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Estudos Avançados
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Table of contents
Estud. av. vol.26 no.76 São Paulo Sept./Dec. 2012


 Literary Translation Dossier
 ·  Is poetry untranslatable?
Junqueira, Ivan

 ·  Notes of a translator in 2012
Figueiredo, Rubens

 ·  Translation and illusion
Britto, Paulo Henriques

 ·  Meaning and significance in poetic translation
Laranjeira, Mário

 ·  Boris Schnaiderman: translation issues on the pages of a newspaper
Gomide, Bruno Barretto

 ·  Translation as creation
Bezerra, Paulo

 ·  Fledging the great chestnut-tree
Faleiros, Álvaro

 ·  Tales of the Way of Death: ethnography and the translation of Amerindian poetry
Cesarino, Pedro de Niemeyer

 ·  A Socratic lesson
Vieira, Trajano

 ·  Translating Ariosto: a testimonial
Ghirardi, Pedro Garcez

 ·  Translating Leopardi
Bosi, Ecléa

 ·  Impasses in the translation of poetry
Cavalcanti, Geraldo Holanda

 ·  George Bacóvia: a translation agenda
Lucchesi, Marco

 ·  On two version of a Shakespeare sonnet
Barroso, Ivo

 ·  Seamless stitching: one way of restoring a poetic text
Franca Neto, Alípio Correia de

 ·  Bruno Palma, a careful chooser of words
Gonçalves, Marcus Fabiano

 ·  Translating Nerval
Bueno, Alexei

 ·  Translating far-off literature: Norwegian literature
Aubert, Francis Henrik

 Graciliano Ramos: 120 years
 ·  Future times - Graciliano Ramos' Barren lives
Reis, Zenir Campos

 ·  Unchanging evil – preliminary notes on Anguish
Gimenez, Erwin Torralbo

 ·  A world covered with feathers. Family and utopia in Barren lives
Patto, Maria Helena Souza

 ·  Graciliano Ramos by Otto Maria Carpeaux
Lebensztayn, Ieda

 Language and poetry
 ·  The last refuge of indigenous language in Brazil
Navarro, Eduardo de Almeida

 ·  Jorge de Lima in the context of Afro-American poetry
Camilo, Vagner

 ·  Prose poem: the poetry of small reflections
Paixão, Fernando

 Music, theater and dance
 ·  "Naturally – The theory and playfulness of a Brazilian dance"
Nobrega, Antonio

 ·  The Girl from Mytilene
Meneses, Adélia Bezerra de

 ·  A dramaturgy of evaluation: political theater in the 1990s
Cardenuto, Reinaldo

 ·  A breakthrough research to understand Brazilian backwoods culture
Campos, Judas Tadeu de

 ·  Gurupá: from the ruins to the cemeteries
Pressler, Gunter Karl

 ·  Portella, an intellectual of our time (and of other times)
Mota, Carlos Guilherme

 ·  The role and complexity of Liberalism in Brazil
Carvalho, José Murilo de

 ·  New faces of a prismatic figure
Guimarães, Hélio Seixas

 ·  Malnutrition, poverty and psychic suffering: a much-needed articulation
Menezes, Francisco

 ·  A marvelous history
Duarte, Frederico