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Caderno CRH
Print version ISSN 0103-4979


Table of contents
Cad. CRH vol.22 no.56 Salvador May/Aug. 2009

 ·  Sociologia pública: engajamento e crítica social em debate
Braga, Ruy; Santana, Marco Aurélio

        · text in Portuguese     · pdf in Portuguese
 ·  Public sociology in the age of Barack Obama
Burawoy, Michael

 ·  Public sociology and the end of the society
Touraine, Alain

 ·  Against public sociology: not the best way to make sociology relevant
Turner, Jonathan H.

 ·  The sociology as a public profession in Brazil
Schwartzman, Simon

 ·  Touraine, Burawoy, Gramsci: do social ao político
Mello e Silva, Leonardo

 ·  The rocking pendulum: sociology of labor and union's movement in Brazil
Santana, Marco Aurélio; Braga, Ruy

 ·  Sociology and engagement in the Portugal: critical reflection on labour and trade unionism in a time of crisis
Estanque, Elísio

The "social activism" of businesses and its bias antidissension
Barbosa, Attila Magno e Silva

The principle of decommodification in the social politics
Zimmermann, Clóvis Roberto; Silva, Marina da Cruz

In global times, a "new" place: Ford in Bahia
Franco, Angela

Rural strikes in the brazilian zona da mata: Pernambuco, 1964 and 1968
Koury, Mauro Guilherme Pinheiro

State and control in the prison system
Batista, Analía Soria

 Resenha Temática
 ·  Ugly, dirty and bad: the regulation of bodies and emotions in Norbert Elías
Scribano, Adrián; Mattar, Gabriela Vergara

        · abstract in English | Spanish | French     · text in Spanish     · pdf in Spanish
 ·  A Amazônia em múltiplas faces
Reis, Eliana Tavares dos

        · text in Portuguese     · pdf in Portuguese
 ·  Tradição e identidade: a Faculdade de Filosofia e Ciências Humanas da UFBA
Salles, João Carlos

        · text in Portuguese     · pdf in Portuguese