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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.10 no.2 São Paulo Mar./Apr. 1999

 ·  Determination of Gaseous Analytes in Flow Systems: A Review
Pasquini, Celio; Silva, Maria do Carmo Hespanhol da

 ·  Investigation of the Surface Properties of an Oxide of Interest in the Field of a Conductive Oxide System: Influence of Precursor and Purification
Gomes, Gilmar de Almeida; Boodts, Julien Françoise Coleta

 ·  Photoacoustic Monitoring of Internal Plastification in Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) Copolymers: Measurements of Thermal Parameters
Sanchez, Ruben R.; Rieumont, Jacques B.; Cardoso, Sergio L.; Silva, Marcelo G. da; Sthel, Marcelo S.; Massunaga, Marcelo S. O.; Gatts, Carlos N.; Vargas, Helion

 ·  Divergioic Acid, a Triterpene from Vochysia divergens
Hess, Sonia C.; Monache, Franco Delle

 ·  Synthesis of Benzyl 4-Hydroxy-5-iodo-2,3-dimethoxy-6-methylbenzoate: The Aromatic Unit of Calicheamicin g1
Alvarenga, Elson Santiago de; Mann, John

 ·  A Novel Synthesis of 1-Acetyl-4-Isopropenyl-1-Cyclopentene by Chemoselective Cyclization of 4-Methyl-3-(Oxobutyl)-4-Pentenal: An Important Intermediate for Natural Product Synthesis
Castro, Fernando de Lima; Kover, Renata Xavier; Kover, Warner Bruce; Jones Jr, Joel

 ·  Indirect Determination of Ethanol in Drinks Using a Capacitance Flow-through Detector
Liu, Shan-jun; Tubino, Matthieu

 ·  Two Dibenzylbutyrolactol Derivatives and Other Chemical Constituents from Aristolochia peltato-deltoidea
Silva, Ana Paula Freitas da; Palmeira Júnior, Sebastião Ferreira; Conserva, Lucia Maria; Guilhon, Giselle Maria S. Pinheiro

 ·  Voltammetric Behaviour of Metronidazole at Mercury Electrodes
La-Scalea, Mauro A.; Serrano, Silvia H.P.; Gutz, Ivano G.R.

 ·  Drimane-Type Sesquiterpenoids as Chemosystematic Markers of Canellaceae
Bastos, Jairo Kenupp; Kaplan, Maria Axuliadora Coelho; Gottlieb, Otto Richard

 ·  Influence of Extractant and Soil Type on Molecular Characteristics of Humic Substances From Two Brazilian Soils
Dick, Deborah Pinheiro; Burba, Peter; Herzog, Helmut

 ·  Extraction Kinetics and Molecular Size Fractionation of Humic Substances From Two Brazilian Soils
Dick, Deborah Pinheiro; Burba, Peter

 ·  Diastereomeric Amides Derived from Malonic Acid: the Role of Chiral Auxiliaries and of the Nature of Co-Acids in the Mixed Kolbe Electrolyses
Goulart, Marília O.F.; Schäfer, Hans-Yürgen

 ·  Flavanones from Vernonia diffusa
Carvalho, Mário Geraldo de; Costa, Patricia Miranda da; Abreu, Heber dos Santos

 ·  Formation of a Novel Polypyrrole/Porous Phosphate Glass Ceramic Nanocomposite
Gimenez, Iara F.; Alves, Oswaldo L.