre; French, John

 ·  The social between heaven and hell: Pierre Bourdieu's philosophical anthropology
Peters, Gabriel

 ·  The strength of weak bonds: employment strategies among Brazilian immigrants in Portugal
Peixoto, João; Egreja, Catarina

 ·  The object of social sciences and the communicative turn: Adorno after Habermas
Catanzaro, Gisela; Ipar, Ezequiel

 ·  Escritos sobre mito e linguagem (1915-1921)
Querido, Fabio Mascaro

 ·  Martinha versus Lucrécia: ensaios e entrevistas
Rodrigues, Lidiane Soares

 ·  Religião e juventude: os novos carismáticos
Britto, Clovis Carvalho