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Acta Paulista de Enfermagem
On-line version ISSN 1982-0194


Table of contents
Acta paul. enferm. vol.24 no.5 São Paulo  2011

 ·  Challenges and prospects for nursing in the next decade
Vianna, Lucila Amaral Carneiro

 Original Articles
 ·  Experience of a healthy brother in relation to the disease and hospitalization of his brother with cancer
Cheron, Maria de Fátima de Lima; Pettengill, Myriam Aparecida Mandetta

 ·  Use of therapeutic play in preparing preschool children for outpatient chemotherapy
Artilheiro, Ana Paula Scupeliti; Almeida, Fabiane de Amorim; Chacon, Julieta Maria Ferreira

 ·  Technology in an intensive care unit: delineation of a figure- type of the nurse
Silva, Rafael Celestino da; Ferreira, Márcia de Assunção

 ·  Maternal experiences associated with longer term exclusive breastfeeding: an ethnographic study
Polido, Carolina Guizardi; Mello, Débora Falleiros de; Parada, Cristina Maria Garcia de Lima; Carvalhaes, Maria Antonieta Barros Leite; Tonete, Vera Lúcia Pamplona

 ·  Cervical carcinoma: survival rate and prognostic factors in women in the state of Mato Grosso
Nakagawa, Janete Tomiyoshi; Espinosa, Mariano Martínez; Barbieri, Márcia; Schirmer, Janine

 ·  Attitudes of nursing students facing questions related to alcohol, alcoholism and the alcoholic
Vargas, Divane de

 ·  Perceptions of professional nurses about occupational therapy interventions in mental health at a university hospital
Tedesco, Solange; Cítero, Vanessa de Albuquerque; Nogueira-Martins, Maria Cezira Fantini; Nogueira-Martins, Luiz Antonio

 ·  Organizational dimensions of a Psychosocial Care Center for chemical dependency
Ventura, Carla Aparecida Arena; Araújo, Angélica Silva; Moll, Marciana Fernandes

 ·  Using the Swiss ball in labor
Silva, Lia Mota e; Oliveira, Sonia Maria Junqueira Vasconcellos de; Silva, Flora Maria Barbosa da; Alvarenga, Marina Barreto

 ·  Verbal and nonverbal communication of a blind mother with limited dexterity during infant feeding
Barbosa, Giselly Oseni Laurentino; Wanderley, Luana Duarte; Oliveira, Paula Marciana Pinheiro de; Rebouças, Cristiana Brasil de Almeida; Almeida, Paulo César de; Pagliuca, Lorita Marlena Freitag

 ·  Motor development of preterm and term infants: using the Alberta Infant Motor Scale
Maia, Polyana Candeia; Silva, Larissa Paiva; Oliveira, Márcia Maria Coelho; Cardoso, Maria Vera Lúcia Moreira Leitão

 ·  Acupuncture and appetite in obese employees of a university hospital
Haddad, Mariana Lourenço; Marcon, Sonia Silva

 ·  Patient privacy: an ethical question for nursing care management
Soares, Narciso Vieira; Dall'Agnol, Clarice Maria

 ·  Profile and degree of dependency of the elderly and overload of their caregivers
Uesugui, Helena Meika; Fagundes, Diego Santos; Pinho, Diana Lucia Moura

 ·  Comparison of risk assessment scales for pressure ulcers in critically ill patients
Araújo, Thiago Moura de; Araújo, Márcio Flávio Moura de; Caetano, Joselany Áfio

 ·  Impact of working in adolescent health workers
Pimenta, Aline Alcântara; Freitas, Fabiana Cristina Taubert de; Marziale, Maria Helena Palucci; Robazzi, Maria Lúcia Carmo Cruz

 ·  Virtual learning objects: contributions to the learning process in health and nursing
Alvarez, Ana Graziela; Dal Sasso, Grace Teresinha Marcon

 Updating Articles
 ·  Trends in research involving the use of therapeutic touch as a nursing strategy
Vasques, Christiane Inocêncio; Santos, Daniella Soares dos; Carvalho, Emília Campos de

 Revision Articles
 ·  Nontuberculous mycobacteria in surgery: challenges likely to be faced in Brazil?
Cabral, Danielle Bezerra; Andrade, Denise de

 ·  Technological strategies associated with training in Basic Life Support
Mori, Satomi; Whitaker, Iveth Yamaguchi; Marin, Heimar de Fátima

 Letter to the Editor
 ·  A comment on "Factors associated with long-term post-traumatic amnesia"