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Caderno CRH
On-line version ISSN 1983-8239


Table of contents
Cad. CRH vol.23 no.60 Salvador Dec. 2010

 ·  Polícia para quem precisa de polícia: contribuições aos estudos sobre policiamento
Muniz, Jacqueline de Oliveira; Paes-Machado, Eduardo

 ·  Police mandate in use: making decisions on the streets of João Pessoa
Muniz, Jacqueline de Oliveira; Silva, Washington França da

 ·  Maintenance of public order: theory, practice and teaching of the police for the European Football Championship in 2000 and 2004
Adang, Otto M.J.

 ·  Governmentality and police authority: the articulation of a dual model of policing in Buenos Aires, 2004-2007
Lis Rios, Alina

 ·  Social control and punishment: perception of punishment to Venezuelan police officers
Monsalve Briceño, Yoana

 ·  At the border between good and evil: views of professional ethics and religious morality among evangelical military police in Rio
Albernaz, Elizabete Ribeiro

 ·  Urban violence and police privatization in Brazil: blended invisibility
Huggins, Martha Knisely

 ·  Nation building and political learning: knowledge-power of brazildom
Maciel, Fabrício

 ·  Conflict and integration on the brasiguayan border
Albuquerque, José Lindomar

 ·  Political participation, legitimacy and democratic effectiveness
Marques, Francisco Paulo Jamil Almeida

 ·  City and public space: popular malls in Belo Horizonte
Jayme, Juliana Gonzaga; Neves, Magda de Almeida

 ·  New settings in urban labor market in Brazil: notes for discussion
Borges, Ângela

 ·  Verbal contracts: the institutionalization of insecurity in construction
Cockell, Fernanda Flávia; Perticarrari, Daniel

 ·  O feitiço das Organizações: sistemas imaginários
Moreno, Bruno Stramandinoli

 ·  A história de uma cidade filosófica
Salatini, Rafael