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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
Print version ISSN 0103-5053


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.8 no.6 São Paulo  1997

Galembeck, Fernando

 Review Article
 ·  Amperometric enzyme electrodes
Calvo, E.J.; Danilowicz, C.

 ·  A potentiometric study of guanidinoacetic acid complexation with the ions Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Cd(II) and Pb(II)
Felcman, Judith; Miranda, Jussara Lopes de

 ·  Characterization of a brazilian smectite by solid state NMR and X-ray diffraction techniques
Guarino, Alcides Wagner Serpa; Gil, Rosane A. S. San; Polivanov, Helena; Menezes, Sonia M.C.

 ·  Application of statistical mixture models for ternary polymer blends
Nascimento, I.; Bruns, R. E.; Siqueira, D. F.; Nunes, S. P.

 ·  Study of the binding of Eu3+ and Tb3+ to L-phenylalanine and L-tryptophan
Carubelli, Célia R.; Massabni, Ana M. G.; Leite, Sergio R. de A.

 ·  Synthesis of medium ring and macrocyclic acetylenic lactones by the ring expansion of oxabicycloalkenones
Mahajan, Jaswant Rai; Resck, Inês Sabioni

 ·  Electrochemical characterization of thin passive films on Nb  electrodes in H3PO4 solutions
Biaggio, Sonia R.; Bocchi, Nerilso; Rocha-Filho, Romeu C.; Varela, Francisco E.

 ·  Determination of iron in alkaline salts by ICP-AES using 1-(2-Thiazolylazo)-p-cresol (TAC) for preconcentration and separation
Ferreira, Sérgio L.C.; Queiroz, Adriana S.; Assis, Júlio C. R.; Korn, Maria das Graças A.; Costa, A. C. Spinola

 ·  Overcoming the schlieren effect in flow injection  spectrophotometry by introduction of large sample volumes: determination of chloride in the electrolyte of lead-acid batteries
Rocha, Fábio R.P.; Nóbrega, Joaquim A.

 ·  The effect of annulation upon the solvatochromic behaviour of  related merocyanines
Rezende, Marcos Caroli

 ·  Two new norphenylpropanoid glucosides and hemipholin from the flowers of Ononis vaginalis
Abdel-Kader, Maged S.

 ·  Synthesis, characterization and molecular structures of the pyridinium trans-Bis(pyridine)tetrachlororuthenate(III) and pyridinium trans-(carbonyl)(pyridine)tetrachlororuthenate(III)
Batista, Alzir A.; Onofre, Sandra A.; Queiroz, Salete L.; Oliva, Glaucius; Fontes, Marcos R.M.; Nascimento, Otaciro R.

 ·  Adduct formation between diphenyltin dichloride and 2-phenyl-1,3-dithiane trans-1-trans-3-dioxide: preparation, spectroscopy, crystal and molecular structure of Ph2SnCl2.CH2(CH2)2SOCH(Ph)SO
Sousa, Gerimário F. de; Filgueiras, Carlos A.L.; Nixon, John F.; Hitchcock, Peter B.