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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.11 n.5 São Paulo Sept./Oct. 2000

Pinto, Angelo C.; Vargas, Maria D.

 ·  An investigation of a palladium catalysed biaryl synthesis of pyrrolophenanthridine derivatives. Extension of the Heck reaction
Garden, Simon J.; Torres, José C.; Pinto, Angelo C.

 ·  Effects of human serun albumin in some biological properties of rhodium(II) complexes
Espósito, Breno P.; Oliveira, Elisabeth de; Zyngier, Szulim B.; Najjar, Renato

 ·  Comb and propolis waxes from Brazil (states of São Paulo and Paraná)
Negri, Giuseppina; Marcucci, Cristina; Salatino, Antonio; Salatino, Maria Luiza F.

 ·  Synthesis and characterization of a novel series of meso (nitrophenyl) and meso (carboxyphenyl) substituted porphyrins
Schiavon, Marco A.; Iwamoto, Lidia S.; Ferreira, Antônio G.; Iamamoto, Yassuko; Zanoni, Maria V. B.; Assis, Marilda das D.

 ·  Synthesis of new trimeric lignin model compounds containing 5-5' and b-O-4' substructures, and their characterization by 1D and 2D NMR Techniques
Alves, Vera L.; Drumond, Mariza G.; Stefani, Guglielmo M.; Chen, Chen-Loung; Piló-Veloso, Dorila

 ·  Importance of the solvation degree of peptide-resin beads for amine groups determination by the picric acid method
Cilli, Eduardo M.; Jubilut, Guita N.; Ribeiro, Suely C. F.; Oliveira, Eliandre; Nakaie, Clovis R.

 ·  Photochemistry of cyclic vicinal tricarbonyl compounds. Photochemical reaction of 1,2,3-Indanetrione with 2,3-dimethyl-2-butene: hydrogen abstraction and photocycloaddition
Silva, Monica T.; Braz-Filho, Raimundo; Netto-Ferreira, José C.

 ·  Electrochemical studies of copper in N-N, dimethylformamide in the presence of water, ethanol and acetic acid as additives
Gonçalves, Reinaldo S.; Lucho, Alzira M. S.

 ·  Piassava fibers (Attalea funifera): NMR spectroscopy of their lignin
Gonçalves, Adilson R.; Schuchardt, Ulf; Bianchi, Maria L.; Curvelo, Antonio A. S.

 ·  Supercritical fluid extraction and chromatographic analysis (HRGC-FID and HRGC-MS) of Lupinus spp. alkaloids
Nossack, Ana C.; Vilegas, Janete H. Y.; Baer, Dietrich von; Lanças, Fernando M.

 ·  Synthesis of (±)-africanol
Marques, Francisco de A.; Ferreira, José T. B.; Piers, Edward

 ·  Possibilities of the use of fast scan voltammetry in simultaneous determination of purines at carbon fiber ultramicroelectrodes
Cavalheiro, Éder T. G.; El-Nour, Kholoud A.; Brajter-Toth, Anna

 ·  Partition of copper between dissolved and particulate phases using aluminum oxide as an aquatic model phase: effects of pH, solids and organic matter
Grassi, Marco T.; Shi, Bo; Allen, Herbert E.

 ·  On the reactivity of triphenylphosphoranylidenesuccinic anhydride with nitrogen nucleophiles: a new synthetic route to nitrogen-containing phosphonium salts
Cunha, Silvio; Kascheres, Albert

 ·  EPR and electrochemistry of [NH4]trans-[RuCl4(DMSO)(L)] complexes (L = DMSO, py ). X-ray molecular structure of [pyH][RuCl4(DMSO)(py)]
Paula, Quêite A. de; Batista, Alzir A.; Nascimento, Otaciro R.; Costa-Filho, Antônio J. da; Schultz, Mário S.; Bonfadini, Marcos R.; Oliva, Glaucius

 Short Report
 ·  Xanthones from Vismia latifolia
Santos, Marcelo H. dos; Nagem, Tanus J.; Silva, Marilda C. da; Silva, Luiz G. F. e