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Estudos Avançados
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Table of contents
Estud. av. vol.26 no.74 São Paulo  2012


 Dossiê Sustentabilidade
 ·  Back to the Visible Hand: the Challenges of the Second Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit
Sachs, Ignacy

 ·  Inequalities and limits should be at the core of Rio+20
Abramovay, Ricardo

 ·  Sustainability: a mantra or a moral choice? An ecological and economic approach
Cavalcanti, Clóvis

 ·  The trajectory of sustainability: from environmental to social, from social to economic
Nascimento, Elimar Pinheiro do

 ·  Sustainable development: an ecological economics perspective
Romeiro, Ademar Ribeiro

 ·  Green Economy: Reinforcing ideas, hoping for actions
Almeida, Luciana Togeiro de

 ·  Reflections on the paradigm of Ecological Economics for Environmental Management
Fuks, Maurício

 ·  Green economy: why optimism should be coupled with the skepticism of reason
Cechin, Andrei; Pacini, Henrique

 ·  Environmental policy, municipalities and intergovernmental cooperation in Brazil
Neves, Estela Maria Souza Costa

 ·  The importance of biodiversity to human health: an ecological Perspective
Alho, Cleber J. R

 ·  Plant extractivism or plantation: what is the best option for the Amazon?
Homma, Alfredo Kingo Oyama

 ·  The Amazon is suitable for forestry, and the creation of new States can lead to increased  deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
Ferreira, Leandro V.; Pereira, Jorge L. G.; Cunha, Denise A; Matos, Darley C. L; Sanjuan, Priscilla M

 ·  Before the discovery of the pre-salt layer resources: greenhouse gas emissions from the oil and gas industry in Brazil
Mendes, Thiago de Araújo; Rodrigues Filho, Saulo

 ·  Interaction between vegetation and the atmosphere in cloud and rain formation in the Amazon: a review
Tavares, João Paulo Nardin

 ·  Adaptation to climate change in Brazil: the role of private investment
May, Peter H; Vinha, Valéria da

 ·  The energy sector in Brazil: policy and Perspectives
Tolmasquim, Mauricio Tiomno

 ·  What kind of energy do we want for the future?
Laplonche, Bernard

 ·  River diversion and hydropower plants: The unknown Ribeira Valley (states of Paraná and São Paulo)
Sevá Filho, A. Oswaldo; Kalinowski, Luciana Maria

 ·  Repensando a energia nuclear
Sovacool, Benjamin K.

 ·  The role of nuclear energy  in Brazil
Carvalho, Joaquim Francisco de

 ·  The deleterious effects of the nuclear crisis in Japan
Marques, Paulo

 A USP e a Rio+20
 ·  USP and Rio+20
Ribeiro, Wagner Costa; Freitas, Edmilson Dias de; Philippi Jr, Arlindo

 ·  Green economy and sustainability
Diniz, Eliezer M.; Bermann, Celio

 ·  Agenda 21 and Governance
Jacobi, Pedro Roberto; Günther, Wanda Maria Risso; Giatti, Leandro Luiz

 ·  The impact of Rio-92 on the scientific production of USP, considering the topic of Climate Change
Freitas, Edmilson Dias de; Ambrizzi, Tércio

 ·  25 years of IEA
Bosi, Alfredo

O nosso Professor Aziz
Borelli, Dario Luis