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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
versão impressa ISSN 0103-5053


J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.8 no.5 São Paulo  1997

Pinto, Angelo da Cunha

 Review Article
 ·  Atmospheric chemistry of alcohols
Grosjean, Daniel

 ·  A new di-m-sulfate complex as a model of purple acid phosphatase-sulfate complexes
Brito, Marcos A. de; Neves, Ademir; Vencato, Ivo; Zucco, César; Drago, Valderes; Griesar, Klaus; Haase, Wolfgang

 ·  The relevance of the CO2 partial pressure of sodium bicarbonate solutions for the mass cultivation of the microalga Spirulina
Alava, Daniel de; Mello, Paulo Corrêa de; Wagener, Klaus

 ·  Selective formation of a triangulo-irondiplatinum cluster
Ursini, Cleber V.; Dias, Gilson H.M.; Gambardella, Maria T.P.; Santos, Regina H. A.

 ·  Equilibrium studies of ternary complexes formed by bromide, sulfate, selenite and selenate ions with Zn2+, Mg2+ and 1, 4, 7, 13, 16, 19-hexaaza- 10, 22- dioxacyclotetracosane (obisdien)
Silva, Marcos Rivail da; Lamotte, Michel; Donard, Olivier F.X.; Santos, Henrides dos; Nunes, Ricardo J.; Szpoganicz, Bruno

 ·  The synthesis of new isochromanylacetylarylhydrazones designed as probable non-addictive analgesic agents
Santos, Margareth Rôse L.; Barreiro, Eliezer J.; Braz-Filho, Raimundo; Miranda, Ana Luisa P.

 ·  The use of ion exchange resin for reagent immobilization and concentration in flow systems: determination of nickel in steel alloys and iron speciation in waters
Martelli, Patrícia B.; Reis, Boaventura F.; Korn, Mauro; Rufini, Iolanda A.

 ·  Electrolytic removal of metals using a flow-through cell with a reticulated vitreous carbon cathode
Bertazzoli, Rodnei; Widner, Rosivânia C.; Lanza, Marcos R.V.; Di Iglia, Rosana A.; Sousa, Maria F.B.

 ·  A HF/CI-SD study of the low-lying states of nitroprusside ion
Hollauer, Eduardo; Olabe, José A.

 ·  Xanthones and other constituents of vismia parviflora
Nagem, Tanus Jorge; Oliveira, Fernando Faustino de

 ·  Organic residues in lake and drinking water from the lagoa de Juturnaíba (região dos lagos - RJ, Brazil)
Stumpf, Marcus; Haberer, Klaus; Rodrigues, Silvana V.; Baumann, Wolfram

 ·  Determination of pentachlorophenol in drinking water
Gaspar, I.F.; Polese, L.; Minelli, E.V.; Ribeiro, M.L.; Jardim, E.F.G.

 ·  Synthesis of a new phenolate-1-methylimidazole hexadentate ligand and the crystal structure of its first vanadyl complex
Neves, Ademir; Tamanini, Melânia; Correia, Valdir Rosa; Vencato, Ivo

 ·  Development of a flow injection system with two analytical paths for ammonium determination in soil extracts by conductometry
Reis, Boaventura F.; Vieira, Jonas A.; Krug, Francisco José; Giné, Maria Fernanda

 ·  Further triterpenes, steroids and furocoumarins from brazilian medicinal plants of dorstenia genus (moraceae)
Vilegas, Janete H. Y.; Lanças, Fernando M.; Vilegas, Wagner; Pozetti, Gilberto L.

 ·  Copper(II) mixed ligands complexes of hydroxamic acids with glycine, histamine and histidine
Fernandes, Maria Celina M.M.; Paniago, Eucler B.; Carvalho, Sandra

 ·  The general mechanisms of attack of nitrogen nucleophiles on carbonyl compounds: facts that determine the change of the rate-pH profiles
Brighente, Inês Maria Costa; Yunes, Rosendo Augusto

 ·  Large amplitude vibrations in the HFClF complex
Resende, Stella M.; Pliego Jr, Josefredo R.; Almeida, Wagner B. De