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Caderno CRH
On-line version ISSN 1983-8239


Table of contents
Cad. CRH vol.24 no.61 Salvador Jan./Apr. 2011

 ·  Corpos: ações, lugares e coisas - introdução
Gonzalez, Elena Calvo; Souza, Iara Maria de Almeida; Alves, Paulo César

 ·  Studying religion from the standpoint of the body: some theoretical and methodological questions
Rabelo, Miriam C. M.

 ·  Ecology, body and spirituality: an ethnography of experiences of ecological hikes in a group of ecotourists
Steil, Carlos Alberto; Toniol, Rodrigo

 ·  The victim as a contemporary figure
Sarti, Cynthia

 ·  King sacrifice, the rwandan state, and genocide
Taylor, Christopher C.

 ·  Building bodies in medical consultations: an ethnography of arterial hypertension in Salvador, Bahia
Calvo-González, Elena

 ·  Notes on representation of the body and medical culture in early modern Portugal
Bellini, Lígia

 ·  Here i am blind, there i am sighted: ways of sorting visual impairment and efficiency
Moraes, Marcia; Arendt, Ronald João Jacques

 ·  Love and money: a possible relationship?
Russo, Glaucia

 ·  The crisis of political design of the chilean social system: reproduction of intergenerational social inequality and new forms of social exclusion
Díaz, Sebastián Donoso

 ·  Collective action and intermunicipal cooperation in two metropolises
Lacerda, Alan Daniel Freire de

 ·  A self-managed task force and the context of the democratic experience revisited
Miagusko, Edson

 ·  A substantiality of oligarchic procedures in Brazil between 1995 and 1998: the Faoro analyses
Rezende, Maria José de

 Resenha Temática
 ·  Elinor Ostrom, the awarding of an unified vision of human sciences
Baiardi, Amilcar

 ·  Trabalho imaterial: Marx e o debate contemporâneo
Silva, Jair Batista da

 ·  The incomplete revolution: adapting to women's new roles
Zimmermann, Clóvis Roberto

 ·  Você tem que se decidir: a árvore ou o PIB?
Sharma, Devinder