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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.11 n.4 São Paulo July/Aug. 2000

Pinto, Angelo C.; Andrade, Jailson B. de

 ·  Room temperature molten salts: neoteric "green" solvents for chemical reactions and processes
Dupont, Jaírton; Consorti, Crestina S.; Spencer, John

 ·  A theoretical study of alkane protonation in HF/SbF5 superacid system
Esteves, Pierre M.; Ramírez-Solís, Alejandro; Mota, Claudio J. A.

 ·  Simultaneous determination of chloride and potassium in carbohydrate electrolyte beverages using an array of ion-selective electrodes controlled by a microcomputer
Fernandes, Julio Cesar B.; Oliveira Neto, Graciliano de; Rohwedder, Jarbas José R.; Kubota, Lauro T.

 ·  Separation of acid diterpenes of Copaifera cearensis huber ex ducke by flash chromatography using potassium hydroxide impregnated silica gel
Pinto, Angelo C.; Braga, Waldenir F.; Rezende, Claudia M.; Garrido, Francisco M. S.; Veiga Jr., Valdir F.; Bergter, Lothar; Patitucci, Maria Lúcia; Antunes, Octávio A. C.

 ·  Two new cneorubin related diterpenes from the leaves of Guarea guidonia (Meliaceae)
Brochini, Claudia B.; Roque, Nidia F.

 ·  Direct analysis of Antarctic krill by slurry sampling: determination of copper, iron, manganese and zinc by flame atomic absorption spectrometry
Alves, Flávia L.; Smichowski, Patricia; Farías, Silvia; Marrero, Julieta; Arruda, Marco A. Z.

 ·  Synthesis of a new strigol analogue from natural safrole
Lima, Marco Edilson F. de; Gabriel, André José A.; Castro, Rosane N.

 ·  Liquid biphase systems formed in ternary mixtures of two organic solvents and ethylene oxide oligomers or polymers
Spitzer, Marcos; Silva, Luís H.M. da; Loh, Watson

 ·  Cohalogenation of limonene, carvomenthene and related unsaturated monoterpenic alcohols
Sanseverino, Antonio M.; Silva, Flavia M. da; Jones Jr, Joel; Mattos, Marcio C. S. de

 ·  Electrodissolution of Cu-Zn alloys in acetate media
Machado, Vinicius C.; Schmidt, Annelise M.; Azambuja, Denise S.

 ·  3D-WHIM pattern recognition study for bisamidines. A structure-property relationship study
Menezes, Fabiano A. S.; Montanari, Carlos A.; Bruns, Roy E.

 ·  Zinc binding to lambda phage DNA studied by voltammetric techniques
Souza, Jurandir R. de; Castro, Clarissa S. P. de; Bloch Jr., Carlos

 ·  First evidence for two different m-h1-h1- and m-h1-h2- co-ordination modes of the P3C2But2 ring of [Fe(h5-P3C2But2)(h5-C5H5)] to a same cluster fragment: synthesis and characterisation of [Ir4(CO)10{[Fe(h5-P3C2But2)(h5-C5H5)}] and x-ray molecular structure of the m-h1-h2- isomer
Araujo, Maria Helena; Hitchcock, Peter B.; Nixon, John F.; Vargas, Maria D.

 ·  L-ascorbic acid determination in pharmaceutical formulations using a biosensor based on carbon paste modified with crude extract of zucchini (Cucurbita pepo)
Fatibello-Filho, Orlando; Vieira, Iolanda da C.

 ·  Electrochemical and spectroscopic studies of tungstencarbonyl complexes containing nitrogen and phosphorous ligands
Haddad, Paula S.; Miranda, Gislaine; Ananias, Sandra R.; Mauro, Antonio E.; Nogueira, Vânia M.

 ·  Alarm pheromone system of stink bug Piezodorus guildinii (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)
Zarbin, Paulo H. G.; Borges, Miguel; Santos, Alcindo A. dos; Oliveira, Alfredo R. M. de; Simonelli, Fábio; Marques, Francisco de A.

 ·  Production and characterization of TI/PbO2 electrodes by a thermal-electrochemical method
Laurindo, Edison A.; Bocchi, Nerilso; Rocha-Filho, Romeu C.