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Caderno CRH
On-line version ISSN 1983-8239


Dossiê: Representação Política no Brasil

Table of contents
Cad. CRH vol.21 no.52 Salvador Jan./Apr. 2008

 ·  O debate sobre a representação política no Brasil: nota introdutória
Lavalle, Adrian Gurza; Araujo, Cicero

 ·  Empire of representative government: rediscussion
Dolhnikoff, Miriam

 ·  The question of political representation in the first Brazilian Republic
Hollanda, Cristina Buarque de

 ·  Pary infidelity and political representation: some arguments about the partidary migration in Brazil
Freitas, Andréa

 ·  Representation, parties and civil society in Argentina and Brazil
Hochstetler, Kathryn; Friedman, Elisabeth Jay

 ·  Civil society, representation and the double face of accountability: México city and São Paulo
Lavalle, Adrian Gurza; Castello, Graziela

 ·  Participation and representation in managing councils and in participative budget
Lüchmann, Lígia Helena Hahn

 ·  Representing diversity: state, society and "fertile relationships" in managing councils
Abers, Rebecca Neaera; Keck, Margaret E.

The world bank and the combat to poverty in the northeast: the Paraíba case
Vieira, Flávio Lúcio Rodrigues

Work and education: what do the classified ads indicate?
Gomes, Candido Alberto; Braga, Hudson Eloy; Vieira, Weder Matias

Minas are many, but there's no need to exaggerate: local identity and resistance to pentecostalism in Minas Gerais
Gracino Júnior, Paulo

Techniques of neutrlization: a delinquency theory
Sykes, Gresham M'Cready; Matza, David

 Resenha Temática
 ·  Georg Simmel and the "sociology of poverty"
Ivo, Anete B. L.

 ·  The origin o f wealth
Baiardi, Amílcar